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Last night, I got biryani wasted with my sister. I don't regret it one bit because we had a blast! I controlled myself. I knew when to stop. It was so hard. With my son's help, I stopped. He was like, "mom! All done." I was like, "your right". Then we proceeded to go get frosty's. Enjoyed every bit if that too.  LOL  Which leads to today.  I just lifted heavy things. Heavy as in 5 lbs and 8 lbs. 🤣🏋️‍♀️ it was effective. I was super focused on the muscles I was working. Was out of my comfort zone even more today. I had sweat flinging everywhere. 💦💦💦 I'm glad to say that I really made that count! Jusy because u slip, doesn't mean stop. Just get up and put in the work and get right back at it. Hope everyone has a fabulous day.
Happy Wednesday my sweet human family. Here's your weekly awesomesauce mantra. Love and Hugs ~ A #todaysgonnabeawesomesauce #awesomesauce #mindfulness #mantra #education #positivevibes #positivity #motivation #yogi #yogimom #healthylifestyle #health #wellness #youth #parenting #family #yogainspiration
FIZZ!!! Powdered energy 😍 As I'm primarily veg/vegan these days (I'm not into labels) people always ask me where I get my B12. And some of it's right HERE baby! This stick is packed w vitamins, minerals and B12 😍 @arbonne @arbonnecanada thanks for this creation!!!! always always use vegan products, friends!
Parents and teachers! Click the link in bio to sign up for a FREE Doterra webinar today and tomorrow all about back to school and staying healthy this school season! Here are some great diffuser blends you can use at home or in your classroom. 🍎
We love Sipsee® because it's so easy to use and mess-free - so you can spend your time enjoying the moment!
Vencemos miedos y destruimos limites 💪🏻 #trilife #runmaxteam • • 📸 @jcuevasfotos
Для ослабленных волос и ломких ногтей сегодня есть спасение! «Нутрикомплекс для волос и ногтей» — это тот комплекс, который Вы давно ждали для укрепления структуры и стимуляции роста здоровых волос и ногтей. Если Вы делали химическую завивку или часто пользуетесь различными утюжками для укладки волос, витамины для волос и ногтей от Wellness укрепят и подарят природный блеск Вашим волосам. Если Ваши ногти пережили жестокое наращивание или просто постоянно слоятся, «Нутрикомплекс» укрепит Ваши ногти и поможет отрастить свои — красивые, ровные и длинные.  Уникальная формула витаминов «Hair&Nail NutriComplex» способствует предотвращению сильного выпадения волос, а также расслаивания ногтей. Прием «Нутрикомплекса» витаминов для волос и ногтей способствует обеспечению полноценного питания ваших волос и ногтей.  Результат: волосы становятся более объемными, блестящими и плотными, а ногти — крепкими и гладкими.  Для получения полноценного результата необходимо принимать Нутрикомплекс для волос и ногтей «Hair&Nail» ежедневно по 2 таблетки с минимальным курсом — 3 месяца.  Преимущества
Auf www.nazar-wellness.de @nazar_wellness finden Sie alles rund um Sauna Hamam Wellness und Spa für Privatkunden und Geschäftskunden #strand #beach #handtuch #towel #pestemal #peshtemal #turkish #sauna #saunatuch #saunatowel #myhamam #hamam #nordic #bath #hammam #wellness #sauna #massage #spa #beauty #bathroomdesign #tücher #wellnesshotel #nordic #bikini #strandtuch #shooting
Early 8:30am work date w one of my fav gals ever!!! @ashlee_tiller we even matched 😂 SAME SAME 🙋🏼💁🏼
As vezes na vida, achamos que não temos capacidade de atingir alguns objetivos, concluir sonhos... Jamais imaginei chegar nesse shape, e em tão pouco tempo... Só posso dizer uma coisa, seja determinado e mantenha o foco, não vai ser fácil, mas se fosse tbm não teria graça!!! #equilibrioacademia #treinadordeivekalber #starksuplementos #bodybuilding #fitness #fitnessgirl #bodybuildinglifestyle #shredded #aesthetic #squat #glutes #gym #foco #dieta #motivation #inspiration #abscheck #wellness #semprepormais
You mean to tell me that a dog and a bird can get along and kids don't judge each other by the color of their skin? So it is easy then. Adult human beings need to learn from animals and children I guess. I apologize for the sour #wittywednesday, but what happened at #charlottesville has me hurt 💔 So much hate and not much of a leader to follow as an example either. Animals and kids don't have jobs and higher wages. I don't think that's how #love and #acceptance works @realdonaldtrump.
Unser Rosenwasser schmeckt nicht nur gut, sondern verleiht Dir strahlende Schönheit. Dein neuer Beauty-Booster! #beauty #roses #infusedwater #wellness #thegoodlife
MONDAYS 🙄🎉 It is on days like today (Monday of all days!) that I'm so eternally grateful for my entrepreneurial life. I've been out of the house since 7:30 this morning (my choice) and have been doing errands all day! Its amazing how much faster you can grocery shop when no one is in the store lol. I remember my "old life" of stress and struggle and constant headaches (it might have been the 🍷 ) and I truly don't wish any sort of financial or lack-of-time stress on anyone!!! At the moment I am part of the "Small Business" (you own your own business but don't get paid if you don't work/hustle) AND the "Big Business" (your business still produces and you get paid even when you're not working) categories. If you have even ONE OUNCE of entrepreneurialism in your body I encourage you to do something with it! Reach out to me and ask me anything. I'm no billionaire expert (yet 😜) but I'm pretty straight forward and will tell you exactly how it is! Xoxoxo
Soon you'll see.
Currently soaring above the clouds ✈️🌤
Fitness Club Premium /Leme - RJ  Pensou em treinamento funcional. 💡 pensou em FCP 💡  Nossa especialidade é promover saúde e pensando nisso desenvolvemos 4 programas de treinamento para você alcançar de forma eficiente, segura e motivadora seus objetivos. ✔ Preparação Física Geral ✔ Terceira Idade/Grupos Especiais ✔ Programa de Emagrecimento ✔ Mobilidade Articular ✔ Melhoria Postural ✔ Avaliação Física/Funcional ✔ Treinos Indoor/Outdoor ✔ Personal Trainer ✔ Small Group  FCP,  sua vida com mais saúde e movimento, agende sua aula experimental (21)971018707  #treino #fcp10 #fcpstudio #woddosamigos #melhoridade #funcionalparatodos #prevenção #treinador_rei_teixeira #30tododia #funcional #mmt #crossfit #fitness #wellness #f4f #leme #l4l #praiadoleme #copacabana