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​​Here's a sappy little excerpt from a blog titled - 'Of Cab rides and Goodbyes': (Link in Bio)  We had our eyes glued to that GPS on our driver’s device. 16 kilometres and 1.15 hours to our destination. Coming to think of it now, I could have spoken absolutely anything else instead of giving you a running commentary of traffic scenes in Bangalore and sounding like a nervous wreck. ‘Turn left to MG Road’, the GPS lady instructed. Had we left early, we could have, perhaps, taken a slight diversion and headed to Koshy’s one more time. Maybe, we could have managed to get our usual spot there. We could have had just Kaya Toast and not spent time being indecisive over tea or coffee. That indecisiveness could have been saved for Goobe’s bookstore or Blossom bookstore later. We could have even run into either the people you adore or the ones who make you insecure unnecessarily. ‘Continue to stay on Cubbon Road’, instructed the GPS lady and broke the chain of thought. Oh, I remember how I prided myself on introducing you the strong foamy filter coffee at Airlines Hotel there. Last time, that was your favorite place for Masala Dosa. This time, Vidyarthi Bhavan happens to be your favorite Dosa place. I still like CTR the best though, although I do crib about them not serving coffee and Dosa together. How much I’ll miss you complain about these ‘oh-so-savarna’ places!  Our anxiety levels varied according to the redness on that GPS, and the time displayed there. Our old stories, my lame humor and your 'academia obscura'' di did help a little though. The GPS lady sounded kinder and nicer eventually when we had a lesser distance to cover. Even the driver did his part to assure us of our timely arrival at that station, but little did he know that it was your departure that was troubling us more. ‘You have reached your destination’, the GPS lady affirmed and we looked at each other for a brief period before the driver turned back and asked us for a
Wandering through time. 🏛Bernini's Colonnade, Vatican City. #inspiredbyarchitecture
c o m b u s t e d  #travelogues #3amthoughts #vsco
"O sol, a lua, e as estrelas, é tudo muito lindo... o som no ar faz você dançar bonita melodia no tom, eu canto livremente relaxando minha mente... a sos, no mar podemos viajar..." 🌊 #minhasviagens #paraty
Ginko trees. #namiisland #korea #autumn #travel #travelogues
Don’t blow away 🎋 #intransit #travelogues
Dune Buggy (Although pretty huge vehicle to call a dune buggy) ride through @silverlakesanddunes - cool experience!
Hi, i’m here ⛩🇹🇼 #intransit #travelogues #gghhconference
⚡️🇩🇪 New Blog Post 🇩🇪⚡️ _______________________________________________ Mark Twain called it the "awful" German language. What do you say? _______________________________________________ 😀 😀 😀 Link in bio @postcardsfromstef! _____________________________  #newblogpost  #postcardsfromstef  #travelogues  #travelblogger  #femaletravelblogger . . . . Just trying out @RiplApp