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The most evil little yellow car! He's way outgrown it, but goes through phases of having to drive it everywhere - around the house, the garden, to the park. The thing is, he drives VERY VERY close behind and rams it into my heels (accidentally, but still 😭) It's on my hit list, along with giant "snake" teddy which he whips about! Kids and evil toys, which do yours have?!
Its completely out of focus but his face just kills me, so innocent 😌
Second batch of breakfast cookies tonight πŸͺ  It's got oats, flour, chocolate chips, peanut butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, egg and flaxseed meal πŸ˜‹  Recipe by @thechefsavvy  http://chefsavvy.com/breakfast-cookies/ Silicone baking sheet is from - @ikeacanada  #pinterest #pinterestrecipe #breakfast #breakfastcookie #flaxmeal #peanutbutter #toddlereats #looksgood #smellsdelish #momlife #thismamaloves #cooking #baking #instadaily #instagood #ikea #vancouverisland #islandliving #myfamily #blessed #cookiemonster  #preparingahead #getsetgo
Yesterday, Rob and I had Lily baptized, not to save her, but as a sign of the Covenant of Grace, putting our trust in God’s promise to be “a god to you and to your children.” I loved hearing the resounding “we will” from our church family as they vowed to be our village, to help us raise Lily to know God and His Gospel.  And Charlotte was baptized and came to the Lord’s Table for the first time! It was such a beautiful thing watching her excitedly answer her questions before she was baptized and then see her eyes light up when she was able to eat the bread with us.  God is so good and we are so insanely thankful for this life we get to live. ❀️
Mothering when you're sick seriously sucks. . Yesterday I hadn't been feeling well most of the day. We got home in the afternoon and when Starfish had a nap, so did I. Luckily that's when hubby got home to watch Starfish and do all his evening/bath/bedtime routine and I kept resting. I had a high fever (I've never had a fever before!), and I was back in bed by 7pm. I was sweating bullets everywhere. My head felt like it had been smashed open, but unfortunately I had no Nurofen (which turned out to be crazy mum brain cause there was totally some on my bedside table 😳🀦🏼‍β™€οΈπŸ˜©). . It was great to have hubby helping out last night, but this morning it is back to just me and Starfish. I have a day of trying to do everything for Starfish with a killer headache, no energy to carry his chubbiness, and generally just wanting to stay in bed. . Mums don't get sick days. We are always on, 24/7. I seriously take my hats off to single mums who don't have the extra set of hands at the end of the day!! . Today we're going to survive as much as possible. Despite my to-do list being as long as King Kong's arm (my arms are not that long), I'm going to try and keep today's activities minimal.
"A little table or shelf, in the home or classroom, dedicated to a changing array of beautiful objects from nature, is a delight to children. Some suggestions are a vase of flowers, leaves, a colored leaf in the fall, or a plant experiment." πŸƒπŸ‚Alfie started work on his nature table by bringing a (wilted, dirty and bug infested πŸ˜•) twig home from the woods today, I tried to suggest we leave it behind but he was having none of it! He's been collecting acorns for weeks now so tomorrow we will set up a little nature area where he gather all the treasures from his walks. #montessori #montessorathome #earlyyears #earlyyearslearning #curiouslittleexplorers #pbloggersuk #myparentingjourney #toddlermoments #wildchildhood #slowmornings #scenesnotscreens #irishbloggers #lovelywanderings #thismamaloves #cornersofmyworld #ourplayfullife #littlelivelaughlove #wanderfulchildhood #lovelifeoutside #freerangekids #countrykids #thisrurallife #liveslow #mariamontessori #quotestoliveby
Our girl is officially 4 today. The afternoon was mostly spent tending to her new baby twins!
Would swap closet with ... @pearllowe Day 25 @houseofpinheiro #sewphotohop It's only  taken me most of the day to get to this decision. Whenever I see a picture of this lady I like her style. She has an enviable collection of dresses and always chooses colours and prints that look amazing on her . Her cool is completely timeless πŸ–€βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨
I'm putting Zellie down for her nap for the first time since baby brother was born (she's been lucky to have a very loving and patient grandma willing to lie with her while she falls asleep!) and so I'm finding a few minutes to pop into IG over here and say hi πŸ‘‹β€οΈ Isn't this sleeping babe just the cutest?! Her momma @mrswolfgramm is starting up a boutique clothing line for your little ones and this chunky knit sweater is just one of the loveliest pieces that she has over at @littlestlaundryco πŸ’• She's just sold out of this sweater but is restocking soon! Head over and check out her beautiful clothing!
Strollin' in his new @molo top from @miramiradublin 😍 I accidentally had the "nostalgia" filter on my phone when i took this but i kinda like it.  #3yearsold #3andahalfactually #thisisthree #molo #toddlerootd #toddlerstyle #toddlerfashion #kidsstyle #kidsfashion #autumn #september #outside #outsidewithkids #lovelifeoutside #thismamaloves #skateboard #skateboarding #adidassuperstar #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #simplychildren #nostalgia
So happy I won this take along railway set from @brioplay is in the #blogonxmas raffle yesterday!! Hayden is gonna love it! He just loves anything with wheels but trains especially, and I love that it all comes in its own little carry case! Might have more of a fighting chance of keeping it tidy then!!! So that's one Christmas present sorted....
Teething... Is just the worst isn't it? This poor little love has not been herself today. I came back from an appointment this morning and she cried non stop for about half an hour, it was awful. She was just inconsolable. It was one of those mornings where I just had to pop them in the double buggy and run. Luckily she cheered up slightly with her sister holding her hand (see my stories, too cute)! This afternoon has also been a challenge, it's so hard when they just want to cling to you all the time but you have another one who wants you as well 😒  I am 90% sure it's her teeth based on the red cheeks, runny nose and non stop chewing. The teething powders have been given, along with calpol but I'm half expecting a bad night...wish us luck!  To anyone else with a teething baby right now, sending you all the wine, sleep vibes (and a hug) xx
Monday! This little one loves to bake (and loves eating the end result even more!), there's so much she can't do right now so I'm going with it and baking when she asks, we have made two cakes and one apple crumble this past week and she's already planning more! Downside is it's just far too tempting not to eat some myself! I have gained heaps of weight over the summer and really need to do something about it to help me feel a little more confident so tonight will mostly be spent pinning healthier recipes for our baking days!