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her true self comes out - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #grunge #grungeblog #follow4follow #gore #f4f #like4like #l4l #tumblr #tumblrgrunge #arcticmonkeys #theneighbourhood #nirvana #queensofthestoneage
☠️; “ Now you only bring me black roses,, And they crumble in the dust when they’re held “ ——————–——————————–——— I lay on the grass biting my lip to hold on the sob. I wipe my eyes violently as they sting a brim they’re bloodshot red. I place my hand upon my chest, but I still feel nothing. .. it’s destroyed like every other one of your little objects. ..
i was gonna post a detailed thingy but i wanna keep it to myself n daddy sO !!! i just wanted to say grinding is my favorite thing ever n i miss daddy n i wanna hide in his chest rip
i really like the pink around my eyes it’s pretty and my eyes are pretty !sometimes! im in a surprisingly good mood rn prolly cause im so tiRED. uh dis would b a lot cuter without the eyelash on my nose n the stupid pimples on my face but this is real this is me, im exactly where im supposed to beeeeee
Sometimes you just have to take time to yourself. Whether it be going outside and looking at the stars or taking a bubble bath with some candles. Whatever the case is, it's important to take care of yourself because in the end you're the only one who's there for you; it's unhealthy to rely on other's for happiness. • • • #softgrunge#palegrunge#darkgrunge#grungefashion#grungegirl#grungeaccount#grungeblog#punkgirl#tumblrgirl#alt#alternative#alternativegirl#grungeaesthetic#grungetumblr#redhair#tumblrgrunge#darkgrunge#darkaesthetic#aesthetic#punkgirl#punk#indie#indiegirl#selflove#loveyourself#positivity
☕️; “ There’s a hole in the middle  of my heart again. “ ————————————————–———— I wipe my tears and try to run from my fears. But it keeps coming back and I let them have me when I should’ve have fought back. ..
🍂; “ No, I don’t like being taken for granted “ ——————–——————————–——— Thank you for using my heart, crunching it all to pieces in the palm of your hand, watching is slowly as you smirk up at me. Smoking the rest of your cigarette and blowing it into my face. Laughing and shaking your head as you turn and grab his hand and walk away .. leaving me here, on my knees with the broken pieces of my heart.
Jesus Christ I love tattoos