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Monggo... akhir pekan dipakai buat selesaikan tulisan yang tertunda, yuk!  #writing #penerbitrakbuku #penulis #writer #writerslife
The Lord teaches me the best lessons while I’m watching movies.  I was watching X-Men: Apocalypse earlier and Professor X told Jean to unleash her power.  He told her to let go.  I’ve watched the movie multiple times and this scene always speaks to me.  What has God imparted in you that you’ve had on a leash?  You’ve been in control and have been rationing out when and how you exercise that God-given gift.  May I ask you - what would happen if you fully unleashed your anointing?  What would happen if you stopped holding back?  2018 is the year to UNLEASH.  Let it GO!  Let the Lord use you in your entirety.
This bouquet of flowers was ten bucks at @wholefoods. Reason # 1,348 why I love living in the United States. Ten bucks! Just couldn’t pass it up.  #floridalife #writerslife
#repost @aaabookfest with @get_repost ・・・ Black History Month Author Feature:  Sabrena Bishop @madisonavabishop1 @elijahtheauthor  Black History Month Message:  When I think back to my younger days, I realize being born and raised in Jamaica was such a privilege. Jamaica has a diverse population of Black, White, Indians, and Spanish citizens. It is this diversity that allows our people to work together and accomplish common and greater goals, such as creating world class athletes and excelling at everything we do. Growing up in a developing nation, you learn to create your own toys using milk cartons for trucks and scraps of old clothing for doll clothes. Imagination is your best friend. You create your own world and magical stories. It is through the imagination of my children, that I am able to create magical stories to inspire children to be themselves. Imagination is a powerful tool. It can foster hopes, dreams, goals, and create heroes in life. Heroes such as Dr. Martin Luther King and Usain Bolt prove that it is not where you are from or the color of your skin but the power of imagination and your will to succeed that makes the difference.  #writersofig #blackauthors #blackwriters #childrensbooks #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #writerslife #writenow #bookstagram #atlanta #newyork #losangeles #aaabf
Words of #inspiration!!! Especially fitting for those out there writing something on the #naughty side!!!!! #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writerslife #winternight #inspirationalquotes #inspire #inspirational #getitdone
My response to all of it.
💸 Tomorrow is the last day to pick up Duplicity for only 99 cents. 💸 The Spellbound Trilogy opened the gateways to a genre I've loved since I was little but had never considered writing. For decades I'd been using my free time outside of work to write first literary short fiction and then historical romance. One historical romance would take me 5 years with the research -- then another 5 of querying agents and editors and "almosts" ... and a broken heart. I was so inspired by the indie pioneers who caught my attention in 2011 and gave me the courage to self-publish and try something different. Getting my stories out to readers has been a dream come true from the start and introduced me to one of the greatest communities of readers and writers. The book world means so much to me and my greatest wish is that we continue to thrive and support one another. It's so gratifying to see, not only writers publishing their books, but the opportunities it provides for so many entrepreneurs: PAs, publicists, cover designers, editors, advertisers, narrators, web developers, graphic designers, models, and so many more talented individuals and groups. I will always have a special love for my "first child" especially the totally out-there, fun, and sarcastic wit that runs through the pages of Spellbound. It was a time before I worried about things like sales rank and ROI. It was pure fun, pure -- MAGIC! 🕯️ Book 1 is set to permafree, if you missed it before. And book 2 is on sale for $0.99 until the end of the week. (I see the sale price is in effect everywhere with the exception of Google Play.) Links to all stores and more information can be found on my Spellbound page: http://nikkijefford.com/spellbound-2/ Thank you to every reader who shares the love of fictional characters and fantastical worlds and events! #authors #yalit #yalovin #writerslife #authorsofinstagram #bookstagram #spellbound
This became a situation. -> Maverick had been hunting Midas for a while in the great city of Lisbon, after losing him in Seville.  He figured the bastard had gone into one of the old guard posts and found a tunnel out.  How that could possibly work for him, Maverick still ruminated.  He was so frustrated by the success of that maneouvre that he decided to look for his friend, an old archaeologist who coincidentally lived in Lisbon. Surely, Midas would come here. He may as ask Guillermo. -> He noticed the tinkling just as he finished his second cup of ceviche.  Its tentacled shadows shifted like a swinging lamp from the ceiling brought on by a wind.  The moment came when one movement stretched longer, further, and he felt a presence behind the nape of his neck.  The spoon in his hand went back to the bowl.  His back went tight and his mouth dry.  Something was wrong. (—> p2) . . . . #screenwriters #writersofinstagram #writersofig #instawriters #creativewriting #writingcommunity #fiction #flashfiction #literary #literature #storytelling #storytime #shortstories #indieauthor #author #storyteller #story #ultrashortstories  #torontostories #torontowriter #novel #reader #books #tales #writerslife #writinglife #wordporn #screenwriting #writersnetwork
Happiness is...built in bookshelves! Excited about the mini renovation in my new home office. More photos once I’m moved in! #bookshelves #libraryladders #homeoffice #homeofficedesign #shelfie #shelfiestyling #writerslife #amwriting #amwritingya #bookstagram #homeofficeideas #shelves #productivity #writing #writingspace
60 pages into my new Romance novel ☺ #amwriting #writerslife #author #youtuber #amwritingromance #romance