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I see these two books compared to each other all the time, and I'm not sure they're that similar, except in a very broad way (they're both about women; they both feature dystopia and revolution). They certainly made me feel quite different things, when I read them. I have bought beautiful hardback copies of both, though, so they have that in common at least.  Am absolutely not going to undermine the solemnity of their subjects by making a "What's black and white and red all over?" joke. I'm not. I'm not! *stuffs cushion in mouth*  Has anybody read any of Alderman's other books? Any recommendations for where to go next with her?  Swipe right for gorgeous covers and innards.  #grimdragon - 'violent books'  #theardentbiblioreads - 'made into a TV series'  #ampersandoct17 - 'change'  #bookreadhappyhour - 'books with murder'  #bibliophile #bookaddict #bookhoarder #bookworm #booknerd #bookdragon #bookish #readersofinstagram #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #becauseofreading #readersgonnaread #feministfiction #feministwriters #booksworthreading #bookrecommendation #bookcommunity #booknerdigans #booksinside #margaretatwood #thehandmaidstale #naomialderman #thepower #blackandwhiteandred #beautifulbooks
Happy Release Day!! #thegensisofevangeline @author.racheljonas 🔥 This is YA novel full of mysterious visions, powerful shifters, and lost royals. I’m currently at 72% and am loving it. There are plenty of shifter novels out there but I think Jonas has really put her unique twist in the mix keeping me hooked to every page. 🔥 Do you read more when your sick? I turn into a tv zombie when I don’t feel good so I’m very behind on all my reading. Look for a full review of this book by the end of the week!! 🔥 • #bibliospooktober #favoritecreature #lycan #shifter • #theardentbiblioreads #literarylifestyle #halloweenvibes #dragons #dragonshifter
We have our very first guest post over on the blog this morning (thanks to @penguinpress for the review copy!). Sean takes an insightful and personal look at how different the experience of reading Karl Ove Knausgaard’s newest novel, Autumn, is from reading his My Struggle series. Definitely check it out if you’re a Knausgaard fan, or if you’re curious about him and are wondering what his books are like! Have any of you read any of his works yet?  #theardentbiblioreads
What’s your very favorite tv series adaptation of a book? I just finished watching the new American Gods series and it’s a little different from the book, but seriously fun to watch. It looks like The Woman in White is being made into a new tv series as we speak, so I’m definitely excited for that one, too; it’s begging to be translated to the screen honestly! #theardentbiblioreads
🍂 Day 23 of #rfaboctober17 : Map Monday 🍂 Day 23 of #theardentbiblioreads : Made Into A TV Series (LOTR isn’t a series but there’s lots of parts?) 🍂 Day 23 of #octinbooks17 : Happy Map Monday 🍂 Day 23 of #watermelanerdsoctober : Map ••••••••••• Hello Bookworms! Here’s my Map Monday post of Eriador from Lord Of The Rings for today. Also thank you so much to everyone who has participated in my Shoutout Session. It is still running so if you want to enter then please do! ••••• Thank you so much to @ellieinwonderland_x for tagging me in the #helpfromfictionalcharacters tag! 🍁Helping Choose An Outfit : Fleur Delacour 🍁Help Cheer Me up : Weasley twins 🍁 Need To Rob A Bank : Sherlock Holmes 🍁 Help To Recommend A Book : Jane Eyre 🍁Study Advice : Hermione Granger 🍁 To Look After You When You’re Sick : Molly Weasley 🍁 Bad Guys Are After You. Who Gets Rid Of Them : James Bond ••••••••••••• QOTD: Who’s  your favourite LOTR character and why?
"Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” - A Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin. 〰 Aren't well developed villains a joy to read? And when their arch blooms and you find yourself cheering for them because they turned into heroes right in front of your eyes has got to be one of the best reading experiences. But that doesn't happen only in books, though. One of my all time favorite villain turned hero is Regina Mills, from Once Upon a Time. Truth be told, that show went weird places real quick, and I haven't watched it in a while, but Lara Parrilla carried the weight of that show on her shoulders.  Back to books. I'm not far enough into A Game of Thrones, but I can already spot a couple or alleged villains that I don't really think are that evil. Whether or not they turned into heroes is yet to be seen, though.  Mention some of your favorite villains, be them heroes or not.  Challenges: 🍁 #theravensaints - The Gray Man: villains to heroes. 🍁 #allthebooksoct - bloody good books. Not only is this good, it is bloody in the strict sense of the word. 🍁 #grimdragon - violent books. 🍁#theardentbiblioreads - made into TV series.  Photo by @lenscapesbyradek📸
GOT fans- did you read the books or just watch the show? I read all the books. Took me 7 months, which is forever for me! I'm curious to see where the show goes after they veer off from the series. Are you still into it, or has it jumped the shark? #got #winteriscoming ❄️ Made into a TV series #theardentbiblioreads | Violent books #grimdragon
My introduction to the mystery genre was as follows: Nancy Drew ➡️ Trixie Belden ➡️ Lois Duncan and Joan Lowery Nixon ➡️ The Cat Who series ➡️ Agatha Christie ➡ all sorts of other authors 🍂🍂🍂 Are you a fan of the mystery genre? How were you introduced to it? 🍂🍂🍂 #theardentbiblioreads | Made into a TV show (Herecule Poirot and Nancy Drew) #bookish #bookstagram #books #reading #bibliophile #bookworm #paperback #lovereading #igreads #igbooks #classicbooks #nancydrew #trixiebelden #loisduncan #joanlowerynixon #thecatwho #lilianjacksonbraun #agathachristie #hereculepoirot #poirot #booksonbooks #halloweenreads #halloweenbooks #octoberbooks
Happy Sunday, friends! How has everyone’s weekend been so far? My husband and I stayed up until 2am working on my Mom Cave. We hung up all my art and HP wands, I added more books to my TBR shelf, and reorganized my bookstagram props. It looks pretty awesome! Now I just need to figure out a fun way to finish my shelves, by painting or covering with fabric, etc. I also need a better name for the room because I’m not really feeling “Mom Cave” but I just don’t know what else to call it. . QOTD: What would you call a room that was full of your fandom merch, artwork, collectibles, bookstagram props, TBR shelf, and reading chair? I need ideas! 😂 . A huge, gigantic, enormous thank you to @sahanson for sending me a copy of her incredible book along with some goodies from various shops. I finished Chosen a few days ago and I absolutely fell in love with it. Part Harry Potter, part Magicians and a huge dollop of complete originality and amazing elemental magic. I cannot wait for the next book in the series! . It's been twelve years since the chosen made their presence known across the globe. They are the elite of our race. A community gifted with supernatural abilities ... and no one outside of it, to hold them accountable. Racism, distrust, and fear now run rampant in the hearts of humans, resulting in hate crimes and worse. Rumors of war are whispered in both factions, while talk of peace has become a thing of the past. A distant dream. Or delusion. In the midst of this political and social unrest, eighteen-year-old Kathryn Stokely suddenly finds herself thrust into a lifethreatening situation that promises to turn her world upside down. Secrets and lies about her past are unearthed, forcing her to face a truth that will irrevocably affect her future...and who she spends it with. Now, choices must be made. Loyalties decided. Betrayal seems unavoidable. Because the line has been drawn, and there's no guarantee which side will be left standing. Only one thing is
Author to read more of-Day 22: Loved this book! I definitely want to read more of her! #theardentbiblioreads
Is there a certain thing that will automatically draw you to read a book? 🏚➡️➡️🏠 #bookishwackyholidays #dnf I’m sure you’ve picked up that I’m constantly drawn in by food books but I’m almost strongly drawn to books about home restorations specifically Bed & Breakfasts (a dream of mine). Which is why I picked up this book. Obviously I didn’t finish this book. I just did not click with the main character at all. For some reason I ended up read the blurb for the sequel and automatically decided I wouldn’t read it which just gave me more ammo to not finish this one. 🏚➡️➡️🏠 I never want to say a book is absolutely terrible because someone out there will enjoy this book and I want to encourage them to read it but for me, we just didn’t click. 😢 🏚➡️➡️🏠 • #bibliospooktober #shelfiesunday • #theardentbiblioreads #literarylifestyle #dnf #whistlindixieinanoreaster
how is it so easy for you to be kind to people he asked  milk and honey dripped from my lips as i answered  cause people have not been kind to me  #rupikaur - - - - - - - #theardentbiblioreads Day 22, Author to read more of (@rupikaur_ ) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #bibliospooktober Day 22, #shelfiesunday - - - - - - - - - - - - - #rfaboctober17 Day 22, Sunday #shelfie - - - - - - - - - - #igreads #booknerd #bookpics #booklover #bookmarks #bookaddict #elsalvador #bookcover #bookstagram #fangirl  #leer #libros #bookphotography #bibliophile #bookporn #bookworm #booksofinstagram #fantasybooks #libroselsalvador #bookstagramelsalvador #poesia
I organized our shelves last night to put all of my unread books together. Turns out I have 82 (!!!) books that I’ve either purchased or received that I plan to read. Needless to say, it’s definitely time to join #theunreadshelfproject and knock out some of these.
Cozy couch, soft blanket, fireplace and Halloween lights on, beautiful view, tasty drink, good book.... this is a lovely Sunday afternoon.  #theardentbiblioreads (author to read more of- currently reading my first Miss Marple book by Agatha Christie after enjoying some of her stand alone and Poirot novels)
Do you have lots of stickers? Where do you keep them? ••• I only have a handful and keep them propped up randomly on my bookcase. I can’t bear to actually stick them to anything. Commitment issues. 😆 ••• #bookishwackyholidays #smartcharacter Not only is Arya Stark a badass, she’s pretty dang smart. I think she would be one of my top picks for a mentor in the GOT realm. Who would you pick? ••• #bibliospooktober #bestvillian Cerci Lannister and Ramsey Bolton have been some of the best evil characters I’ve ever been introduced too. Also huge props to the actors for bringing their evilness perfectly to the tv show! ••• • #adarkershadeofoctober #mentorcharacter #aryastark • #theardentbiblioreads #literarylifestyle #favoritefallthing #drinkingcoffeeoutside #notmelting
Happy Sunday, friends! We’ve got weekend links up on the blog and this week we’re talking fairytale retelling, HP home decor for a magical fall, book recommendations for fall book clubs, a Little Women guide to homemaking, and of course bloggers and instagrammers we’ve been loving lately! What are you guys reading this weekend? I’m buddy reading The Resurrection of Joan Ashby (thanks once again @flatiron_books) with the amazing @readvoraciously! #theardentbiblioreads
Autumn is just hands down our favorite time of year, especially now living here in the PNW. Are you guys getting fall weather and colors where you are? Where is everyone from? #theardentbiblioreads
If you enjoyed Hulu's recent adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale, then check out more of Margaret Atwood's work for @theardentbiblio's #octoberphotochallenge, day 22: #authoryoushouldreadmoreof. #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #theardentbiblioreads #photochallenge #library #librarylife #shelfie #sundayshelfie  #shelfiesunday
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday! What’s your favorite classic novel? • • challenges: short stories - #circleofbookishfriends author to read more of - #theardentbiblioreads dead authors - #grimdragon • • #book #bookme #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #booknerd #bookworm #booklove #bookblogger #bookish #instabook #bibliophile #booklover #bookstagramfeature #bookaddict #bookfeaturepage