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Happy Monday! Monday’s are always welcome here because we start our day with a team meeting 🙌🏻 We are a small team but definitely appreciate the ‘coming together of minds’ to begin our week! Something we discussed today was the distribution of a few content calendars to clients around the Province. Did you know you don’t have to be a full on management client to take advantage of our Content Calendar Services? Yesssss! We can save you both time & money by designing posts FOR you. It’s still you, your products, your posts...just organized in such a way to make your life...easier! Now what business owner doesn’t need that?! 👍🏻
Earn it! So no one will say "I gave it to you"  #winningattitude
Yeees! It's Monday!!😀😀 ...95%of our emotions are determined by how we interpret events to ourself💪🏿
Vamos a destrozar la semana. 💣💪 @evergyfitness #imevergy #evergyrules #winningattitude
Qualifiers dinner..mentoring ..team call and movie night . Great job to Slate and the Team. Thank you all! * * * #teamwinning  #winningattitude  #growth #unity #clarity #vision #abundance #millteam #action #bemore #fun #wechangelives
Happy Year of the Dog from the ‘Pawsitivity Team’ here at Ampersand.
Have a winning attitude.  I'm a little bit disappointed by the behaviour of some of the Olympic athletes I've seen in this year's winter games. Whether they want to be or not, they're role models for their community and there are children watching them which I find worrying.  I've seen too many athletes cross the finish line in second, third or fourth place with no gusto, no joy and too much  disappointment. I understand that everyone is in it to win it, but let's put a full stop on this BS attitude.  Sure you didn't come in first, but you are already a part of an elite group of athletes. You're already THE BEST in the world, being first and winning shouldn't matter.  This attitude of slowing down before the finish line and shrugging their shoulders really bugs me.  What you're teaching the people watching you is a) the only thing that matters is winning and b) that you were only in it for the glory of the gold and not for the sheer joy of doing what you love to do and being able to compete against the best in the world. That, in my humble opinion, is already winning.  Today I watched a cross-country skiing race where Norway came in first, thrilled of course. Russia came in second, shrugged shoulders, pissed off and angry because he didn't get the gold. But the real winner of this race, in my opinion, was France who came in third and was celebrating with his team and coaches as if he came in first - because HE DID.  I think that we're all a little too obsessed with the finish line and our ranking in life and it just isn't what matters. It's so cliché but what matters is doing your best, all the time, every day until you cross the proverbial finish line. It doesn't matter what anyone else around you is doing. You can't celebrate your accomplishments based on where they fall along society's line of success.  If you're doing your best every day then you can celebrate yourself as a motherfucking winner.  I think we should all take a page out of France's book and
If you can’t control or influence something then don’t invest energy, time and/or emotion into it.  So many of us give our power to things we see in the media, become emotionally involved and in many cases comment on these things through social media platforms.  For what? Does it really make people feel better?  This is the challenge. The next time you find yourself becoming frustrated by a political, religious or otherwise provocative topic that is out of your control..try to simply ignore it and think of something else to invest your time into, that produces something measurable for you.  Ask yourself, can I control or influence the situation? If the answer is no, why give it anymore of your time.  Becoming practiced at this may lead to accomplishing more of your goals and enhance your success..something you absolutely have control of.  Catalyst Australia. Launching in 2018.  #goals #focus #success #knowledgeispower #development #growthmindset #leadership #highperformancehabits #resilience #health #fitness #discipline #winningattitude
These girls had the best attitudes while playing up against girls older and stronger than them today. They gave it their all and smiled (and danced) all the way through. So glad they got a win today in the 13s silver bracket!  They deserved it for their amazing effort. 🤗 Parents from the other clubs were even cheering them on. 💙🏐❤️#whatitsallabout #pass #set #hit #learningthefundamentals #winningattitude #give100percent #goodsportsmanship #wearepiedmont #pvbc12regional #littlevolleyballers @doering12 @avadrye
Guys are you driven enough to push pass that last barrier? Guys at times we let complacency set in when we are literally inches away from our break through. Guys let's kick it into overdrive and stay focused. #drive #driven #enroute #wintoday #wintheday #perspectivechangeseverything  #winningattitude #notcaringwhatothersthink
Another throwback! 660pound squat, 660pound deadlift and 440pound bench, a total of 1760 pounds, gave me 1 .place in Icelandic nationals  with a bodyweight of 200 pounds. Back then we did not use stupid bench shirts , we did it raw .#powerlifting #rawpowerlifter #personaltrainer #strength #muscle #gymmotivation #winning #winningattitude
Hey Fam, hope your weekend is up to a great start. Yours truly haven't been fine so i couldn't post. Today's quote is on Kindness (we shouldn't forget being kind on the jorney to success. As  a matter of fact, it will help propel you!) Practice acts of kindness every day. The world needs love! Click on link in bio for new post on the blog. You will love it! Enjoy your weekend.  #quoteoftheday #weekendvibes #motivation #inspiration #winningattitude #acts #actsofkindness #kindness #showkindness #lifehacks #lifequotes #success #successmindset #instagood #instadaily #blogger #bloggerlife #bloggerlifestyle #toptags #top.tags #bloggers #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #bloggerslife #follow