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•I am a true believer in this•  After a few reiki sessions my clients start to open up and start receiving guidance from the universe. I LOVE hearing stories about how things are starting to unfold. Everyone always says: "Toni I had this MAD experience" I always say it's magic not mad. When you start to open up the magic and possibilities are endless.  #reiki #reikihealing #openuptotheuniverse #universalhealing #energies
Shotout to my 💎Jeweler @akuasgems_  for this amazing set 🤩🤩 Red Garnet , 🔥Fire Agate and Red Jasper.. #👑 #stoned #stoner #getstoned #gemsongems #positiveenergy #healing #love #vibehigh #universalhealing 💎💫💫
In this Earthly plane, you don't get to select what happens to you, but you can choose the reaction that will inform your vibration. By becoming consciously aware of your reactions, you hold the keys to everything holding you back and pulling you forward toward higher planes of ascension 🔑Happy Monday everyone! ⭐️💕✨💛🌸 thank you @thugunicorn
"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders." -Lao Tzu-  Join us for a talk on the universal healing #tao tomorrow at Radiant Yoga 18.30 - 20.30  Investment 10 euro For bookings please call 625 082 761 , 639 845 185  email info@yoga-in-marbella.net  taodevanshu@yhoo.com www.taohealing.info  #tao #taoism #destress #yogatherapy #journey #spirituality #universalhealing #healing #positivevibes #positiveenergy #selfhealing #taohealing
YOU ARE the creative creator who set's the focal point for alllll of your wisdom & inner guidance to channel in. Not one vortex is ever the same for we each carry forth our own unique signature of LIFE FORCE, SHADOWS & LOVE.  I find myself always working with the archetypes of "the Giver & the Receiver." The Yin & the Yang - shadow & light as it's all the same. No matter how you look at these two profound energy's they are here to figure eight within each other. They assist us in remembering that we are not separate, there is unique alchemy created from bolth dualities.  As you "give" yourself the sacred space to reflect, to feeeel into whatever current truth you channel you open to the opportunity to RECEIVE, as you "receive" you "gain" which allows you to "GIVE" from the wellspring that you yourself has filled up from within.  Your Soul Care = UNIVERSAL care.You are your own figure eight vibrating as are your own Diven focal point for us all to receive. . . #morningrituals #myheartspace #blackrainbow #centeringin #sacredspace #selfcare #give&receive #everydayblessed #soulcare #universalcare #poweraltar #divine #creative  #goalltheway #selflove #universalhealing #kalima #vibrationallife
On the last day of Love my heart cracked inside of my body.  Rupi Kaur  While walking through the airport this morning  I found this book:  The Sun and Her Flowers by  Rupi Kaur  I have always loved poetry from the day I decided I could read. From what I've read so far I can feel her tears, her pain, her sorrow. We have all been through this pain at one point or another. I find it so relatable. I absolutely love it. I can't wait to sit quietly in my bed with my pup by my side, and devour the rest of this book of poems.
Join our #soultribe 🕉☯️☮️💟 tonight on the floor at Shimmering Void Zen Center: 3312 Century Dr. Bakersfield, CA. We will be kicking off #meditation 👁🐚📿 at 6:30 PM and #yoga following straight after! Bring a mat, water and a friend for a nice uplifting evening 🙌🏽✨ #upliftingvibes #higherconsciousness #vibehigher #groupyoga #groupmeditation #selflove#moveforward #standtall #itgetsalittlebetter #bakersfield #bakersfieldyoga #bakersfieldyogis #yoga #yogista #communityyogisessions #prop215friendly #universalhealing
* How Reiki can help with Fertility•  When a Reiki practitioner is working with someone having fertility issues, they explore where the energy is blocked or out of balance and begin to restore those areas.  Many times, the energy in and around the reproductive systems (the sacral chakra) is very low, particularly if the woman has old emotional wounds stored in this area.  This can affect the reproductive organs and hormone levels that support ovulation.  Reiki enhances rather than interferes with other medical procedures so it can be used in conjunction with fertility treatments.  Reiki is widely recommended for lack of energy, stress reduction, pain relief, strengthening of the immune system, improved sleep, better digestion, less anxiety and depression, recovery from surgery, abuse and trauma and the side effects of medical treatment.  Reiki enables the body to go into a deeply relaxed state.  This allows women to experience a reduction in their stress levels.  When stress levels are reduced, the body maintains its balance better and the organs and systems can operate optimally.  Reiki can also release negative emotions, which can result in a shift towards more hope and having a more positive outlook. Women who are struggling with infertility also have to be mindful of their thoughts.  A lot of our stress isn't caused by the events in our lives, it's caused by our thoughts about the events that happen in our lives.  If we fall into a pattern of thinking negatively every time something unexpected happens, we get caught up in a lot of negative emotions.  This becomes a downward spiral and negatively affects our energy. Having a Reiki treatment is very empowering in itself because it is something a woman can do to take control of her health and well-being.  Reiki works to balance body, mind and spirit, each treatment further strengthens a woman in each of these areas.  When her energy is flowing and balanced, a sense of peace will return and her
It’s probably not totally wise to make big life decisions during Mercury retrograde, but when your SOUL is calling, sometimes you you just have to answer and take a leap of faith... When we’re brave enough to honor our truth, it can initially feel pretty shitty. Ego keeps us “safe” and it’s super uncomfortable to grow beyond our limitations. But guess what? No one is going to do it for you! Only you hold the power to change. So even if it’s a seemingly scary life choice, may you follow the guidance of your heart and TRUST. I’m letting self-love lead the way into 2018. How about you? Are you willing to answer the call? Ring, ring. “Yo, Soul! What’s up??” ✨✨✨
Watch #true by Caleb T Johnson #topactress #star #lead #sasha #universalhealing #renewed check out the full video #linkinbio
Remarkable women  wild women untamed uncaged exotic intellegant  creative  inspired  instrument of love  instrument of life  in tune with the rhythm of nature  fluid like water sweet as honey  I am Woman I Honor the Goddess Within  Written By: 🌻Quay🌻
A caixa rosa em destaque na farmácia Solis no Brooklin.  Conheça mais sobre as essências do Sistema Universal Healing.  Contato@universalhealing.com.br  #universalhealing #essência #terapeutafloral #terapia #terapiafloral #essenciafloral #buscainterna
• LOVE YOUR SELF•  A conscious reminder to show yourself self love everyday. Self love is a massive part of healing from within,  you can't expect to heal yourself with out showing yourself Like LOVE.  #selflove #bekindtoyou #healfromwithin #reikihealer #reikienergy #universalhealing #thezenden
Finding the balance between surreality and the natural world is paramount to seeking emotional truth. #absorbtheuniverse #supermoon #bepatient #feelthebreeze #universalhealing #lightspectrum #breathedeep #findthebalance #amniote #shamnest #naturecore #moontech
Its that time.  You know what it is.  Here i share some thoughts and personal methods that help me during thus time!copy and past the link! . https://www.trueseedtemple.com/single-post/2017/12/05/Mercury-Retrograde-You-Gon-Get-This-Work . #selfloveregimensforthemelanatedwoman #mercuryretrograde #love #getready #melaninrich #melaninmagick #melaninpoppin #cosmiclove #cosmicmother #universalhealing #indigenous #wombwisdom #wombmagick #autochthons #getchusome
I invoke the healing energy of Ascension Reiki and Angelic Hosts of Light to provide you and your loved ones with the healing energy that you require at this time.  To receive this healing energy just place your name or that of your loved ones in the comments field below.  I believe deeply in the power of thought, intent, feelings healing energy and of course the loving energy of the Angelic Realm and the Universe.  I trust that all that you require at this time will be provided to you for your Highest Good. "I am open to receiving all healing available to me at this time.  And So It Is"  Blessings  Kerryn Xxx #healingrays #healingraysoflight #frommyhearttoyours #ascensionreiki #ascensionreikimaster #ascensionhealing #intuitivehealing #universalhealing #angelichealing #divinehealing #ascendedmasters #angeltribe #angelintuitive #iamopentoreceivemiracles #loveisallthereis #iamthatiam #iamthelightthelightiam #iamblessed😇 #blessedbeyond #thelightinmehonorsthelightinyou
O Light Healing é uma ferramenta trazida pelo Senhor Melchizedek, Sumo Sacerdote do Deus Altíssimo, que cuida da reprogramação e reeducação de todos os seres da Terra. Você vai aprender a trabalhar com os raios largo e laser de Luz para curar sistemas do corpo físico, extrair tumores e trabalhar com os corpos exteriores. É necessário ter sido iniciado no Magnified Healing. Para maiores informações entre em contato pelo e-mail ou whatsapp  e-mail: Contato@universalhealing.com.br whatsapp: 11 99250.5086  #universalhealing #kwanyin #lighthealing #magnifiedhealing