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The revolution is upon us! #lifeoffline #slowcommunication #digitaldetox #persuasiondesign #ethicsfordesigners #touchthenovel @barillaus
A great book entices you think differently, right?  At work, I have been exploring a trend that explores a future that is fundamentally human. So when I came across TOUCH, a novel that follows the narrative of a trend forecaster, I couldn't wait to read it.  I was then privileged enough to interview the author, @cbmaum about her novel and recent panel she sat on at Brooklyn Book Festival that explores the science of intimacy.  Through explorations of empathy, compassion and intimacy, TOUCH invites us to be contemplate  the immediacy and necessity for us to return to what makes us human.  I urge you to read this book and be inspired to think differently.
A friend just sent me this snapshot from the @nypl E 79th branch. Book lovers! Readers! I can't tell you how uplifting it is to see something like this when your book has already been out for a while. So exciting and meaningful. Thanks for sending, @janelarkworthy ! #publiclibrariesrule #nypubliclibrary #touchthenovel #staffpicks #grateful
All summer I've been fantasizing about a panel with @bakoponutts #catherinelacey and @doree and clearly, @huffpost divined this because they just profiled all our books in this fascinating article that begs the question, are the women going to survive??! I have thoughts. I have many of them. (Ladies, can we talk?) I'm so grateful and excited to be included alongside these women whose books I so admired. #womenintech #womenwriters #writersofinstagramπŸ“š #touchthenovel #madeforlove #theanswers #startup #consumerism #satire #happyendings #darkhumor #siliconvalley #fiftyshadesofgrey #summerbooks #lifeoffline #belletristbabes #techbros #fridayreads
Panelling! Lots of talk about #science and #masturbation, but in a #literary way. The Science of #intimacy" panel at #bkbf with rock stars #weikewang @bakoponutts and @tonytula. #touchthenovel #postsexuality #asexuality #therabbit #womenwriters #brooklyn #writerslife #writersofinstagramπŸ“šπŸ““πŸ—½
Standing/sitting room only today at @cbmaum's Brooklyn Book Festival panel with @bakoponutts, Weike Wang, and @tonytula. The books even match! #touchthenovel #bkbf @bkbookfest @putnambooks @wordbookstores
Maum's writing is sharp, descriptive, observational. Read it for the language, and the way her writing pulls at the other senses (chapter 27 comes to mind). And for the cover, because @rodrigocorral_ hit it out of the park. "Touch" (2017)
Prepping for our awesome panel on #modernintimacy @bkbookfest 9/17. How rad does this sound? "When you can #swiperight➑️ on a possible partner, it's clear that the modern world of relationships is new, and somewhat terrifying. Yet in the worlds imagined by Courtney Maum (TOUCH), #weikewang (CHEMISTRY) and #alissanutting (MADE FOR LOVE), love gets even more unusual. The potential dawn of the #postsexual, the internal battle of falling out of love with one's studies, and a newly-single woman living with her father and a sex-doll create the backdrop for this conversation on the new meaning of #intimacy, moderated by @tonytula (PRIVATE CITIZENS.) Sept 17, 2pm. #writersofinstagram #bookstagram #bookfestivals #brooklynwriters #writerslife #touchthenovel πŸ“šπŸ“±
What a perfect #birthday weekend present: #touchthenovel made @oprahmagazine Editors' list as one of the 10 books you need to read before summer's end. And it's such a great list! With the newest from @daniwriter, "The Dark Dark" which I'm dying to read from #samanthahunt, and "Pretend We Are Lovely" from our friends at @tin_house. Look no further for your #fridayreads! Link in bio. πŸ“š
TOUCH by Courtney Maum - Thought provoking is an understatement for this one! I really loved this book! It's not a book I would've typically chosen to read. I have never read this author before and the synopsis didn't quite appeal to me, but it was a book club pick, and the cover is gorgeous, so I read it. This book does an excellent job of showing the downfall and importance of technology. Technology plays a vital role currently, and will into the future, but it cannot replace the human touch. With respect to technology and how it has changed the way we interact with people day-to-day, I could most definitely relate to what was written in this book. It is so easy to isolate yourself from the world with technology - I think this showed me we need balance. Hopefully people who read this will be inspired to reach out to their family and friends for interaction and not just depend on their devices for happiness. I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE! Go out and get a copy now! 🐈🌈 ••• I rated this LOVELY book πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›β€οΈ / 5 on Goodreads!
I joined another book club! Thanks to @belletrist I get to read this gorgeous book - TOUCH by Courtney Maum 🐈🌈🌈
In Meredith, NH and found copies of #thelightwelost at the Innisfree Bookshop so signed 'em! So nice to see my book hanging out in the same bookcase as @cbmaum & J. Courtney Sullivan's books. #touchthenovel #saintsforalloccasions #putnampals
Just can't wait to get his weekend STARTED!! Who is with us? πŸ‘‹ #mybeachmate
Books + Ice Cream? Two of my favorite things. Thank you @bluemarblebk for a wonderful Tuesday night with real and honest panelists πŸ“·: @ssjo33 @ice_cream_books and @cbmaum who wrote my favorite @belletrist read thus far!  #touchthenovel πŸ¦πŸ¬πŸ“š
We had such a blast eating our weight in ice cream at the @cbmaum #touchthenovel x @ice_cream_books x @bluemarblebk event last night!πŸ¦πŸ“šIf you missed out, the custom #touchthenovel flavor, NEO-Politan, is available at @bluemarblebk through 8/15 - hurry hurry!πŸ˜‹#icecream #collab
What a wonderful event last night! If you missed it, @ssjo33's remarkable NEO-Politan flavor is available at @bluemarblebk thru the 15th (next Tuesday)! Thanks to @cbmaum, @putnambooks, @samanthalust, and @alliemisch for organizing and running a great panel conversation!
Such an honor to host @cbmaum in conversation with @ice_cream_books and @ssjo33 last night! Come by Underhill Avenue THIS WEEK to try our new flavor "Neo-politan," inspired by Courtney's #touchthenovel πŸ’™ #spreadthelovenyc #regram @sallyjkim
Can we do this every Tuesday? Kid-friendly #icecreamsocial celebrating @bluemarblebk and @ice_cream_books' special flavor honoring @cbmaum's #touchthenovel. The kids couldn't believe I knew a "real author," and enjoyed seconds. (OK...thirds.) Packed house, with @putnambooks in full force!
Proud to be hosting @ice_cream_books and @cbmaum at @bluemarblebk for the launch of #touchthenovel! @ssjo33 strikes again with incredible new flavor Neo-Politan, a tri-colored delight of superfood ingredients!!