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Nola saw my favorite flowers at Trader Joe’s and asked Ryan to send me a pic of them. She’s such a sweetie 😍 #thoughtfuldaughter #hydrangea #myfavoriteflowers #traderjoes #flowerstagram
When you get home from vacation and socks with your dog’s face are waiting for you #birthdaygift #dogsocks #bestgiftever #thoughtfuldaughter
Celebrating mom’s birthday at Paint & Chill in Maplewood! What a sweet time! #momsbirthday #thoughtfuldaughter #paintandchill #paintandsip #maplewoodnj #byob #byof #ladybug #happybirthdaytoyou
Love is...when your daughter buys you chocolate just because the cat on the box reminds her of the one at home💕💕#grumpycat #thoughtfuldaughter #musthavedonesomethingright
Lovely to have Bratling no1 home, and she brought me a very thoughtful gift! #familybacktogether #bibliophile #loveedinburgh #history #factstrangerthanfiction #undergroundcity #oldtownedinburgh #southbridgevaults #thoughtfuldaughter
Valentine gifts from one of my daughters. All my favorite things. I love the phone case for my new phone. #happymom #thoughtfuldaughter
Awww. My youngest Daughter Chelsea spoiled me today. Love her. ♡♡♡ Rose🌹, perfume, candy 🍫& a card with the most beautiful written sentiment. Made me smile. ツ Made me feel special. Tysm. 💕 #thoughtfuldaughter #valentinesday #sweet #loveher #nicesurprises
Flowers and chocolates from my wonderful daughter. I couldn’t ask for a better Valentine. I love you hon😘😍❤️ #thoughtfuldaughter #howdidigetsolucky #myprideandjoy #blessed
Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕❤️💕 I may be happily single, but I am lucky enough to have two sweet Valentines this year and every other. 👩‍👧‍👦 They bring me so much joy and love and help me learn me so much about myself, I am so grateful for them (even when they drive me crazy). They are thoughtful, kind, caring, and compassionate. . With such a big heart, it wasn’t a surprise when my daughter asked me for money for carnations at school and included her dad’s girlfriend in the list of people she wanted to buy for. It’s not always easy for me to hear my kids talk about her, even though my separation from their dad was completely mutual and a long time coming. But I choose to try to be thankful that my children like her and she is good to them. And someday soon, I will take the time to tell her that. . Feelings are funny that way. Even when a relationship is so over and you absolutely do not want to be with someone, you can still feel strange about them being with someone else. Though honestly I think it is entirely because of my children and I consider the impact it will have on them. No matter what, I want my children to know what a loving relationship looks like and learn how to be in one. I didn’t have that with their father which is ultimately why we decided to go our separate ways. We ALL deserve happiness. . For now, my happiness includes falling back in love with myself and showing them how truly important THAT relationship is. I truly lost myself for many years trying to make my marriage work and be a mother. But making self-love a priority is teaching me so much that I hope I can pass along to them, too. And when the time is right and I am ready and I choose to, I will find someone else to share my love with. . So even if you do have some special in your life, make sure you’re nurturing your relationship with yourself. You deserve your love just as much as anyone else, and that relationship is the foundation for all others.
Giving thanks for this girl today just because...she’s a light, laughter, a friend, joy, and a gift.  #thankfulmom #minime #twinsies #fungirl #thoughtfuldaughter #blessedtohaveher #thoseeyes
Beautiful roses from my daughter, just to make me smile 😃 thank you @carrisholdsworth ❤️ . . . . . #thoughtfuldaughter #smiles #roses🌹 #family
From Dorothy #blessed #thoughtfuldaughter
Thank you my little angel!  #mybigshaddow + #mylittleangel = #perfection  #thoughtfuldaughter #happymother  #myothervalentine
Ella is going to visit her uncle Daniel and her great nanny for the first time today. And she has made some lovely pictures for them. I've such a loving and thoughtful daughter. I'm so proud ❤ #thoughtfuldaughter #proudmum
My mom got the best gift today @divvyup  #divvyupsocks #myfaceonsocks #thoughtfuldaughter
When my daughter showed up with yet ANOTHER gift bag yesterday (see earlier feed), I said, "Katie, stop already!" LOL But in her defense, she knew I wanted this and was hoping to beat me to the punch so...literally, Happy (early) Mother's Day to me! ❤  And there's a bonus for you...a sneak peek of a chair headed to the For the Love of Junk show next weekend! #twobirdsonestone
From my sweet heart. Such a sweet and loving daughter and a sister to her kuya. We are so blessed to have her. God is so good to us. #mysweetheart #sosweetandloving #thoughtfuldaughter #appreciative #expressive #thankfulheart #godsblessing