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Traducir, del latín “traducere”. “Trans”, pasar de un lado a otro y “ducere”, guiar, dirigir.  #traduccion #interpretacion #alpiedelaletra #translationservices #wearetraslators #nativespeakers #alicante
Часто мероприятия проходят в узком кругу, где все коллеги как одна большая семья и важно,чтобы всем было комфортно с переводчиком, не говоря о точности Перевода и знании тематики. В этот раз поразили инновации в ритейле из презентации Nielsen. #work #translationservices #translator #moscow #ritz #retail #russia  #interpreter #spanish #translations #translationservices #sochi #pressconference #услугипереводчика #Переводы #устныйперевод #синхрон #испанскийсинхрон #английскийсинхрон #услугиперевода #устныепереводы #translarionservices
Different types of language services and when you might need them  Proofreading, editing and reviewing  And so we start with the thickest, most impenetrable jargon-jungle of all. If you’ve ever felt confused about the distinction between these three language services, don’t despair: to be honest, it’s rare to find any two agencies who agree on the exact definition of each. That’s not to say all hope of understanding is lost, however. The key is just to make sure, when negotiating a deal involving any of these services, that both you and the service provider understand exactly what’s required.  Broadly speaking, all three of these services fall under the category of “making text better”; the difference is really just a matter of the context and scope of the services to be offered. It’s generally understood that proofreading is a less extensive service than editing; different people draw the line in different places, but things like spelling,grammar and style checks fall towards the ‘proofreader’ end of the spectrum, while questions of terminology and content are considered more of an editor’s job. A proofreader is handy for doing a final check on a document you’re already pretty confident about, or maybe something for internal use only, while an editor is ideal for top-quality, highly-visible texts which need to be absolutely perfect in every way. Editing can bedone by subject matter experts. For example, a medical text can be edited by a medical specialist and a legal text by a lawyer. Technical texts are usually edited by technically trained translators or linguistically experienced engineers.  #translationservices, #translation, #translations, #documenttranslations, #translationbuyer, #languageservices, #localization, #translationindustry, #translationbusiness,  #business, #entrepreneur, #success, #money, #sales, #outsourcing, #entrepreneurship
W Warszawie dziś zimnooo ❄️🌫☃️ Jak sobie radzicie w takie mrozy? #kancelariasroda #kancelariasrodaaletlumaczymycodziennie #warsaw #tlumaczymy #translationservices #tea #coffee #abydowiosny🌹🌷🍀🌻🌹🌷🍀🌻
Планируйте успех, а не поражение. Ваши мысли, слова и действия либо приблизят вас к успеху, либо отдалят от него. #планнадень #буднитрудоголика #englishrussiantranslator #translationservices
Social Media Marketing Rules To Practice | Boost Traffic To Your Website | Piggybacking | Link In Bio | Small Business Websites | $50 a month with hosting | Custom Built & Mobile & Search Engine Friendly  #smallbusiness #businessowner #roofing #renovation #contractor #eventplanner #windowcleaning #itconsulting #autobody #speedshop #translationservices #insurance #houston #cyfair #wimberly #austin #dallas #sanantonio #texas
#translation is the type of work that requires patience and coordination with others who have a deep sense of the culture that corresponds with a source or target language. One of the best ways to ensure that a customer gets the best possible translation is for the translator to communicate with the customer to resolve areas that need clarification . Why Customer Collaboration Helps 👉🏼Teaming up with the customer helps get the job done in a way that brings customer satisfaction. Instead of thinking of dealing directly with the customer as an extra hassle, think of it as an opportunity to build a stronger relationship. Communication will help clarify any issues that might cause concern, such as when a word in one language has no equivalent in the other language. Sometimes words have multiple meanings in each language, which can create confusion . One of the main topics with your customer should be to find out how the translation is going to be used. Will it be read or heard? The context of how certain words are used is also important to clarify. Some customers are looking for meticulous translations while others may just want to convey the general meaning of a message. Make it clear that in order to deliver the best possible translation it will require feedback from the customer.
Перевод юридических документов & услуги устного перевода⚖️ • Translation of legal documents & court interpreting services⚖️ • Мы осознаём всю важность перевода юридической документации, 👨🏽‍⚖️так как даже небольшая ошибка в тексте может негативно ❌⛔️повлиять на дальнейшийr процесс подачи ваших документов/развитие судебного дела🗂📃 • We understand  how important the accuracy of legal&law translations is 💯  because even one mistake in the text can negatively 🙅‍♂️😱influent the process of filing the documents/court process👩🏼‍🎓 • Только у нас ☝🏻документы проходят двойную проверку🔎🔎 и вы можете быть абсолютно уверены 👌в правильности выполненного перевода.💯🔥🔥🔥 • Only in our translation agency 👩‍💻👩🏽‍💻documents are revised twice🔎🔎 so you can be absolutely sure in  the accuracy of translation you get🥇👍 • Новая услуга - сопровождение переводчика 👩‍💻 на судебное заседание 👩‍⚖️ ⚖️ New service - support of interpreter 👩🏻‍💻in the court⚖️👩‍⚖️ С нашими переводчиками вы будете чувствовать себя как дома 🏡, а наши партнеры 🤝👫помогут Вам в решении любых юридических и судебных вопросов🚨💡 • With our translators 👩🏼‍💼you will feel yourself as at home🏣 and our partners 👯help you in resolving of all law and legal issues.⚖️✔️ #legaltranslation #translationservices #translationukraine #translationkharkiv
Plastics Recycling 2018 Conference  Over 1,900 attendees  42 States 6 Canadian provinces 34 countries  Translation services include English, Mandarin, and Spanish.  Some presentations will be given in Mandarin.  #plasticsrecycling2018 #conference #national #international #tradeshow #translation #translationservices #nashvilletn