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Get the ball in your hands while you do this drill! GET UP FIELD!!! #lusf #theoffseason Repost from @d.c.athletics using @RepostRegramApp - Movement👣🔥... Shaking off defenders while still getting upfield. Receivers and Runningbacks 📈 D.C.Athletics👣⚙️🔥 checkin✅ The 🔑
All my receivers check it out! #lusf #theoffseason Repost from @apex_coaching using @RepostRegramApp - 🚨@tkunodos of the NY Giants teaches you how to become an elite Wide Receiver. Available now- link in bio! 🚨 #apex #apexsports #highschoolfootball #widereciever #widereceivertraining #tavarresking #nygiants #giants #nfl #nflplayer #privatecoaching #affordablecoaching
The time is now to sign up!!!!! #lusf #theoffseason @dp2nice @dltraining_  @levelup_sportsfacility  @twoochoo @ggi.bang @ufitnesstraining @iprovidefitness @iag_athletics @coach_mattt  @teamreadyfit @coach_jim1 @youngdp @thatruth7 @daydev  @sweetfeet_training  @codyroarknfl @grinddreams_ @Kw_ignites @Alowetraining @grindhardsportstraining
All my #lb out there here is a gift! #lusf #theoffseason Repost from @chucksmithtrainingsystems using @RepostRegramApp - Dang @genardavery #lb #pppp #drrush
Newest member to our family of coaches. He starts us off with a great agility circuit for running backs #lusf #theoffseason  Repost from @grindhardsportstraining using @RepostRegramApp - Running back drill 💪🏾 #grindhardsportstraining
Don't forget about the upcoming clinic. March 17 then we follow up with the combine on March 18. #lusf #theoffseason
Bet you didn't know this about Lynch!!! #theoffseason #lusf Repost from @raiders_football_page using @RepostRegramApp - #marshawnlynch #tb #nflcombine #raiders #onenation #raidernation
Leaving you football athletes some ideas. Some of these can actually help you! #lusf #theoffseason  Repost from @kaisafit using @RepostRegramApp - 🎤SOUND ON🎤 : “I’m not sure where the time has gone but I am officially 10 years post collegiate athletics. I am happy to say that I am moving better and feeling better than ever before. I am also 100% convinced that if I could go back in time and compete against the 22 year old Kaisa I would beat her in every game, event and test that she tried to put me through. Not because I’ve learned how to train harder, but because I’ve taught myself how to train smarter. : Over the past 10 years I have dedicated the majority of my life to learning about the human body. From going back to school and getting my Masters in Sports Performance to mentoring under some of the most intelligent trainers in the industry, I have been on a mission to understand the human body and more importantly, my own body. : 7 years ago I developed a program that I named SMARTraining (Specialized Movement for Accelerated Results Training). It was born from my desire to get back in touch with my inner athlete. To continue training and pushing the boundaries of what my body was capable of. This program was a more well-rounded approach to taking care of myself, placing just as much emphasis on what I did outside the gym as I did in my training. This was the element that lacked throughout my athletic career and I knew it was the missing piece to my puzzle. : It is because of this approach that I have continued to grow as an athlete and perform at my highest level now, 10 years post my “prime.”” : This March I am going to take my first online crew through my SMARTraining Challenge. It’s a program I have been using for years not only with myself, but my clients as well, and I am so pumped to share it with you all! : It will be a 6 week program ‪starting March 5th.‬ Space is limited because I will be extremely hands on as we go
Giving you guys some ideas! #lusf #theoffseason  Repost from @coach_flash using @RepostRegramApp - Essential eccentrics for acceleration development. Strength train as close as you can to the angles, positions and vectors you’re gonna use when performing within your event/discipline! Watch out for this kid @l_gooden14 I thinks he’s gonna be a problem! 😬 @prolificperformance #iamaprolificperformer #speedtraining #fast #football #nextlevel
If you can master running and throwing the corner route. You will be unstoppable! #theoffseason #lusf Repost from @tubularplays using @RepostRegramApp - Tag someone you would snag on! 🙌
I can't tell how much I agree with this. Build a great foundation and all you have to do is say "line it up!" #lusf #theoffseason Repost from @tbriankight using @RepostRegramApp - ⤵️🔥⤵️🔥⤵️🔥⤵️🔥⤵️ Agree or Disagree⁉️ What’s your first impression of this as a coach, player, or person? ——— Share your thoughts below in the comments. . . . #dothework #dailydiscipline #coaching #ballislife #selfawareness #leader #leaders #leadership #leadershipquotes
You've got to stick that route! #lusf #theoffseason Repost from @phenomphactory using @RepostRegramApp - We have to leave them where they stand @marcus.miller1! #pham
If information is what you need. I have that!!!! #lusf #theoffseason  Repost from @jerry_risingstars using @RepostRegramApp - Good morning. This message is to all the upcoming student-athletes (Class of 2019) across the country. Don't lose focus due to social media, by posting verbal scholarships. Because, realistically -- they're not solid until you pass your SAT and ACT. Yes, college football coaches are making it known, we would love to have you next fall. However, come this upcoming fall, no passing ACT or SAT test scores, especially considering Early National Signing Day, you may no longer have a scholarship. The false impression is, High school football recruiting sites will still have your scholarship listed. But, in reality, your scholarship is no longer on the table. I hope someone is listening this morning. #act | #sat | #testing | #classof2019
Kid so fast he ran out of his shoe. I guess that's the "level" he is at!!!!! #lusf #theoffseason #bpkkids #pennsylvaniastealth
In addition to getting this. The skills you will learn will help you "level up" in your play. QB/WR/RB/DB/LB all can build their skills to elite talent. We give you the keys, all you have to do is take them. We bring pro football coaches in to work with your youth athletes. #lusf #theoffseason #footballdevelopmentclinic #pennsylvaniastealth #bpk
They are coming soon!!! Be at the next camp!!! @pennsylvaniastealth #lusf #theoffseason @bqbea_qbguru
Good job! #lusf #theoffseason Repost from @borntocompete using @RepostRegramApp - Congrats to Latavius Johnson from Tucker Middle for being awarded the 2017 B2C Career Award!  #borntocompete #football #b2cawardsgala #youthsports #youthfootball #youthfootballawards @drinkbodyarmor @uafootball
Learning is key to playing any position! #lusf #theoffseason  Repost from @olineperformance using @RepostRegramApp - A common oversight that could be causing you or your players headaches. Hope this helps you. 👊🏾! #detailsmatter #elitemindset #olpbuilttodominate