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go follow @abelcum if u love abels cum 😂,,,, her videos are the funniest videos you'll ever come across so go for it 😌 || #theweeknd
“It’s strange how vulnerable I became because of you. I was never this way I always knew better. I didn’t want to be tamed, I didn’t want to fall in love, I didn’t want my world to revolve around one person. I guarded myself so heavily, my feelings, my emotions. I was so careful always making sure that I never got too close. Always being one step ahead. And then you came into my life. A heavy past, a sad smile, eyes so lost. I wanted to save you. You peaked my interest like no one had before, always talking about the moon and sun, the clouds. You talked about the ocean and the sky. You dreamt of mountains and rivers and before long I was the one getting lost in the forest within your eyes. You became my world….
“I don’t belong here” you told me one day. Your gaze was amongst the stars. I could hear the pain in your voice. I could see the tears begin to form. Perhaps you never needed saving, perhaps you were just trying to find a place to call home..” — (via findmeinthedepthsoftheocean)
xo⭐||@theweeknd #theweeknd
Are you bizzle stans fucked yet because I am 🤷🏼‍♀️
I love this friendship 💕✨
movie: anything else
They're would be so goals asf 😍💘 @haileybaldwin
Guess I'm a bad liar @selenagomez || tag her?
I only call you when it's half past five . . . . . . . #sky #urban #brazil #mobgraphia #puzzle #theweeknd
His back oh gosh damn
Тут любые слова будут лишними😍❤ #этолюбовь #theweeknd