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Its extremely satisfying to see a mentee going places. @nishad_45, proud of you to see you brave all the challenges you faced, keep your chin up and do what you were told to reach your goals. Of course, this is just the start of an exhilarating journey. Best wishes. #mentor #mentee #starsports #determined #bravingtheodds #winningattitude #neversaydie #tvanchor #media #mediaperson
Your attitude is always on display! #attitudeiskey #winningattitude #bebeautiful #representyourself #leadinginstilettos #smile #iwin
Two more weeks...lol #noboozejan #healthylife #winningattitude
Your attitude is a form of expression of yourself. You can choose to be happy, positive and optimistic or you can choose to be pessimistic and critical with a negative outlook on everything- cantankerous!  Associate with positive people because negative people try to pull others down! Stay. Away! Positive people are always winners, and their winning attitude tends to rub off on those who associate with them! A positive attitude makes you more resilient! Now I don't claim to be perfect and have been a repeat offender when it comes to needing an attitude adjustment. At some point in life, you have Boss up and make a point to change. I don't want people to view me as having a nasty attitude. People are unforgiving and will brand you as "the girl with the nasty attitude" for life.  We have to check that attitude at the door, put on some poppin' lipstick, cute shoes, boss up and REPRESENT! Our girls are watching!  Here are my Attitude Adjustment Affirmations: * My attitude is my responsibility. * My attitude determines my destiny. * My attitude will have a positive impact on others. * My attitude/approach determines the outcome so remain positive.  I also suggest having a morning routine that sets the tone for the rest of the day; an attitude-boosting morning! My daily morning devotion is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and I have a morning play list that I swear by: (please share yours!) Arise by William Murphy It's the God in Me by Mary Mary Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars Thank You, Mary Mary He's an On Time God by Dottie Peoples  Greater is Coming by Jekalyn Carr! Now Greater is Coming tends to send me down on my knees in a full out ugly cry 😭 but they are tears of joy and liquid sunshine ☀️! It's never too late to become a better version of You!  Think about it, Apple is always updating their software and iPhones...people are continuing to invest in their product.  Upgrade yourself and watch how people invest in you!  #winning #iwin #winningattitude
It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. Don't be in the trenches when fighting a good fight.#tenacity#persistence#guts#winningattitude
Have a Winning Wednesday Attitude Ladies! #iwin #attitudeadjustment #yourattitudeisyourbrand #winningattitude
You can read, you can study, but can you DO? Let's resolve to reduce the analysis paralysis and get stuff done.  Here's a brief story: There is someone who wants me to help them with their business. (Background info - I have a lot of experience, and love to teach, so people frequently ask my advice.) Anyway, the problem is that the person has been asking me the same question for at least 2 years. They've made absolutely no progress because they don't really want to. They want to think about doing it, they don't want to actually do anything. Don't be that person. Strive to make progress. Less fear, more action.
Good vibes
Artfully Packed Website in bio
Colorful Wednesday! #colorup #nyc #art #beautiful #bestoftheday  Painting by: Jose Sánchez
Todellakin!  #justkeepgoing #gofortop #winningattitude  #repost @jillianmichaelsworkoutjunkies with @repostapp ・・・ Hang in there and JUST KEEP GOING.  #jillianmichaelsworkoutjunkies #jillianmichaelsquote
Love this.. That's d attitude to challenges..Challenges are bread to be eaten.. #winningattitude #flourishing
Apparently flat hills aren't my cup of tea yet, so Reiteralm was a bummer. Messed up the second run in Kranjska Gora and ended up in 3rd place but it was still a little step in to the right direction. Tomorrow slalom in Zagreb. #slalomtime  #skisportfinland #winningattitude @shredoptics @slytechprotect #atomic
Our Warren-Watchung Holiday issue 'Spot the Fake' winner-Cindy Eska with her mom! Cindy & her mom love to compete with each other to find the fake ad. Cute!!! Cindy won a gift certificate from Adornments in Martinsville.
I have a great idea for a project I am going to launch. The problem is that I'm stretched and I don't see how I will have time for it. But I've told myself "I'm going to do it sometime this year." - Well "sometime this year" is not nearly specific enough. I need to set a date (thank you @drgbusinessconsulting for the reminder) and get it done. So that's what I did. I set a date and once I write something down, that's it- it's getting accomplished.  What are you "someday-ing" about? Stop it, and set a date to get it done.
Daghang maraming salamuch Jonah sa pag.salig sa among Gabriel Realty firm. Your investment at Trillium Residences condo will surely go a long way! #workhard2017 #winningattitude #gabrielrealty #bestrealestateprovider #togodbetheglory
A winning attitude is something you develop on your own. Build an unstoppable mindset every day.