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Great job girls!!! #day1 #cabullets #j3 #war
Se me hace que es un antiguo cañón de artillería  #war #cañon #antiguo #arma #militar
Transported back in time for a few seconds! Love it! Me transporte a otros tiempos por unos segundos! #time #war #christmas #staugustine
Part 2  In the time I spent in the West Bank, I only ever felt uneasy when around the Israeli defence force, whether it was at one of there check points or whilst being stopped and asked about my religion and what I was doing there, in some areas these things happen up to 20 times a day to Palestinians, but sometimes with a gun held to them.  Homes are often bulldozed and thousand year old farms flattened to make way for illegal Israeli settlements. 100s of thousand of refugees live under sniper towers, and it has become a regular accurance for young boys to be shot a killed. I saw dozens of murals and street art dedicated to kids as young as 10.  The history and factors that make up the Israeli/Palestinian conflict are very complicated, but it doesn't mean the answers to reaching peace them aren't simple. The problem is the things that stand in the way and they are they are the same things that have often stood in the way: division, egoistical leadership, religion and indifference. Unless we change our thinking the problems won't change either. Oh and trump is a Buffon and declaring Jerusalem as the Capital of Israeli has yet again proved it, not that we needed any more proof.  #palestine #israel #palestinianisraeliconflict #middleeast #war #peace #freedom #walls #trump #humanrights #travel #travelphotography #instatravel #travelgram #photography
Every single time 😂 -Follow @cod for daily Call of Duty posts 😎
War wages. #poet #poetry #life #war
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Oho 😂😂🤒 The funniest pic of the day... What am I looking like 😀😀 #me #singersongwriter #guns #soldier #war #warriors #action #acting #likesforlikes #life #peace
A war between the good and bad. Is there any winner? #sky #manhattan #uppereaatside #newyork #newyorkcity #good #bad #evil #war #fight
Insta have a word limit so this is part 1 of 2 • The Israeli, Palestinian conflict is obviously complicated, but I think it is fairly easy to simply compare the violence that goes on there (because the violence is all that the media seem to care about). As a whole it is like punching someone into a corner and then shooting them when they throw a rock to defend themselves. This in some cases is what actually occurs, peaceful Palestinians protest are often meet with force from the Israeli defence force.  Of course there is violence and injustice committed by both sides, but you can not go past the fact that one side is meant to be a "peacefull" government fighting Palestinians people,  who simply feel they have no other option. The Israeli people are of course also victims in this, as they are a product of there environment, and they have to live with the threats and attacks, but it's undeniable the majority of the victims are the Palestinians, as a whole they have been systematically oppressed for over for 70 years. They have very little rights, it is almost impossible for them to get a passport, let alone be aloud to leave there tiny landlocked territory, they pay double taxes and receive virtually nothing in return. The Israeli government regularly make life as hard as possible for millions of Palestinians , It is an almost weekly occurrence to have there drinking water disconnected, a large amount of there resources and all of there water stolen from them and sold back at high prices.  For no reason at all or for sometimes military training,  family homes are invaded buy the Israeli defence force, with whole family's kidnaped and detained. Israeli defence force checkpoints, searches, tanks, sniper towers, soldiers and bases are littered all over the Palestinian  territory.  #palestine #israel #palestinianisraeliconflict #middleeast #war #peace #freedom #walls #trump #humanrights #travel #travelphotography #instatravel #travelgram #photography
Today in History, 73 years ago on December 16, 1944, Hitler assembled a Massive highly mobile force which consisted of three German armies (more than a quarter-million troops) a big part of these Armies consisted of  8 Panzer Divisions over 1,700 Armored Vehicles including hundreds of Tiger I Tanks and over 400 Panzer Mark V's (Panther Tank). - This battle was the deadliest and most desperate battle of the war in the west in the poorly roaded, rugged, heavily forested Ardennes. The once-quiet region became bedlam as American units were caught flat-footed and fought desperate battles to stem the German advance at St.-Vith, Elsenborn Ridge, Houffalize and, later, Bastogne, which was defended by the 101st Airborne Division. The inexperienced U.S. 106th Division was nearly annihilated, but even in defeat helped buy time for Brigadier General Bruce C. Clarke’s brilliant defense of St.-Vith. - As the German armies drove deeper into the Ardennes in an attempt to secure vital bridgeheads west of the River Meuse quickly, the line defining the Allied front took on the appearance of a large protrusion or bulge, the name by which the battle would forever be known. A crucial German shortage of fuel and the gallantry of American troops fighting in the frozen forests of the Ardennes proved fatal to Hitler’s ambition to snatch, if not victory, at least a draw with the Allies in the west. The Battle of the Bulge was the costliest action ever fought by the U.S. Army, which suffered over 90,000 casualties. - This Battle SEVERELY crippled the Wehrmacht as they were not able to replenish the supplies lost as well as the men lost and/or wounded. The Germans had almost no more reserves after this costly battle. The war in Europe became one more step closer to victory.