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i love the cloverfield movies and i thought paradox was good!!! mundy's arm and full grown clovey were the best parts for me  #thecloverfieldparadox
I saw it! It’s alive! It’s huge! 📹📹📹📹📹📹📹📹📹📹📹📹📹📹📹 #monsterscomeinmanyforms #cloverfield #cloverfieldmonster #10cloverfieldlane #cloverfieldparadox #thecloverfieldparadox #jjabrams #bluray #bluraycollection #tv #hometheater #myroom #foundfootage
THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX Here is a very unpopular opinion: I enjoyed The Cloverfield Paradox more than Cloverfield. Even then, my overall opinion of these two Cloverfield films are quite low to medium. I have yet to see 10 Cloverfield Lane. Based on those two films though, I like to think of them as a cake cooked with salt - it may looked nice but it doesn’t taste nice. The marketing strategies across all three have been expertly crafted and fantastic. The actual products though are something left to be desired.. in my opinion anyway. The Cloverfield Paradox is not a brilliant film and it is not a great film. Heck, it is not even a good film. It is merely serviceable.  It is serviceable because it managed to maintain my attention for the entirety of its running time. It has some really interesting ideas and the plot is surprisingly intriguing. The plot lines of the Earth vanishing before their very eyes to them appearing in an alternate reality is a startling and frightening prospect. The opening of the film was great and set up the drama quite well. But as the film went on, it began to fall into the And Then There Were None mindset. The special effects are fine but are not of exceptional quality. It does its job well enough that it is not too distracting. I have to admit that when the particle accelerator activated and caused the station to fall into chaos, it was a frightening and intense moment done very well. Ultimately, it is wasted and replaced with mediocrity. (cont’d below)
. シリーズ3作目 #クローバーフィールドパラドックス  4作目が10月に公開🎥 特に何も言うことはない (前投稿で語ったので、ただズクがでないだけ) . . . #thecloverfieldparadox #series #jjabrams #america #cloverfield #hakaisha #10cloverfieldlane  #jjエイブラムス
Have you seen The Cloverfield Paradox yet?  Incase you missed the memo, Netflix dropped the third film in the Cloverfield franchise after the Super Bowl.  Ron is bringing you what he thought about the scifi thriller in his latest blog post.  Read all about it at cinemavertigogo.com Warning:  Spoilers!
Non si frulla #biliardino #calciobalilla #thecloverfieldparadox
Gugu Mbatha-Raw en The Cloverfield Paradox. 📼⚛️🚀🌍🐉 #thecloverfieldparadox #gugumbatharaw
J・J・エウブラムス製作による「クローバーフィールド HAKAISHA」「10 クローバーフィールド・レーン」に続く「クローバーフィールド」シリーズの第3弾で、Netflixオリジナル映画として世界配信。エネルギー資源の枯渇が深刻化した近未来。各国の科学者たちが国際宇宙ステーションに集い、エネルギー危機を解決する新技術の実験に取り組んでいた。しかし、実験中のある事故により次元のずれが生じ、不可解な現象が次々と発生。科学者たちは異次元の恐ろしい現実を目の当たりにする。出演は「美女と野獣」のググ・バサ=ロー、「グローリー 明日への行進」のデビッド・オイェロウォ、「ラッシュ プライドと友情」のダニエル・ブリュールら。 (映画.comより) . (以下所感) 前作に繋がるとは思わず見てしまった。問題はなかった。 . ほぼ宇宙ステーションの中のみで展開される物語は常に緊張感を伴い疲れる。心地よい疲れだ。 . 異次元、ということもあり多少荒唐無稽な演出も目立つがまとまっていたと感じる。 #thecloverfieldparadox #クローバーフィールドパラドックス  #映画 #映画鑑賞 #映画感想 #映画好きな人と繋がりたい #movie #movies #instamovies #goodmovie #netflix #кино #фильм #инстаграм_порусски
Giving this a late-night watch with my Dudester.  #thecloverfieldparadox #moviegram #nowwatching #netflix #netflixandchill
The Cloverfield Paradox: Meh
THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX (2018) 7/10 Horror, Sci-fi  OVERALL:  I would say that it is a very polarizing movie, especially for the fans. And, I am a superfan of this Cloverfield franchise so I don't know if I like it or not. LIKE - The movie is slowly connecting the films together but at the same time keeps secrets to retain anticipation for future films. The film is also very well made. The casts are great. The plot is okay. The paradox concept is something that will definitely keep everyone talking and speculating. HATE - There are some bonkers scenes in the film which do not make any sense (at least for now?) such as the hand, the ball, the worms. Is the film trying to show off? OVERALL: It is an important addition but I wanted it to be better. Can't wait for Overlord!  #freemovierants #thecloverfieldparadox #cloverfield3
This is a thing I’m watching......it’s shit isn’t it. I’m wasting my time. 🙃 #thecloverfieldparadox #cloverfield #cloverfieldparadox #netflix
Oh we have standards all right.... Check out the latest episode on the podcast where we talk #theritual and #thecloverfieldparadox (link in bio!!) #newtonetflix #horrormovies