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... - Q: mall or online, pepsi or coke, icecream or Popsicles  A: mall, online, Popsicles
I've been busy, so I'm sorry I'm not so active anymore. Also I'll post a full face reveal when I reach 7.5k :) // // “ My Name Is Love you thought love was a verb,
it is.
but it is also a noun.
i digress…
my name is love. if you are lucky 
enough you have
met me.
i come in many 
i am genderless.
i am brave. do not search 
for me.
i will come to you.
i promise 
i am pure 
do not be mislead  i do not cause pain.
that is a side affect of 
those who abuse me.
if you haven’t met me yet.
i am coming for you 
in due time. please don’t give up on me.
i will look for you when
you least expect it.
i promise, you will cry and no, not the heart shattering
tears that leave you empty.
no, no, no my dear
tears of pure happiness 
you won’t even realise 
you are crying 
i will fill your soul.
remember me,
my name is love. ” —intrinsical
3.33 pm 🌵 "when you sit in silence  the wind blows through you, the sun shines on you, and you realize you are not your body, you are everything." 🌵 p/c: @ stefgphotography  q/c: anita krizzan 🌵 q: sprite or sierra mist? my a: sprite 🌵 #cactipussies #cacti #cactilover #aesthetic #skintone #skintones #tumblr #pretty #beautiful #art #bodyart #artissubjective #artisobjective #love #youmatter #imhereforyou #irootforyou #pretty #blue #bluepastel #pastelblue #denim #tumblr #denimtumblr #denimaesthetic #jeans #jeanaesthetic #cute #goregous #beautiful #weheartit #pinterest #sfs
"Ölçüsü kaçtığı zaman,aşırı sevgide bir insanı şımartabilir. îşte bu nedenle herkesin gönül kabına verilmeli sevgi. Kimine süzgeçten geçirip ince ince  Kimine yüreği aldığı kadar bol kepçe Sevgisi kadar gönlünce...
Omg 😂 (follow @charted for more!)
I kinda miss having long hair- not long-long but even shoulder length.
I'm sad bc Harry is going on world tour but he's not coming to Washington 😓 this might mean I'm driving to la again to see a concert 😂
Boss Cadillac iPhone Case ✨illustrations of a baby pink Cadillac, cruising down the street with boss written on the licence plate. 💕🌴 Get cool art on iPhone cases at mybubblegumfantasy.etsy.com
I'm really sad 🙃🙃 - Q: beach or ocean, turtles or fish, sand or rocks A: ocean, turtles, sand