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#sundaymotivation . . ‘Don’t look back. You’re not going that way’ 🦋 Move forward... learn from your experiences & be proud of yourself 💛 . . #sundaymotivation #sundayvibes #fitnessjourney #weights #back #fitfamuk #gains4girls #fitnessblogger #eattogrow #girlswholift #fitspo #screwthescales #strongnotskinny #ukfitness#edrecovery #🔥fitfam #ukfitfam #focused #girlswhosquat #happiness #goals #iifym #motivation #stayfocused
It’s that time again! 🏈  #nfl #football #footballsundays
Round 1 is complete! 21 days of consistent speed and strength workouts! Noticing small changes! Round 2 starts tomorrow with 35 - 50 min workouts! I am taking this evening to study the meal plan that comes with the program and prepare! Something I did not do last time...Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. I am so excited for the next 21 days!
Current post workout meal sits at 950kcals with 200g of carbs and consists of. _ 🔵 195g of low fat cereal (dependant on the choice). _ 🔵 2 crumpets + 15g of jam. _ 🔵 30g of beef isolate protein. _  I’m currently working my way through the cereal aisle of every major supermarket in the UK. If you have any recommendations they’d be greatly welcomed 😊
💞 #selflovesunday 💞 . I thought this was a cute idea (although ideally you should practise self-love everyday!) But perhaps; you should set yourself up for a good week ahead & go that extra mile on a Sunday to LOVE YOU💜 . Loving your body is the best thing you can ever do. I won't lie & say it's easy to love yourself cos guess what? It's so damn hard. It'll never come naturally to me but actually, it's not as complicated as you think! 1️⃣Fuelling your body with good nutritious foods... 2️⃣Exercising for strength, mental freedom, enjoyment... 3️⃣Treating yourself to a bar of chocolate or just honouring your cravings... 4️⃣Spending quality time with those you love... 5️⃣Relaxing, reading, watching movies, having a bubble bath... ➡️ ALL are act's of self love. Treat yourself with respect. You deserve that.🦄 . Tell me some of your favourite acts of self-love!🌟🌈
Had a very windy (but thankfully dry) 4k run to my third Goodgym mission earlier 😅💨 Autumn is most definitely here!
More learning in store for the Team. . These are now a regular thing. . Because learning and success go hand in hand (with action, patience and consistency thrown in for good measure). . Plus it’s a great opportunity for my clients to meet each other and form a wider support network of people walking a similar path! . This time we’re gonna be dealing with How to best manage social occasions to ensure continued success (with huge undertones of mindfulness). . And someone’s even bringing curry.
Feeeeeelin good after that leg session with @sophiefitnessuk 💪🏽 Wearing @fittingfitness_ and drinking @myproteinuk BCAAs 🤤🤳🏾
Banana/almond butter/medool date/almond milk shake 😻
Chest and back today ⛽️
Dinner tonight was a kale & red pepper frittata with sweet chilli basmati rice & spicy sweet potato fries. Today was my rest day but I'm carb loading to maximise my glycogen stores for the week ahead 🏃If you have a heavy training plan, don't be afraid to eat carbs on rest days. It will help maintain strength, power & endurance 💪 . . . #restday #carbloading #carbs #glycogen #replenish #refuel #restore #food #foodie #dubaifoodie #irishfoodie #health #healthyeating #healthylifestyle  #training #running #runner #run #halfmarathon #prep #pcos #pcosawareness #hormones #weightloss #balance #fitness #fitnessindxb #ukfitfam #irishfitfam #dubaifitfam
Such a fab day with my @paolasbodybarre girls practicing new material! We have some exciting new classes coming your way, plus the new PBB studio opening in a couple of weeks! Want to try barre? Email jiada@paolasbodybarre.com for a free 1 week pass! 🎉
#selfiesunday... ok, ok... I gave up... the hair had to go! 🙁 . I was kind of in this middle stage where I looked like a homeless person rather than someone with long locks of hair! 😂 . I can now see the sides of my head again, and it’s longer than it is wider! 👌🏼 . Plus it’s now tidy ready for the @redhot100 calendar launch this Wednesday!! 🤓
When I first heard him say those words at the seminar I felt as if he was saying them to just me.  They had such an impact on me immediately.  I got the tattoo on my arm so that when times are tough I could look down at it and be transformed back to where I was when I first heard them - full of hope, possibility and an acceptance for all of the struggles I have endured and continue to go through. . Today is hard.  This past week, month, year have been hard.  Ava’s seizures are not slowing down.  She had two grand mals this morning and an enema by 10 am.  Wish I was kidding, but that’s how our Sunday Funday is going.  This is our life.  Do we want it? NO.  Not one bit.  I frigging hate that I had to stay home and not go with the twins to their Color Run.  We were supposed to go as a family - which NEVER happens. 💔 . I am feeling bitter, angry, overwhelmed and sad.  In other words, just awful.  People say if you aren’t happy then change your situation.  For me that can’t happen.  But, I CAN change how I go through it.  This shit is going to keep happening whether I like it or not.  So I gotta buckle down and “honor the struggle”. . Helping other people helps me.  This is why I share the struggles I go through - not for pity.  If someone reads this that I can touch then I feel like my struggle matters.  And THAT makes me happy. . I am off to enjoy the rest of this quality alone time with Ava until the rest of the family comes home from the Color Run.  Have a wonderful Sunday 💕 . #honorthestruggle  #brendonburchard
I have a huge sweet tooth ALWAYS 🍭 I basically wake up and crave sugar 🙃 that used to mean pouring a bowl of coco pebbles or Cinnamon Toast Crunch and then being hungry again in an hour 🤷🏼‍♀️ eating clean doesn’t mean I’m giving up sugar or sweets, it just means I’m making healthy alternatives. So today I had Greek yogurt with dark chocolate macaroon granola and it was 🔥 and I won’t have a sugar crash 🙌🏼 I’d love to help you come up with some healthy alternatives to your favorite food too! 📲
6th place UKDFBA UK and international!!! Over the moon with my trophy, the standard of the girls from all over Europe there today was sky high 🏆🏆🏆 immensely proud that i coached myself to such a big stage and to come away with a placing is just the cherry on top. But now it's time to celebrate along with some belated birthdays and engagements!!! 🍾🍔🍩🍦 @ukdfba @wnbfofficial #ukdfba #wnbf #passthechampagne #andthedoughnuts #ukfitfam
Peanut , biscuit vegan pancakes 🌱 . . . ➡️easiest recipe for pancakes : •Oats 40g (blend the oats into a flour before adding other stuff ) •Banana •Peanut butter •Cinnamon •Almond milk  Blend it all together let it thicken for about 5 minutes , then pour in to the pan 🍯🥞 . . . #abs #bootybuilding #cleaneats #cleaneating #deadlift #deadlifts #foodie #foodiegram #foodporn #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #ukfitfam #ukfitgirl #fitgirl #eattogrow #gymlife #gym #girlgains #girlswholift #gainsforlife #gainsforgirls #veganrecipes #vegan #easyvegan #veggielife
Nothing like a nice graph to demonstrate that it’s not a single workout, meal, day or week that makes a difference, but a cumulative sum of its parts that gets results. I aim for an average of 5000 steps a day on my phone (so not particularly accurate for overall activity tracking but a good baseline). Wednesday and Thursday weren’t great (I don’t have my phone with me at kickboxing) but the weekend made sure that my average stayed up. Just clock more good than less good and you’ll see results
240kg x 3 Block Pull (above the knee) 🏋🏻❗️ ➖ A week ago I uploaded my 200kg x6 block pull, and managed to add 40kg on today and crank out 3 with 240 - it was difficult 😇 ➖ So happy with this. I don’t do this for any kind of deadlift carryover - it’s purely for upper back & trap “overload”. The weighted stretch is absolutely out of this world and the soreness after is unparalleled. ➖ Not saying soreness is always a good thing, but I feel this in my traps and back like absolutely nothing else💪🏻 ➖ Going to make these a regular Sunday thing - which means no more messing around seeing how much I can pull for sick vids (maybe) - and actually start some kind of programming on them. Would be good to hit 300kg in the near future📈 ➖ Was out drinking the past two nights and had not the greatest amount of sleep, so yeah - fuckin’ chuffed with this. ➖ T-shirt from @physiqapparel - link in my bio and if you use code LKNIGHTS and you can save 10% of everything site wide, it’s actually nice stuff (srs) (dat plug) . . . . #powerlifting #powerbuilding #bodybuilding #naturalbodybuilding #rackpulls #deadlift #squat #traps #backworkout #liftheavy #ukfitfam #teamphysiq #gymshark #fitness #fitnessblog #fitspo #gym #gains #instafit #fitfam #bulking #leanbulk #iifym #macros #chest #arms #tflers #pump #flex