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God’s presence is the only essential ingredient in worship.  Our praise and the other elements of our meetings must lead us  into the presence of God. If they don’t, there is no reason to do  them. Oh, yes, they may be nice and may make us feel good, but  the purpose of gathering is to enter the presence of the Lord.  Anything that does not contribute to this is simply unnecessary  clutter. God’s presence in our presence is the only worthwhile end to our meetings  #idontwanttoanywherewihoutyourpresence #yourpresenceisheaven #totalsurrender  #yesjesus
Daily Bread:  The Lord is still in the business of fulfilling His promises over our lives, he requires us to die to self that He may put His Word to effect in us first. The Lord Jesus Christ said to a rich young man in Matthew 19:21 “If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” Possessions whether material or intellectual, have an ability to own us or define us. They have an ability to own our hearts. Therefore Christ was refereeing to what had occupied and owned the Rich man’s heart. Christ was talking about what had kept the young man from following and pursuing God, subsequently it had kept him from living a life of purpose.  The Apostle Paul, saw the very same concern in the church, which had delayed the saints from becoming who Christ had intended them to become.  Romans 12  Therefor today pray and focused on the death of self:  1. Heavenly Father we approach your throne of Grace with fear and with trembling, for your mercies are new each day and more than enough for me.  2. I offer my body as a living sacrifice, least I fall short of your grace oh Lord! Take over my eyes, my ears, my hands, my arms, my legs and my everything. May the members of my body serve only on you.  My body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost.  Holy Ghost take over my body, live in me, have your way in me, over come my every weakness.  3. Father I rid myself of everything that is of passion or material importance and worth, things that have hindered me from experiencing your grace oh Lord! 4. Spirit of the Living God, I give you authority over my life. Have you way in me.  5. This oh Lord is my reasonable service and worship to you. In Jesus mighty name.  May you be blessed as you pursue life in Christ Jesus.  Apostle @manq_masilela  #dailybread  #templeoftheholyghost #totalsurrender #trueworship #mattersoftheheart
Second Night of our conference: the Word given by Pastor Carl Lentz #nflfamilies #totalsurrender #pao #theincrease #nychillsong #arizona
Surrendering to what is Letting go of what was Having FAITH in what will be.
Highlight from Francis and Lisa Chan book... amazing teaching and truths! This can be a challenge for those who have struggled with feeling we need to be in control.  #totalsurrender #truth #whereisyourtrust #whoareyoufollowing #whatexampleisyourlifedisplaying #doyoubelieve #trust
My first picture of me doing yoga. And it is of me doing my favorite pose. Pigeon pose. It has taken me a year to get this low and relaxed in this pose. Thank you @meltspotyoga. #pigeonpose  #totalsurrender  #fiftyisfabulous
Simplicity #relax #totalsurrender #significance #substance
Always great having Caleb Kaltenbach here to share God's Word!! Thanks Dude👍 #communityhemet #godgivesusanewname #totalsurrender #failureisntfinal
Surrender is not about 'giving up', it is about 'giving in' to the purposes and will of our God in our lives #totalsurrender #letgodbegod
It’s so hard for me to sit back, read, be silent, listen, think quietly... but God has been challenging me with this. To just be okay with myself, my thoughts and spending time with the One who gives me my very life. It’s a discipline for me.. everyday. A conscious decision. But truthfully, NOTHING else I do matters if I don’t seek Him first. And I notice my life in a downward spiral when I try and control everything. So today, I sit, read and rest and just be 📚 ☕️- having the serenity and stillness of the lake in the background doesn’t hurt either 😉
My ears are clean to hear you . . My eyes are open to see you . . My arms are stretched to hold on to you . . My legs are ready to follow you. May you lead me into the light. #mystrength #myprotector #heleadsifollow #heknowsmyfuture #totalsurrender
The principle of “Least Effort” has been a totally striking revelation for me in the past few years • I didn’t grow up with such a possibility, on the contrary, in the culture I was raised there’s always the need to work hard, to make extreme efforts and sacrifices in order to “succeed” in any endeavor and to “be somebody” • The result: exhaustion and disconnection with nature’s cycles • The spiritual law of Least Effort has meant a beautiful, healing and liberating discovery for me in all areas of Life • In the words of Deepak Chopra “There is rhythm and balance in the natural world, and when you’re in harmony with nature, you can minimize your efforts and maximize your effect...timing and finesse are the tools for transformation in a world that is understood as the expression of an underlying field of infinite intelligence” • This principle applied to Yoga translates in that “the greatest benefits of yoga come from relaxing into a pose, rather than forcing your body into it”- Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
TOTALLY surrendered #totalsurrender #heisable #heislord
Not my will, but thy will be done! #livingforhim #worshipisalifestyle #totalsurrender #godswill #yeslord #hallelujah
It was a fantastic first night at Conference #ncmlausequip2018 #totalsurrender #allforjesus #magnifyandmultiply #melbourne #jesusisalive #jesus
Who needs torpedo tits. Lots of fun with @intorubber Hood and arm binder by @hw_design_latex catsuit by @bondinage collar by @latex_nemesis #latexcatsuit #latex #latexhood #latexbondage #rubber #rubberdoll #anotherdayattheoffice #nycphotographer #nycdomination #nycdominatrix #nycdungeon #submission #rubberaddicted #rubbermistress #rubberslave #latexarmbinder #totalsubmission #rubberhood #noescape #kinky #totalsurrender @nyc_rubber_studio
My Brave One,  This past week, I've watched as you have continually laid things down at My feet. You are choosing time and time again to trust Me with what you don't understand and with what weighs you down.  Are you noticing the difference it makes?  The emptying out of worry and anxiousness? The filling up of peace and love?  When you give Me that which you are carrying in your heart and mind, you are making space for Me. You are making room for the Holy Spirit within you to fill your heart and soul with life-giving fruit. The fruit of joy that overflows, a peace that brings the calm, a patience that endures, a kindness that can be put into action, a life full of virtue, a faith that prevails, a gentleness of heart, and a strength of spirit.  My child, when you lay it all down on the altar, you allow Me to burn up the dross of what shouldn't be there. That which is left is pure. When you lay it all down and allow Me to do with it what I know best, you make room for Me to give you something better—less worry, more faith; less anxiousness, more peace; less frustration, more patience.  Yes, I know it's hard sometimes to let go of what you've held onto for so long. Trust Me. You can do it. You're braver than you realize. Keep bringing it all to Me. I will help you. For with Me, you can do all things.  The fruit of surrender is sweet. Keep laying it down, and let Me surprise you with more than what you can dream or imagine.  All My Love, Jesus ❤️ But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV)  #lovenotesfromheaven #sparklingbrooks #trust #totalsurrender #fruitofthespirit #jesus #jesuscalling #joy #patience #peace #kindness #mondaydevotional #spiritual #greatestofthese #love