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“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” -Mattie Stepanek  This afternoon our Lesvos team is busy working hard building a homemade Barbecue Gill for the residents of Kara Tepe Hospitality Village.  Building a barbecue is a great idea from Stavros Mirogiannis as it’s a great way of bringing together communities and culture, and through teamwork from some of the KT residents, ERCI volunteers Avery Phillips Hedieh Matinrad Felix Alscher and members of International Rescue Committee we are #raisinghope and creating and building a safe working barbecue grill for residents to enjoy under the Greek sun.  Helps us to continue to make life at a refugee camp more humane and dignified.  Donate today:  www.ercint.org/donate/
REFUGEE CHILDREN ARE 5 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE OUT OF SCHOOL: What would you like to be when you grow up? #refugees speak #withrefugees #refugeeswelcome #globalgoals #humanity #humanrights #children #women #men v/ @usaforunhcr @unhcr_nigeria @refugees @unhcrkenya
・ 2017.6.26 昨日イオンに行くと、ずっとしたいなと思っていた#手形足形アート のイベントをしていたので、さっそく参加◡̈♥︎ ・ 手形か足形どちらかということだったので、手形で#フラミンゴ に♡ でも手形と足形、両方でもアートをしたかったので、毎週月曜日に手形足形アートを開催してる場所へ。 写真2枚目の蛙さん🐸作ってきた☺️💓 でもこれ親の絵心も問われるね😂💦 もっと可愛く描きたいのに、見本見ながら描くのが精一杯(笑) 息子よ、ごめんね🙇‍♀️笑 ・ ・ そして6月20日は#世界難民の日 ということでユニクロのリサイクル活動に♻️ ユニクロの着なくなった子供服をユニクロに持って行くと写真3枚目のチャームと交換してくれるよ✨ こういう活動いいよね😌 #難民の子供達の役にも立ててチャームも貰えるなんてお得 #ユニクロリサイクル #あつまれユニクロの輪#難民とともに#withrefugees#mokokobayashi #手形アート#足形アート
Aisha, a refugee from #ginea invited me to braid my hair in the #african style during the @refugeeday  #withrefugees #teamrefugees
KIND is so honored to be part of this amazing Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition, raising money and awareness for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the US!  YOU can get involved today!  Check out the link in our bio for more info from Lin-Manuel Miranda and enter for a chance to win 2 free tickets, airfare, and so much more, to the opening night of @hamiltonmusical in Los Angeles! We will be posting and sharing some of the awesome videos coming out of the #ham4all campaign and can't wait to share all the love & support! This amazing video is from the kids at @theps22chorus!  #ham4all #onelove #theyarechildren #withrefugees #immigrants #immigrationheritagemonth #hamilton
Borrowed from @meccistimecca with: Completely agree! . World Refugee Day! 🕯 . I am so grateful I got opportunity to work 'with' (not 'for') refugees for few months in the border of Costa Rica & Nicaragua when I was @universityforpeace student. Thanks to #fproyectocr for this priceless opportunity. 🙏 . @firahermana: Marking World Refugee Day on June 20th today, I think we could all use this reminder. Stand #withrefugees. #refugeeswelcome
La bellissima location per @ischiafilmfestival - Vi aspetto Questa Sera ore 21,00 al #carcereborbonico del @castelloaragoneseischia per la presentazione del mio film Fantassút #womendirectors #femalefilmmakers #cinematography #cinema #donnecinema #regista #cinemaitaliano #ischiafilmfestival #withrefugees #director #filmfestival #documentario
COMIDA, CONEXIÓN, COMUNIDAD. De parte de todo el equipo detrás del exitoso #refugeefoodfestival en Madrid, nos gustaría agradecer a todos los maravillosos restaurantes que abrieron sus cocinas y corazones a 7 chefs refugiados de Siria, Camerún, Marruecos y Ucrania. Creemos que la comida es un lenguaje universal entendido por todas las culturas y no hay mejor forma de descubrir los lazos que nos unen que alrededor de una mesa. Hemos recibido una respuesta tan positiva que esperamos poder albergar un festival incluso más grande el proximo año alredor de todo el mundo. Si alguien está interesado en conectar con alguno de los "chefugees" para colaboraciones gastronómicas u ofertas laborales, puede contactar con nosotros en chefugee@madridforrefugees.org . . . 📷 @janespainphoto, Jacob Pirogovsky . . . CUISINE, CONNECTION, COMMUNITY.  From all of us who were behind the scenes of the successful #refugeefoodfestival in Madrid, we'd like to thank all the amazing restaurants who opened their kitchen doors and their hearts to 7 refugee chefs from Syria, Cameroon, Morocco and Ukraine. We all believe that food is a universal language understood across all cultures, and there is no better way to discover our common humanity than in a shared table. We had such a positive response and we hope that next year we'll have an even bigger festival around the world! If any of you wish to contact the "chefugees" for culinary collaborations or job prospects, do not hesitate to reach us: chefugee@madridforrefugees.org
Safe at last - these children are among thousands of people arriving at our camps in #iraq every day, feeling fighting in Western Mosul. Watch our story by our @dalalmawad to hear moving accounts from people who are so relieved to have reached shelter and safety. ⠀ UNHCR/ @dalalmawad via @un_refugees⠀ ---------------------------------------- #iraq #mosul #withrefugees #shelter #refugees #safeatlast #instagramstories #unausa #unachicago #adoptafuture #photography
🌍 Picnic around the world 🌍 • • • • Yesterday night was the closing evening for the @refugeefoodfestival in Bordeaux 🎉☀️a BIG picnic in @lesvivresdelart was organized to close this 5 days of moments of sharing 👫, meals 🍍 and discoveries... it's too bad the Festival is over in Bordeaux but it's going on in Florence 🇮🇹🇮 and Lille 🇫🇷 until the end of june 💪 #staytuned _  #refugeefoodfestival #refugeefoodfest #withrefugees #aveclesrefugies #hcr #foodsweetfood #makefoodnotwar
"The sky was black, the water was black," one said. "I was not scared," added Wael, one of Illham's kids. On their way to school, two 7-year-olds swap stories about the perilous journey their families took on a rubber dinghy to reach the Greek shore. Refugee kids have different childhood memories. Video by @francescatrianni
Meet Yoro. 22 years old and from The Gambia 🇬🇲 He was held captive in a prison in Bani Waled, Libya for two months after he disobeyed an "employer" who told him he was a slave. Follow link in bio to read his whole story. #lampedusa #love #migrantcrisis #withrefugees #italia #gambia #refugeeswelcome #noborder #senzamuri
LAST DAY TO DONATE > Together we will reshape REFUGEE integration! Thank you so much for all the support you've given us so far, it's been amazing!  TimePeace app will enable #refugees & locals to swap skills and share activities for FREE using time-credits.  PLEASE #donate & SHARE (one last time) TO YOUR PAGE. >>>> www.bit.ly/DonateTP
Gracias @elektramadrid ❤Fusion español-siria, croissant integral relleno de keshta, un queso típoco sirio ☺ #elektraconlosrefugiados . . . 📷 @janespainphoto
🍋 HOUMOUS POWA 🍋 #repost @kamilia_lahrichi ・・・ Yesterday night, chef Wafaa cooked delightful Syrian dishes at Happy F'eat restaurant in Lille 🇫🇷 - what better way to integrate #refugees & boost their professional career than the #refugeefoodfestival ? _ _ #refugeefoodfest #unhcr #hcr ##withrefugees #aveclesrefugies #foodsweetfood #makefoodnotwar
IT can make the world a better place! 🌍💜 We had so much fun this weekend at Hack & Help! Thank you everyone who participated, you are all heroes. ❣️ In connection to the @staywelcome initiative, the goal of Hack & Help was to create smart IT solutions that helps the integration of refugees into society. One solution was an app that makes it easier to interact with refugees. Other solutions included a website where refugees can share their personal stories and read others, a “Tinder” application for jobs that connects refugees and employers, and a chat bot called “ServusBot” that helps refugees find jobs, create a bank account and learn German. #netlight #staywelcome #hacktohelp #withrefugees
"Wenn ich groß bin, möchte ich Bauingenieur werden und Häuser für Menschen bauen, die sie wirklich brauchen." Abdul (10) aus Homs. | ©UNHCR/ Khaled Kabbara