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zindagi ke jhoole  #kasol #chalal #cafe #riversidecafe#womentravel #travel #travandyz
Watch to see how Zippy Skirts is the best black skirt for travel🙌🏼. Our Versatile Travel skirt can be worn multiple ways as top or skirt with or without our zip-on accessories.  Super comfy, can be lengthened or shortened by adjusting waistband & flatters all body shapes - sucks those tummies in for a smooth silhouette #zippyskirts #versatileskirts #travel
And since I got a little dark and intense in the last two posts here is a picture of a paella in a cow for your Internet delight 😜😜 #iamconfused #butitwasreallygoodsoiateit #paellaincow
Redescúbrete a ti misma en el Camino de Santiago. Es toda una experiencia!  #buenosdias #goodmorning
Though part of San Cristobal is lush  and green with the remains of the rainy season, parts of it have started to reveal what's to come during the dry season.  It's a rusty red, lunar landscape. Eery in its dry, arid beauty. I can't help thinking of Dune (the novel).
Seeing animals in the wild means you see all of life, including death. It is an intrinsic part of it, hard as it may be. When we arrived at Espanola, the oldest of the galapagos islands and uninhabited, the first thing we saw was this. A mother had given birth, that morning most likely, but the baby was dead.  Seals carry their babies in their bellies for 9 months, just like us. They have only one at a time, and nurse them until at least two years old.  By the time we left the island a couple of hours later she was still next to the baby, touching him on ocassion and calling to him, as if to make sure it really was dead, even though the flies had started to take over. Even in the wild, we have a hard time letting go. Even in the wild, reality can be hard to accept, and yet our denial doesn't change it. Nature, as life, can be beautiful but also ruthless. Change is the gravitational pull of it all, but so is connection too.
Need some balance? Go see nature. Good news from Kampus Bumi Tegalboto😊 #naturephotography #instanaturelover #landscape #travelphotography #womentravel #tegalboto #universitasjember #jember
We at F5 Escapes have been in the business of delighting women travellers with a the choicest of Indians destinations for the past few years.  We are, well... A little different from many other travel companies.  We do our bit to make our ladies embrace responsible tourism. We surprise them with local experiences and help them appreciate true hospitality as well.  So, go ahead and find out what sets us apart and if you think you like us, then yayyyy! We are a match. Come, travel​ with us and we will show you a different kind of travel.  #womentravel #unseenindia  Full video link on bio.
A little spring snowshoeing
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do With your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver, The Summer Day
So much colour, texture and detail throughout Hue's Imperial City #victakesvietnam #hue
This fruit market caught me like a fish hook because it looked like a hidden alley; I love exploring all kinds of weird, cramped tight spaces.  There was so much fruit in this place! Weird fruit. Tasty fruit.  BIG, unidentifiable fruit.  I was taller than a lot of the overhangs and had to duck just to see what was going on under cover.  I bought some squishy platanos "para comer ahora mismo"---the distinguishing point I had to make so I didn't get stuck with plantains I had to cook.  When I turned the only corner in the line of stalls, it became a meat market. Freaked me out, I'll tell you what. Organs and bits and FLIES oh god, I had a real hard time with that.  But I went back to the entrance (after taking freaky-meat pics) and an old man asked if I wanted to take his picture. "¡CON MI GATO!" The cat's name was Poncho, and I didn't really get the man's name, but it was something like "Pocey" (maybe?). His son, Marcos, ---"¡la luz de mi vida!" the old man said----was really shy but super curious about me and my tablecloth dress.  I got playful and took a photo of just him and said "¡QUE GUAPO!" The whole fruit market hooted at this!  Then the old man asked if I wanted a kiss on the cheek from his son. "VALE, Y VOY DARLE UN BESO TAMBIEN!" We totally kissed cheeks, y'all, and that whole market howled louder than street cats in heat. "YOU COME BACK, WE LIKE YOU." "I like y'all too.", I said, winked, and went to go have a noisy date with a bronze Ernest Hemingway, many unknown streets away. . . . . #cuba #4daysinhavana #becausecuba #travel #lovetravel #lovetotravel #solotravel #womentravel #womantraveler  #womensolotraveling #womansolotraveling #adventure #adventures #explore #exploring #explorer #womanexplorer #travelingcheap #shoestringbudget #nofilter #alwaysbringadress #kisses #guapo #fruitmarket #kissesoncheeks #kissingstrangers #storytelling #stories #writing #prose
Part of a shell shaped hostel. Of course.
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