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I occasionally snoop the street of @twitter sometimes, and some days just like this one I found something precious like post by @kimgarst.
We are strong. We are resilient. We are powerful. We are worthy. We are unstoppable. We are fierce. We are wonderful. We are worthy. We are worthy. We are worthy. Feeling empowered with my #fightlikeagirl shirt 👊🏼🥊#girlpower #girlswhobox #powerwoman #fighton #womenempowerment
It’s almost that time....#wcw !! This week I would like to highlight an awesome babe I have known for several years now... @gypsybean_  over at @sproutholisticspa . People she does amazing things! Massage, reiki, herbal balms, toners, tonics and more!! She is the sweetest and wants to help you be your best self. Check her out ❤️ . . . . #holistichealth #massagetherapist #reikihealer #hippiegirl #babe #boss #girlboss #shoplocal #womenforwomen #womenempowerment
Money is an inside job 🖤 . A lovely female client told me today that once she really looked inward at her money story, stopped beating herself up for past 💰mistakes, and renamed budget items that she despised into fun loving names it collectively inspired her to transform her money relationship. (And in 6 months her net worth has grown 200% because of it). I heel clicked with joy of course! . Once we let go that we should be 'good' at money even though society doesn't teach us how, and put a personal touch on how we view 'our' money... everything changes for the better. . Inner Confidence. Inner Growth. Positive changes. Change your money story today 🙌
Many times throughout the Bible, God speaks to His people through visions, prophecies and giving them visions of the future. What a beautiful way to communicate! To inspire a strategy, He provides a vision. To motivate His people to take the right steps, He showed them the end result. He gave them the destination so they knew how to draw the map. The Lord speaks in the same way to us, in our lives and in our ministries and even our businesses. For believers, creating a vision is more than just planning for the future, it’s inviting the Lord to show you where He wants you to take this thing. Having a vision helps you understand the strategy and gives purpose and intention to the tactics you must take. It validates each step you take. And you know what? I love working with women to help them see that vision and map out a plan to get there. I love helping women step out of that confusing phase of business where you have the passion and drive to run forward but you just don’t know where or how to focus that energy for profit. I love being able to see things others can’t from the outside looking in and coaching others toward achieving their dreams ❤️ Does that sound like you? Are you needing someone who is on your side, who can see the bigger picture and show you the steps you need to take to reach your vision? If so, I’m excited to say that new things are coming in just a few weeks. And if you want to be one of the firsts to know when things officially launch, sign up for my email tribe - I’d love to see you there! . #honestwomanhood #soulscripts #theimperfectboss #presentoverperfect #shereadstruth #sheislight #femtrepreneur #womenonamission #womenempowerment #womenhelpingwomen #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #businesscoaching #christianblogger #faithblogger #wellwateredwomen #gritandvirtue #flashesofdelight #thehappynow
My staple!! My MGA classic Angel charm necklace!  I never take her off!! She is stainless steel and doesn't tarnish!  18 inches with a 2 inch extender!! Hope you tune in tomorrow for our livestream at 7:30.  I have lots of new pieces to share as well as a nice surprise!!! . #staple #inspirationaljewelry #motivationaljewelry #livestream #mygoodangel #gotoyourgood #angelsarereal #angeljewelry #stainlesssteel #womenempowerment #womensfashion #femaleentrepreneur #entrepreneur @pandemoniumboutique #pandemonium @pandemoniumsouthampton #boutiqueshopping
...and what a mess I have!  A social media marketing mind and no job.  A YouTube Channel with great content and a small following.  A successful acting career without a co-star tv role.  A scattered production resume and my hands dipped in several other projects.  I kinda feel like my life is like Pollack painting right now.  But, although it looks like a mess -- I'm actually doing GOOD!!! __ My new career coach @rachelamandabryant kept telling me that over and over in our session today.  And she's right, I am.  I'm in the midst of what looks like a mess, but really it's the magic of being an "Essentialist." __ I used to think I could do it all and still get frustrated that I can't.  But now my thinking is shifting to realizing, I can't do it all and asking "What is the trade-off I want to make?" (Greg McKeown)  Everything we do costs us something, the question is, "is this job/task/project/role worth the cost?" What's the trade-off?  __ An Essentialist explores all the options and trade-offs in order to arrive at the most essential thing.  And that's what my journey the last couple of months has been.  Exploring.  Like Indiana Jones for where my gifts and talents are most useful, most productive, most lucrative and most fulfilling.  I'm still on tat journey of learning to love the mess!!! But, really is it so bad that my work consists of narrowing and reigniting my acting brand, assisting an amazing line producer in pulling together a film shoot, looking for a social media marketing job, taking baby steps to form my own production company?!?!?! "The magic is in the mess." Thank you @brenebrown for so eloquently speaking to artists and being our voice. 🌸  Sent via @planoly #planoly
Had to take off from pole to rest my back. Let me tell you it was the hardest thing to do. I’m so use to being so active but when my body talks, I listen. And boy was it worth it. Had a great time teaching. These 8 inches helped the cost too!  #womenfitness #shelifts #sheliftsbro #womenempowerment #poledancer #pole #womenfitness #poledancemotivation #femmebodyfitnessnyc #dominican #fit #thickfit #thickfitchicks #polelife #dowhatyoulove #pleasershoes
Teamwork makes the dream work 💪🏼. Have a goal? Find a success partner. Have fun, work together and go further❤️
Two of my favorites photo from my shoot.🙌🏾Can't wait for the professional ones!Me'lange of Elegance is Opening this Nov. 1st 2017. 😍These inspirational pillows will be on sale then. Who wouldn't want an inspirational pillow? #number a daily reminder of hope at all times. Remember, when you shop at Me'lange of Elegance you are helping us build the ultimate centers needed in every community to better society as 50% of all proceeds go towards building these centers. Join the launch party at www.melange-of-elegance.com. Together let's heal the world! #girl #womenempowerment #womensfashion #styleblogger #style #love #beautiful #love #inspirationalquotes #instagood #viral #explore  #instagood #fashionblogger #instagood #viral #beyonce #faith #hope #love #inspirationalquotes #jesus
Day 1 of #tech with @projectbounddance is done! This is going to be an #amazing #show, ya'll! #imprint is running October 19th & 20th! Everyone is welcome and will be #inspired... but #ladies, there is a #special #shoutout for YOU! 😍💓 Grab a #friend and gather with us!  #dance #actress #fullyme
#metoo  Because I'm tired of women being punished for being women. I'm tired of us being blamed for what we've worn, where we've gone,  who we've hung out with or for being at the "wrong place at the wrong time". For being told to expect certain things because of our gender and that sexual harassment in sentences - isn't in fact sexual harassment at all. I speak for myself, for the women close to me , and for her ✊🏼! #yotambien #togetherwerise #womenempowerment #women #metoo #feminist #feminism #strongertogether