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• Now taking bookings for March•  Reiki healing sessions £20 for 1 hour session - session consists of 10 minute consultation, 40 min reiki healing and a 10 minute consultation at the end.  We also do 3 sessions for £50.  #reiki #reikihealing #reikihealing #balance #clarity #universalhealing #thezenden
No próximo sábado dia 24 às 15hs estaremos juntos com 2 amigos trazendo realizando um ciclo de palestras.  Além de falarmos novidades sobre o Sistema Universal Healing nossa amiga Regina Maria Roveri falará sobre física quântica e nosso querido Silvio André Fernandes nos contará mais sobre radiestesia prática.  Preciso saber Mecânica Quântica para vivenciar Cura com Luz e Amor? "Não somos nada além de Energia. A Energia não é criada e nem destruída: ela é transformada. Transformemos nossa Energia em frequências de Luz e Paz para vivenciar Cura com Amor." #universalhealing #kwanyin #holistica #fisicaquantica #radiestesia #terapiafloral #terapeutafloral  Av. Adolfo Pinheiro 1000 cj71 Whatsapp 11 99250.5086 Contato@universalhealing.com.br
Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing, which promotes health and spiritual/emotional well-being by encouraging the release of negative energy from the body. The Reiki I course includes: -History -Philosophy -Symbology -Techniques -Ethics -and Practice.  Students will also receive the Reiki I attunement. Through this knowledge and attunement, students will discover within, an enhanced ability to heal themselves and others.  The cost for the class and attunement is $200. Students can reserve a space and receive their digital copy of the required text by making a non-refundable deposit of $100. Please email jess@mendingroots.com with any questions or to arrange payment.  I look forward to sharing with you!  #baltimore #reiki #baltimorereiki #reikiclass #reikilevel1 #energyhealing #selfcare #mendingroots #universalhealing
Schedule via www.mendingroots.com (link in bio) or email jess@mendingroots.com!  #baltimore #reiki #baltimorereiki #energyhealing #mendingroots #lovethyself #universalhealing #selfcare
Today I asked what message should we hear and this was it. #unity The thing I am hearing is allow your voices to be heard, and that the old ways will not work. Time to look for other ideas to get the job done. Step outside your comfort zone if you are willing to make that leap. The two chakras that need to be worked on are the #throatchakra, which is voice your opinions and the #rootchakra, which is to let go of all fears. Do this and you will be able to open yourself up to endless possibilities.  I am really getting though you know the answers to your own questions, because your intuition is making you feel it, but it’s not what you want to hear or realize. Until you let go of the control you will stay where you are. This goes back to fear of the unknown. You just have to allow yourself to #letgo.  Have an awesome weekend.  #spiritualmessages333 #oracle #tarotcards #tarot #angeltarot #archangels #angels #guides #spiritguides #energy #energyhealing #universe #universalhealing #vibrations
Amethyst has always been one of my favorite crystals. There are some many different colors, sizes, and frequencies that come with it. Connecting with the crown chakra, I choose love. I choose to consciously send love to all those who face pain and suffering everyday. And through that I am part of the collective consciousness on this planet that is here to heal. Through my words, actions, crystals, and energy I am here for you. Everyday is a chance to evolve into wellness ✨ your time is now ✨  I send you all Divine love, Namaste. ~ 📷 @itsn8ure ~#twinflame #universalhealing #energyhealing #reiki #crystals #spirituality #healing #growth #love #light #goddess #divinefeminine #collectiveconscious #earth #spiritualjewelry #spiritualpath #apothecary #vegan #crystalhealing #lightworker #wellness
Real reviews in real life! 🌻All natural, organic, and hand crafted🌻 #organicskincare #naturalskincare #botanicals #herbalinfusions #naturalremedies #universalhealing
Giving myself a mini Koshi Chime sound bath 😋  Check out my next event with Daniela Gil  that will be full of love-fueled breathwork, reiki, sound healing, and Akashic Records: https://www.facebook.com/events/1936480020001711??ti=ia  #laevents #santamonicaevents #losangelesevents #energywork #energyhealing #koshi #chimes #chakraalignment #sonicbliss #sonicjourney #healwithin #spiritualjourney #spiritualcommunity #unity #universalhealing
May you find the comfort of love within yourself today. We search and search for love, from others, in the world, and from ourselves. Love is a source, an energy, it heals anger, pain and loss. When we can truly love ourselves; that's when we can truly tap into the love being sent our way whether you're alone or have a partner, a mother, father, sister or brother. My heart goes out to the people who feel alone today; this does not mean you are without love! Love resides in you, love cannot be measured by a person or circumstances, love is an entity of its own and can always be felt~ it is so easy to be down and hard on ourselves; when we feel this nearly always -culturally we're taught to push through, be the illusion of strength, having it all together. Perhaps feeling love today is being kinder to yourself, pausing, listening to that inner voice or desire; feeling your emotions deeper, tapping into the love that resides inside. Hold yourself, make time for yourself. Today is not the day to be rash or drastic, today take it slow, be in the moment, actually WITNESS yourself and see what comes up. Sometimes tapping into love doesn't always feel ooey gooey, sometimes it's letting yourself feel sorrow, being the own voice of comfort for yourself . It's this personal knowledge that can then be spread into the world, acceptance of self, births acceptance of others. I dream of this world being a peaceful kind place, where people learn to heal themselves through trauma, pain, loss, I dream of this world being about LOVE, not possessions or finances or comparisons. Every being deserves this one kindness, this one right in life; to BE witnesses without judgment, to be felt, seen, heard. The first baby step into this, is doing it with ourselves first.  I'm learning this right now.. amongst so many other things, we can have "it" all, and be half blind to what we have, when we don't first look inside. The greatest act of love, is cherishing, nurturing and accepting the self.
Que eu tenha hoje, e a cada dia a força dos céus, a luz do sol, o brilho da lua, o resplendor do fogo, a agilidade do vento, a produção cidade do mar, a estabilidade da terra e a firmeza da rocha.  Oração Celta #universalhealing #essência #terapeutafloral #terapia #gratidao #terapiafloral
I have just recently discovered @buddhateas • I am in love with all the chakra options ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 What is your favorite tea?
Co-creation ✨💛|| • We are such incredible creators. Powerful. Our thoughts, have the power to create our reality! •  Feel into your current state of being. What’s going on in your life? How are your thought patterns? Are you gentle with yourself? Can you see a link between them? •  Our inner world becomes our outer world. And the more we realize this, the more we step into our truth and authentic power. We shift. We start communicating with the universal flow. •  What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. •  What are you attracting and manifesting into your life? What is something you can do today to support that? BIG love 💕 #consciouscreation
Guidance for the shift| Available exclusively at @urbanfreedommagazine ✍🏾 - The Black History in The Making winter edition is still available for purchase🤞🏾 - Article written by yours truly. 🧘🏾‍♀️🧚🏾‍♀️✨ - #vibration #universalhealing #yearofthedivinefeminine #twinflames #sacralhealing #collectivemind #truth #transformation #spiritualcounselor #urbanfreedommagazine
Our Hematite Crystals and bracelets are BACK IN STOCK! ✨✨✨✨ Hematite is good for because they have an excellent grounding and balancing energy, they are also a powerful aid to stimulate the mind. They enhance memory and evoke deep thought. They have a highly protective energy and are good to help women who lack courage.  Get yours here: http://bit.ly/hematite444  #crystalhealing #spiritual #hematite #powerful #angelswithfran  #crystals #energyhealing #hermatite #hermatitestones #linkinbio #powerful #spiritualhealing #universalhealing #universe #connection #healer #wisdom #knowledge
Authentic self 🌸💖|| • Do your thing honey. People who want to see you create the life of your dreams, will be there cheering you on. Supporting you when you go for it. And being there when you have doubts arise. •  You are here to create and bring forth your magic. The gifts you are here to share hold such incredible value. So share authentically. Share with the world what your heart deeply knows. •  Not worrying about what others may think of you. Know that what others think is a reflection of themselves. •  So do it babe. Stay true to your heart and share your gifts with the world. Because you are a woman of distinction. You are worthy. So deliciously worth. You are enough. And you are loved 💖 #arisetribe #authentictruth