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I didn’t get a chance yesterday to pay homage to one of the crowned jewels of my inspiration pantheon. Mr. Gordon Parks. Happy Birthday to a person who allowed me to see that you can chase all the passions of your hearts desire. No limits. Do it all.
Man do I love this company!! In 2017 NetWorth was honored to be named one of best companies in the country to work for by Glassdoor.com  We were truly honored as we put a lot of resources into creating a dynamic but balanced company culture. Everyone’s priorities and balance are different in life. This is not a 9-5. This is a 5-9. We don’t want you at a desk but you will need to put in the time to be successful in life. Finding quality, goal oriented individuals is always a challenge. However, as a company, we are only as strong, and as good as those individuals that choose to be part of our dream. I am thankful every day for the team we have in every office. If we do get selected for this same prestigious award in 2018, it will most certainly be because of the great individuals who we go to battle with daily. We fight side by side for the lives we each want at NetWorth Realty. In a week of thanks I wanted to start by thanking the people who make up our little family business. NetWorth is amazing!! It’s utter amazingness has now been recognized and the world has been put on notice. None of this would be possible without all of our collective efforts. So...THANK YOU!!!! #networth4life #westandontheshouldersofgiants
Not in #bermuda anymore. #welcomehome #simcoecounty (sorry for stealing your idea @i_am_mattyd) #westandontheshouldersofgiants
Beautiful ❤️❤️😍😍#westandontheshouldersofgiants #westandontheshouldersofourancestors
Queen Nanny or Nanny (c. 1686 – c. 1755), Jamaicans National Hero, was a well-known, 18th-century leader of the Jamaican Maroons. Much of what is known about her comes from oral history, as little textual evidence exists. She was born into the Asante people in what is today Ghana, and escaped from slavery after being transported to Jamaica.  Historical documents refer to her as the "rebels' old 'obeah' woman." Following some armed confrontations, colonial officials reached a settlement for peace. They legally granted "Nanny and the people now residing with her and their heirs ... a certain parcel of Land containing five hundred acres in the parish of Portland ...".[2] Nanny Town was founded on this land but was destroyed during the First Maroon War in 1734. Another Maroon town was founded by survivors and later known as Moore Town. #jamaica #blackhistory365✊ #westandontheshouldersofgiants
“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.” ~George Washington .🇺🇸☀️🏞👣 ▪️ ▪️Wandering below the giants of our nation. You can’t hide from their eyes, and you cannot hide from history . ▪️ ▪️#southdakota #america #hike #badlands #blackhills #georgewashington #mountrushmore #history #america #roadtrip #photography #picoftheday #photooftheday #sneakysneaky #alwayswatching #westandontheshouldersofgiants #stayandwonder #optoutside #nationalmonument #saywhatyouwillaboutamericabutwehavesomegoodrolemodels #ponderosapine #betweenarockandourhistory #instago #instagram #instagood #roadtrip #sky #sculpture #west #neverstopexploring #americandream
"...always remember this: Marines die. That's what we're here for. But the Marine Corps lives forever. And that means YOU live forever." Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey .  Happy birthday Marines. Here’s to 242 years of shit, piss, and gun smoke. #westandontheshouldersofgiants
My #wcw is this woman of virtue I had the privilege to stand beside,Dr Judy Dlamini.  Mam'Judy for me epitomizes courage, strength and pure discipline in it's highest form. She continues to be a beacon of hope for many young aspiring women like myself who diligently seek a higher calling for themselves.  Her emphasis on Values and Morals,Humility and Family are the ones that make her stand out in an array of other phenomenal women.  She,I believe, is one of the best this country has had the pleasure to home.  #wcw #drjudydlamini #westandontheshouldersofgiants #whatanhonour Photocred : I CA Yam @mmafatse_ndlebe
At birth you were placed at the height of human existence; further grace awaits you in the future – have faith in that. Set, in the same way that you had been set, a lofty stage for the many generations to come. Realize that visions of a brighter future are made possible by those who have come before you. "We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. We see more, and things that are more distant, than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they raise us up, and by their great stature add to ours." – 12th century theologian and author, John of Salisbury  #westandontheshouldersofgiants #blessed #motivation #grind #quote #happyfriday #instagood
Mood. Reminder, cause sometimes we forget. #ndilithembabalifela  #nizalwangobani #elders #westandontheshouldersofgiants #kumkani #africa
Today’s Philly trip was great- but Lily’s favorite part was learning that the first signed Declaration of Independence was printed at a printing press by a trailblazing woman, Mary Katherine Goddard. #westandontheshouldersofgiants
We are #braveenough We are strong.  We are brave.  We are resilient.  We are empowered.  We are safe.  We are healed.  We are warriors. We are our ancestors.  We carry our ancestors with us.  We have each other’s backs.  We are ALL speaking out •  We are all #filming #recording #watching #reporting you. • • •  #metoo  #youvebeenwarned  #weseeyou •  #theworldiswatchingyou #speakout #nomeansno #stopviolence #stopharassment #stopabuse  #raiseyourvoice #standup #speakup #actup #resist #persist #rise #riseup #takeastand #standupforsomething #enough #keepgoing #westandontheshouldersofgiants
#westandontheshouldersofgiants #trusted
There are two rules in life:
Number 1 - Never quit
Number 2 - Never forget rule number 1″ - Duke Ellington. #apollo #dukeellington #westandontheshouldersofgiants #neverquit🌱💥🍃💥💪🏼💥💜
#friends... Favorite humans - probably my most beloved concept in the whole wide world. Having lived in so many different continents across the world made it sometimes hard to explain loved ones at home what it did to me, how it changes you, how it puts personal growth and self-reliance on the top of your life list. It took me a long time to find the kind of romantic and platonic love that would nurture each other despite of geographical distance...Finding like-minded growth oriented people, who challenge each other yet come with big hugs each time they walk through the door. Almost 6 years ago this fellow on the right not only introduced me to my love, but also became one of the best friendships we get to enjoy ...hopefully for the rest of our lives. • We all live busy lives across cities and sometimes continents but we continue to grow together through life, help each other in difficult life and work phases, send each other good thoughts, plan fun trips or do prenatal yoga together right before we all go to bed (not kidding 😂💕). So humbled and excited to see him become the godfather of our little guy in January and that we get to continue to walk through life with each other. I couldn't do my kids a bigger favor than equipping them with the most loving god board of  directors (we renamed it and are actually building a shared god board rather than just have two godparents on each side to equip the kids with a community of bad ass human beings 💪💃) • Thank you, Titi! ♡♡ #westandontheshouldersofgiants #youarewhoyousurroundyourselfwith #godparents #inthespiritoflove