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. . La guinguette vide . Cette série a été photographiée en décembre et janvier derniers en Suède. Elle essaie de rassembler tant bien que mal la recherche de tous les signes de la disparition du sentiment amoureux et du vide qu’il peut parfois laisser à sa place. L’effacement progressif de l’image du désir se transformant en simple souvenir. Les mots, les choses s’effaçant au profit de sensations que l’on ne peut matériellement montrer ou même expliquer avec des mots. Peut-être faut-il juste déjà essayer de les représenter simplement. Ce sentiment ne semble plus être présent et pourtant il est partout à la fois et c’est peut-être ce qui m’a poussé, sans vraiment le savoir, à appuyer sur le déclencheur. . . The empty ballroom . These photographs were taken during a trip to Sweden over the past December and January. The series tries to gather and emphasize all the symbols of the void often created by the disappearance of the feeling of love. It tries to catch the progressive desertion of the desire that once was at the center of life itself. All the words, all the things vanishing as they are traded off for pure and simple sensations which can’t be materially shown nor explained with words. Maybe it is worth trying to simply represent them. That feeling seems missing but still is everywhere obviously, perhaps forcing me to pull the trigger of the uncanny. . . . #back2thebase #filmphotographic #35mm #photo_collective #lensculture #theanalogueproject #disparaencarrete #broadmag #fisheyelemag #filmisnotdead #intercollective #hikaricreative #nomademag #heyfsc #burnmagazine #somewheremagazine #ifyouleave #oftheafternoon #subjectivelyobjective #noicemag #paperjournalmag #onbooooooom #rentalmag #archivecollectivemag #friendsinperson #burnmyeye #analogfeatures
heat wave
Hide and Seek #35mm | @fam_n666
The view from the top of Arthur's Seat. I bloody love Ektar 100.
sun setting over lilyfield// #35mm
So recently I have been researching a lot into how to scan film after months of questioning why I can’t get the colour adjustment correct on some of my photos. I always tried make any small adjustments in Lightroom but tried Photoshop and discovered the colour histogram adjustments and its made so many of my photos look great compared to the previous greenish hue that covered them! If you need any help please give me a shout I am sure there is more people learning this craft struggling to find answers... #portra400
Autumn ☀️
Did I woke already?
#respecttheelders 📷 Olympus MJUiii 🎞 Kodak Gold Devscan @hipercatlab
life is too short to not spend it doing what you believe in #kodakdisposable
Zucht 1 - #35mm #staybrokeshootfilm