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It means that we work to develop ourselves into the best people we can be, not just for cars and other material items, because those do not nourish us. #live #motviation #love #justdoit #yougotthis #mind #lead #leadership #tobecome #workhard #hardworkpaysoff
The promise of God #turnaroundtime #reaching #tobecome
Welcome to Valentracia #voiceacting #storytelling #novelist #ninja #troubador #allsaints #kofc #actor #writer #poet #singer #soloist #rapper #trapper #madhatter #exclusiveart #forsnobsonly #gottahavemoney #999 #permonth #tobecome #noblepatron oft#hearts #zing I’ll say this, I know I’ve sure enjoyed the exclusivity of my art these last 20 years.  And now that we are keeping it TOO SNOBBY ahem RICH PEOPLE ONLY.... soooorrry it costs AT LEAST 999 a month to be a Noble Patron of the Arts. 🤷🏼‍♂️Everybody has to make their choices.  One is noble because they know how to choose what is best.  Choose John.  The Future is John. Cult of 1000 Johns.
Thank u for this post  Via: @_live_inpeace . . Take a deep breathe, close your eyes and see yourself for what you are, what you’ve become Strong, focused, driven more than ever, thankful for all the inspiration you have had to get this far😊 don’t be discouraged to walk this path alone because it’s you and only you that can find what you seek. . I️ mean it’s pointless right if someone else found your peace or happiness lol when you think about It, that really doesn’t make any sense to me. “your happiness, your inner-peace,” can only be found by the one who is seeking it. Make the path beautiful and enjoy the ride! 🙏 namaste
Er i en tilstand hvor jeg bekræftes i at have fundet min plads 🙏🏼🏥 #grafeful #choices #tobecome #anesthesia #nurse #dowhatmakesyouhappy
i have been lost for sometime, a very long time to be honest. I was looking for happiness in all the wrong places, the wrong people and w all the wrong things. I’ve felt some disturbance In me towards the end of summer last year but neglected to listen to what my body, mind, soul were trying to say........Recently I had an awaking to where i haven’t looked back.....I’ve learned the most important lesson, that happiness starts within. If I can’t be happy by myself and content w me, myself and I, then I will never find my inner peace. . We all defer to our old ways here and now, but with a strong mindset, the guidance of good hearted souls and knowing the universe has my back, I am on the right path & am planning to stay on it☺️ . I’m 1 month in on this journey and have realized w positivity on my mind, purity in my heart, and motivation to succeed This task is another obstacle that god has put in front of me. A test to see if what i really want is what I️ want, then am i willing to do what It takes to achieve this..... . Yessss😊, I am!!! I am ready ✨🙏
Everyday is another day. It’s an opportunity to given to you to make It better then the day before. Making mistakes is ok, that’s what makes us human, it’s what we do w this opportunity of a new day that makes us or breaks us. Forgive yourself for your mistakes & move on knowing every mistake makes you stronger & that you will not repeat those same mistakes the next time around. ✨☺️🙏 #selfacceptance #forgiveness
Nothing that’s worth its while comes to you easy. Work hard, take the hard path, the result is a finish line worth all your extra efforts🙏✨
✨Happiness is Everything✨☺️🤗
#timetosolveamystery 🤗🧚‍♀️🌸🧐on who sent me this #fabulous #birchbox on #valentinesday 😻🧚‍♀️💕♥️💕💕💕💕 @lady_ostrom was this your amazing doing ??lolololol 😻🤗👯‍♀️♥️💕💕💕 or perhaps @randyg215 was it you lolololol #iloveyouguys #bestfamever #icantwait #tobecome #mrsgarcia 😻😻😻😻
Musta armeijani lopulta vankassa ryhmittymässä & puolustuksessa, jotka eivät enää pitäneet viimeisessä hyökkäyksessä.  Yritys hyvä. Kuulemma potentiaalia oli. Oma suoritus noin niinku 2/5. #šakki #sakki #chess #strategy #8x8 #blackandwhite #boardgame #geek #tobecome
Everyday tell yourself you will think positively to become a more positive person. ✨ . Everyday feel & look to be inspired and attract more inspiration in your life.✨ . Everyday imagine happy thoughts & create happiness.✨ . Everything is possible as long as you start within. Take control of your thoughts, the way you feel & guide your imagination towards the person you wanna become. ✨🙏
#keeptrying #tobecome #yourdream #cometrue 🤗❤️
Shared from @247billion  Now this is perfect for that point I love to point out a lot. Never regret any your past or it will eat at you, wether you like it or not. Everything happens for a reason, either to teach you something or for you to teach somebody else something. That is the purpose of life as basic as it seems. A lot don't agree on that point but it's true. Life is love yes, but in order to love you need to learn, and how to you learn to love..... By experiencing love. There for love exists in order to teach, teach us everything. Love is what drives us towards the meaning of life, which I believe is to learn.  #themeajingoflife #tolearn #learnfromlove #discovery #joy #ectasy #empathy #pain #loss #leasons #learnt #tobecome #one
Proverbs 📖 The wise at heart speaks with prudence,. There are paths that man considers good, but in the end there are paths of death.. #nobody #deceive #himself #ifanyofyou #thinkheiswise #according #tothisworl #become #foolish #inorder #tobecome #wise #corinthians #love #ofgod #istruth #oursalvation ❤️❤️❤️
It’s funny how something happens and immediately the same day or the next day something very relevant to what happens in your life is posted. This made my day☺️ . I have been judging myself and trying to blame myself for a mistake i made yesterday. I had several good people in my life tell me the same thing that’s written above. It’s amazing how things fall in place when they are supposed too. It’s a sign and to me It simply means, trust the process, the universe has your back. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, we are human and to be human means we will make mistakes along the way. It’s what we do after the mistake we made, that defines our true character✨ . Ty for this post @spiritualguidebook