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Made in Wakanda. 💕
That Friday feeling 🎉 || pic: @studiothisisphotography @blueplatechicago
I just love my touch roller oils. Quick to grab and apply and super convenient AND safe for use on kiddies as they are prediluted with fractionated coconut oil. As a busy Mum, these have really become of my secret weapons fir my kids and myself. If you haven’t tried these, the. You’re missing out! Dm me for more info. 👌🏻
Business cards, debit cards, credit cards.  Traditional wallets are just too bulky.  If you're looking to streamline your pocket or purse you should try a leather cardholder @byinabe!  We stock 6 different colours (including 2 that are hair on hide), all real leather.  You can find them online now at www.craftedgoods.ca and then next week at our newly expanded shop at the @calgaryfarmersmarket! . . . . . #shoplocalyyc  #sharecalgary #darlingweekend #petitejoys #morningslikethese #liveauthentic #thehappynow #lifeiscolorful #livecolorfully #yycliving #creativityfound #theblogissue  #livethelittlethings #littlethingstheory  #lovelysquares #todayslovely  #thedulcetlife #huffpostgram  #nothingisordinary  #howyouglow #oneofthebunch  #abmhappyhour #inspiredbythis #abmlifeissweet #yycgirlgang #craftsposure
Hello, Thomas! Nice to meet ya!! 💙 📷: @amybegan
Sister + Twinkie.  It only took them two years to finally meet.... 👩‍👩‍👧 #mgthriving30 #sisterhood #birthdayweekend #livefullyalive
Can I wake up to this weather pretty please? I’m currently going stir crazy  waiting for spring 🙆🏻‍♀️ Anyone else feeling the same ?  So today was my actual first day of my #arbonne30daystohealthyliving and I KILLED it ! The kids and hubby had a pizza party and I wasn’t even tempted 🤗 I’m so excited for these next 30 days !
Sea you soon
Little Dude’s a little less than thrilled that we’re giving away the carrots the nice lady just gave him. 🦒🥕
Ok this is probably one of my favorite oils.. I like to call it my HAPPY oil because every time I use it and smell it, it just gives me all the happy feels🤗 It has a sweet scent and is a citrus oil like Lemon and Orange. . It contains VERY high levels of polyphenols. Polyphenols are best known for their antioxidant affects. Polyphenols are also used to lower LDL cholesterol (bad fats) and raises HDL (good fats) cholesterol. Statin drugs are a class of prescription drugs that do the same. Polyphenols are what make statin drugs...statin drugs! The levels of polyphenols in Bergamot, according to studies, are just as effective as your prescription cholesterol-lowering drugs. But one thing most of the prescription drugs DON'T do is raise the good cholesterol. Its just a one way street with prescription cholesterol controlling drugs. Guess what does? Bergamot! . Some awesome uses! ➡insect repellent-200ml water, 20 Bergamot, +/- rubbing alcohol or wtich hazel. Use half and half. Shake well between each use ➡lowers glucose/ blood sugars ➡Depression blend- 15 Clary sage, 5 Lavender, 10 Bergamot. Mix with carrier and use as body oil, use in shower, diffuse or inhale ➡Female Fertility- 5 Cardamon, 4 Bergamot, 3 Clary sage, 8 Geranium. Mix EO together then add to 30ml carrier. Start last day of period (use 1-2 teaspoon each use) use blend and massage lower back, hips, entire abdomen, upper thighs and butt. Apply 2x daily. Happy baby'ing❤❤ ➡The Baby Blues Blend- 10 Bergamot, 2 Rose, 5 Clary Sage. Use in a roller or soaking in the tub! . Aromatherapy: Uplifting yet soothing. It creates a positive atmosphere, refreshing, energizing. Promotes self-worth, Self-love, self-approval and joyfulness. Decreases feelings of frustration and anger and reduces symptoms of stress & anxiety . Anger Blend  6 Bergamot  8 Vetiver  3 Citrus . . Moodiness Blend 6 Geranium 7 Bergamot 3 Lavender . If you don’t know my sweet little friend Bergamot, you definitely should because
Oh what an emotional week. Not only did I leave Jules overnight for the first time, but we also decided to completely wean her off breastfeeding. *Very long post alert* A lot of people asked me to give advice on how to cope with being away from your baby. Honestly, I don’t know. It was hard. I missed her so much. I missed not being there to kiss her goodnight and hug her good morning. I don’t really have any advice other than you’ll get through it! The week came and went and now we’re back snuggling together. I wanted to share a little on my breastfeeding journey as well, but this post is already way to long 😅
More than I expected.  Greater than I imagined.  The city. The skyline. The people.  The emotion. The love. 🖤 #méxico #cdmx 🇲🇽 #mexicocity  #paisajedf  #mexicodf #df 📍
Jazii is at an age where she is so much FUN 💕 Her expression says it all 😍
From engagement portraits to a fishing-themed-first birthday party and now family (of four) portraits, I’ve loved capturing  this family’s major milestones over the past 10 years. For more portraits, visit the blog (link in profile, third tab).
Have a great weekend! ✨ we’re daydreaming back to Thanksgiving time (when this photo was taken) when the weather was warm(er) and nice! We’ve been having major snowstorms this week.  Also, to find my favorite links this week including the cutest, inexpensive swimwear line, the best store bought hot chocolate, an article on how to be less awkward, a yummy soup recipe and a beautiful strategy to end school shootings, head over to the blog.
Waiting on the 6 train. #fridaynight 🚇