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just picked this beaut up from the library and I'm stoked to get started! πŸ’»πŸ¦‹ (the socks say darn it all to heck and no, I don't know why my legs are different colors) @belletrist  @cbmaum #touchvstech #touchthenovel #annaread2017 #bibliophile #instabook #bookstagram
this book's heart is a perceptive take on a culture in crisis. In love with this book on my Kindle πŸ’—πŸ’— @belletrist @cbmaum #touchvstech #touchthenovel πŸ’•
@cbmaum crafted Sloane and her world so perfectly! She is all of us girls trying to navigate our new post-dad worlds...figuring out who we are without them and what we're going to accomplish now.  Thank you @belletrist for bringing this wonderful book to my attention!! I left my copy in the free library in our adorable little town. You can't get more #teamtouch than #eurekasprings! I hope whoever takes it falls in love with it as much as I did! #touchvstech #touchthenovel
A good start.  @belletrist @cbmaum #touchvstech #touchthenovel
"Americans didn't know why they'd become so obsessed with cacti-they just accepted the fact that drought-resistant plants were the new must-haves for office and home design in the mindless way they'd once accepted ferns, but really, what was going on was a socially sanctioned apathy toward the planet's overheating. it was apocalyptic acclimatization by way of indoor plants." #summerreading courtesy of @belletrist and @cbmaum πŸ˜πŸ’― #touchvstech #touchthenovel
I'm not lucky enough (yet) to have an actual copy of the novel, so i did this little illustration of my verison of the cover. I'm soo anxious to get my hands on this. Hoping I win, and good luck to the others who have entered as well πŸ’β˜πŸ€ž @belletrist @cbmaum #touchvstech #touchthenovel
I had to be part of this contest by @belletrist @cbmaum because my mornings are delightful and special ever since I started reading this xX #touchthenovel #touchvstech
✨"...the essential question of what we're giving up by prioritizing connectivity. And the answer is: ourselves." ✨ I have so much to say about this book #touchthenovel by @cbmaum, but I'll say it all in another post. This one is for the @belletrist contest. I was reading Touch in my back yard when I saw this telephone pole being taken over by nature and I thought it perfectly encompassed the theme of this book, the fight between #touchvstech. How convoluted and complicated the telephone wires are compared to the simple nature beginning to overtake it. Idk, I love the contrast there. Let's get back to touch, back to Mother Nature, back to relationships with each other and with the earth. 🌏🌿
There is no better feeling than exploring a new city and stumbling upon a coffee shop or great restaurant that you never knew existed. It's like digging through the racks in a thrift store and finding that one piece, that doesn't come in any other size or color, and knowing it's meant for you. Right here and right now. One of my favorite parts of our adventure around Europe has been discovery. Something that was lost to me after living in one place for so long. When I first got to Paris, I'll admit - I used an app or two to determine where the best place to eat, shop and grab coffee was, but then I asked myself, where is the magic in that? I wasn't exploring. I wasn't having an adventure. I was reading reviews and essentially letting people tell me where to go, what to order and what everything should look like. As soon as I put my phone down, literally and figuratively, I ran into that same thrift store treasure - discovery.  Reading has become such big part of my European adventure. I couldn't imagine all the train rides without some delicious book to devour. Although I do miss my big book collection, I'm getting the hang of this iPad Book thing (thank goodness these trains have chargers). Thank you @cbmaum for the great read/reality check and thank you @belletrist for the book recommendations! #touchvstech #touchthenovel #teamsloane #belletrist #books #reading #bookworm
This month's book is another @belletrist pick. I loved the satire in #touchthenovel. @cbmaum paints an eerily realistic portrait of where society is headed with our love of technology. Sloane, the protagonist, is also wonderfully layered and relatable. I wanted to incorporate digital elements as well as tangible objects. Safe to say, I definitely was craving a human connection after finishing the novel. #touchvstech
#touchvstech #touchthenovel #belletristbabes @belletrist @cbmaum
#repost @cbmaum @belletrist #touchvstech #touchthenovel ・・・ This is the coolest! @Belletrist is teaming up with @thelightphone to give away 2 of these life-restoring (and gorgeous!) #secondarycellphones to two lucky #belletristbabes babes! Super easy to enter: just post an awesome pic of TOUCH (the book, favorite quote, whatever!) before midnight at June 27. Tag @cbmaum and @Belletrist and #touchthenovel and #touchvstech. And voila! You make me really really jealous because you win a Light Phone! More info via link in bio. πŸ’–
Great read. @belletrist @cbmaum #touchthenovel #touchvstech
Birthday brunch @cafemogadornyc inspired by #touchthenovel and just in time for the @belletrist @cbmaum #touchvstech giveaway πŸ₯‚βœ¨"Isn't it something? The wonder of ourselves?" Excellent read!!
Currently reading @belletrist book pick: Touch by @cbmaum "Sloane Jacobsen was living in a world without peanuts." - page 1  Zentai suits, self-driving cars, geopolitics, commentary on society's obsession with technology... So far it's got me hooked. Kind of see myself in Sloane a little too much πŸ™†πŸ» #touchvstech #touchthenovel #belletristbabe
Last day to enter @thelightphone #giveaway with @Belletrist! All you need to do is share a creative photo featuring #touchthenovel with the right hashtags. Don't have a copy yet? I have it on good authority that you can get one at any #local #bookstore! All deets in link in bio or through @belletrist! You have until midnight to play! Photo credit @coolhunting
Turned off my cell phone to spend some quality time reading this weekend. This one is so good!! @belletrist @cbmaum #touchvstech #touchthenovel πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š
"People don't like to read stories that don't have love in them" ❀️ @belletrist @cbmaum #touchvstech #touchthenovel
#touchvstech #touchthenovel loving this on my ereader!! @cbmaum @belletrist