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. ‏صعب جدًا إنك تشرح لشخص  كيف المفروض يكون معّك لذلك  الاحسن الرحيل|💙❋ء.
Gratitude is power! What are you grateful for today? #gratitude
Miami gets it poppin early. Anybody else been waiting for this all week? #fridayhype #friday #fridaybitches #fridayfuckday
Acute flight after a hip/knee replacement is likely safe with chemical & mechanical thromboprophylaxis.  Weight bearing & ankle immobilization dictate blood clot risks following foot/ankle surgery.  Those with pelvic fractures restricting ambulation are discouraged from acute flying.  Upper extremity fractures likely have no increased risk for air travel & blood clots.  No recommendations can be made on acute air travel following elective spine surgery. #orthopedics #flight #trauma #footandankle #spine #dvt #dvtprophylaxis #orthonation #uhealth #universityofmiami #medicaltourism
Enjoy every last minute of it. Although it will be filled with detours and bumps in the road, it will also be filled with irreplaceable memories that last a lifetime. Sit back, put the top down and take it all in.  LIKE & COMMENT IF YOU ARE ENJOYING THE RIDE! #collegelife #collegedays #college #finalyear #lastsemester #collegestudent #collegeproblems #collegestruggle #collegestress #collegestudentproblems #utaustin #rutgersuniversity #universityoftexas #universityofhouston #universitylife #universityofmiami #universityofwashington #stayathomemom #workfromhomemom #sahm #sahmlife #wahmlife #deebrightassociateseast
Past generations might find today’s vision of the “American dream” unrecognizable. While the American dream was once composed of white picket fences and a comfortable home in the suburbs, today “making it” looks quite different. And everyone wants to become an “entrepreneur” yet most don’t know sh*t about what it really means. - Here are a few things nobody tells you (but your boy millmentor will) about being an entrepreneur: ✔️Droping out doesn’t make you the next Steve Jobs. 😂 Many misguided individuals believe that if they could only throw off the suffocating shackles of higher education they, too, could create the next Apple. Dropping out doesn’t make you a millionaire. The truth is that neither Steve Jobs nor Bill Gates dropped out of school to loaf around and play Call of Duty all day. So get your sh*t together and finish intensive reading. ✔️You have to be insanely self-motivated. You’ll need to be authentically curious about the world, with a thirst for solving problems. When you first launch a startup, you’re on your own. Eventually you may grow your team and bring great folks onboard to help, but for a while you’ll riding solo. This means you (and only you) are the marketer, the finances coordinator, the PR director, the head of customer service, etc. You will be wearing every hat under the sun. - Wait, feeling scared already? I’m NOT done with the list 😉 ✔️You won’t get rich (at least not right away) If your business starts to grow and become successful, it can feel fantastic! Suddenly you’re seeing big money roll in, and you might get dollar sign eyes. It’s tempting to go on spending sprees and reward yourself for all of your hard work. The reality is you should be feeding and growing your business with the money it brings in , not treating your business like your personal piggy bank. Smh… ✔️Procrastination is a death sentence. When you become your own boss, there’s no professor or manager
🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #refreshyourmind
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