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finished the second workout of the week this morning! i cant decide if im gonna do another one tonight or go for a little run? im just such a ball of energy #trainlikeadancer #whlxdanielle . . . #healthylifestyle #dreambig #staypositive #success #noexcuses #bbgprogress
SHE’S BAAAAAAAAAAACK! The one, the ONLY, JULIE DAVIS is returning to the barre! We are beyond thrilled to announce that one of The Barre Boutique’s original leaders is once again bringing her special brand of power, wit, charm, and dazzle to our community! She’ll be working her magic on Wednesdays at 5:45 in Midlothian, and from the looks of it she’s been practicing her moves with some pretty heavy duty (and adorable) weights!!! Welcome back Julie!!! You rock!!!! #trainlikeadancer #sometimesidoittwiceaday #newyearbestyou #letsdothis #mamamagic
|🎧@siathisisacting - Move Your Body|  I know it's not bookstagram related but.. . Today I started this 12-week body plan journey created by @weheartliving and @daniellepeazer .. It has everything..healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and what is even better than that? Desserts! It has recipes for desserts!! .. The one I'm gonna do as soon as I go get the ingredients are brownies.. Nom noom🍰🙃 . Just today I did my first workout and let me tell you.. My muscles feel the burn!🔥 And it's amazing!👍 As you my know (or not) I do @zumba twice a week and once a week a TRX/vibraplate workout so I hope that with this little extra I'll get even better results. . Fingers crossed💪🙃 . . #whlxdanielle #12weekbodyplan #zumba #trxworkout #getfitter #getstronger #feelgood #trainlikeadancer #recipe #workout #letsdothis #rockchicklistens #amlistening
When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way. #stepup @khazze11 📷by yours truly
Walking into Week 3 of my Body Plan like 💪🏼 Thanks for all of your tweets and comments keeping me updated with how you're getting on - it's so amazing to hear about all your progress ☺ [photo by @thebubblecollective]
We have photos of Baby Cherry to make your Monday truly magical!!!!!!!! Though we don’t yet know her name, we think she is just lovely!!!! Isn’t she so cute?!?!?! Congratulations to Mackenzie and her husband, Rob, for adding such a beautiful little nugget of joy to their family! We will most definitely miss Mackenzie’s sparkling presence (and kick-butt classes) at the barre, but have no fear because she will be back very soon!  And while she is enjoying some mama/baby bonding time, we are welcoming some friendly (and some familiar) faces to the studio! Stay tuned tomorrow for the big reveal as our Barre Boutique team grows!! #trainlikeadancer #newyearbestyou #letsdothis #mamamackenzie #sostinkincute
Get ready!!!
We are SO excited to announce that we have a new member in our Barre Boutique family…  Mackenzie had her baby!! WOOT!!!!! We hear all are happy and healthy and totally awesome, and we will share more updates (and hopefully pics) as soon as we receive them! As we share in the joy of this arrival we are asking for understanding as we do our best to finagle the schedule for our magical mama Mackenzie!!!!! We are so sorry for canceling this afternoon’s stretch class, but Sarah will be there next weekend to strengthen and lengthen the Sunday afternoon crew!! #trainlikeadancer #mamamackenzie #letsdothis
healthy breakfast on my offday #trainlikeadancer  #noexcuses #success #staypositive #dreambig #healthylifestyle
Sundays have been full of hard working barre ladies since the start of Studio57! Check out these barre ✨ #barrestar #barreaddict #studio57fitness #barresohard #cardioishardio #trainlikeadancer #fullbodyworkout #fitnessmotivation #sundayfunday #barrethenbrunch
The best life is the one that keeps you on your toes! We are grateful for every day because we have the opportunity to connect with our community of awesome leaders, motivators, and barre enthusiasts! We have exciting news coming your way so stay tuned for an amazing announcement! Happy Saturday everyone! #trainlikeadancer #newyearbestyou #letsdothis #saturdayshenanigans #babyitscoldoutside #hinthint
SATURDAY SESSIONS 💪🏼 Everyone will have time to do this so there's no excuses! I love to workout to music so I recommend putting on your favourite songs and giving this a go. Tag a friend who you think will want to try this too ☺ Click the link in my bio for more. 20 x lunges 20 x kettlebell swings (if you don't have a kettlebell, anything that is heavy will work!) 20 x press ups 20 x military plank  REPEAT 4 times with a 20 sec rest in between 💪🏼💁🏽✨ #trainlikeadancer
Sending a frighteningly fantastic shout out to Polly Stadt, who came to class appropriately dressed for today's Friday the 13th barre adventure!!!!!!!!! Looking good Polly!! #trainlikeadancer #newyearbestyou #friyay #letsdothis
just got the last workout of @daniellepeazer 's Body Plan for the week done, absolutely loved it!! makes me feel so amazing aha 😝 #whlxdanielle #trainlikeadancer
Nothing like a little workout humor to lift the spirits and inspire some much needed giggles on a Thursday afternoon! Plus, did you know that one of the benefits of laughter is toned abs?? Score!! When you’re laughing, the muscles in your stomach expand and contract, similar to when you intentionally exercise your abs…  so let the laughter commence!! #trainlikeadancer #thursdaygiggles #laughitout #newyearbestyou
Because barre is not just for girls...! Thank you @health_for_men for this fantastic write-up. Highlighting the numerous benefts of our workouts for men, just as much as for women, and a ringing endorsement for our very wonderful Instructor, @lucyppilates  Tag someone you think is 'man enough' for the barre... #mendoballettoo #barreworks #notjustforgirls #trainlikeadancer
New year, New focused physique (barre) classes, and our new built in barre!!! Beware barre babes, there is a new barre in town. #barresohard #barrelife #fitspo #barrebeauty #longandlean #trainlikeadancer #studio57fitness @paytoncarvalho @paisliearmstrong @leannepinkney @christnehalbert @jordanfriedmann @vanessadavis57
🖤 #napqueen
Pondering how shes going to #burn out your muscles tonite at 6:30-730 @aileenfitness 🤔💃💪🏻#barrebeauty #barrefitness #barremoves #trainlikeadancer #barresohard #fitwomen #miami #aventura #barrestudio #stayfit305
It’s time for our *Why I Barre* Wednesday feature! Today we’re sending a shoutout to the long-limbed and statuesque Shannon Torres! Shannon’s growth and strength inside the studio is a testament to her enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge. Always eager to learn, Shannon has embraced the technique with focus and a determination that is a delight to behold! Her smile beams when she enters the door and her charming and sparkling presence uplifts the spirits of everyone around her. She says, “I do barre because in order to help others do their best, I need to be at mine.” Well said Shannon!!!!! We are grateful for your energy and investment in yourself! #trainlikeadancer #letsdothis #unshakeableshannon #newyearbestyou #thanksfortheplanks