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"On the second-to-last night, I would like to make another fire, even though we do not need it for warmth: because it is summer, and we have old wool blankets. But the flickering flames, the shifting warm light, is the best light for talking, endlessly, as if we were at camp, and sex is not the only thing we humans can think about. And perhaps I could hold your hand. There is nothing better than holding a hand, feeling your fingers, your nails, your callouses, your palm. And your hand, held yet holding mine, feeling the stress and bruises of life, your strong fingers cautioning: rest now, you are cared for.⠀ ⠀ When I awaken I would like to meditate, with or without you, it is up to you. And I would like to do the samurai’s calisthenics (I can show you how), and brush my teeth in the cold stream. And it is the woods, so I would not need to shave. But I might anyways, because sometimes it is doubly nice shaving in the woods, one’s face pressed up near to an old little mirror over a wash basin set on a rickety winter-worn wood shelf.⠀ ⠀ And I would to make dark, dark coffee in a french press, but you are better at it.⠀ ⠀ I would like to care for you..." ~ Waylon H. Lewis ~ #thingsiwouldliketodowithyou ❤⠀ ⠀ 🔖 Get the book: elephantjournal.com/books or click the link in bio ☝️⠀⠀ ⠀
Let us preserve and protect the fragile beauty in our lives...Lately, I’m left wondering how we can do this more, and my Everyday Nostalgia post this week talks about the necessary role beauty should play in our lives -- because if there was ever a time we need more of it, it's right about now. 💕 ............ Head over to the blog to check it out (#linkinbio) and then let me know: Where do you find beauty in your life? How you do make beauty add brightness to your dark days? How do you try to preserve and protect the beauty present in your life? Or even easier -- tell me a beautiful story from your past week!
#lovethis ❤️ Repost from @elephantjournal using @RepostRegramApp - ​We work 8 hours a day, many of us. Some more, some less. If all those hours could be devoted to being of benefit...just imagine. And we can do it. It's called right livelihood—doing well, and doing good. Let's change the paradigm. ~ @waylonlewis⠀ ⠀ Learn social media, blogging, journalism ethics and editing with Elephant Journal editors.⠀ ⠀ Apply to join elephantjournal.com/academy Get our $50 Early Bird discount before it expires. 🐘 ⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ ⠀⠀ #elephantacademy #eleapprentice #journalism #fakenews #socialmedia #elephantjournal #mayitbeofbenefit #beofbenefit #themindfullife #livingmindfully #quotesforwriters #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writerscommunity #writersoninstagram #writerslife #rightlivelihood #writeyourheartout #elearning #rightlivelihood #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #fuckyourfears #yolo #authorsofinstagram #authorsofig #authenticity #rightlivelihood #womenwhowrite #obama
"Moving forward through the wayward currents of the future calls for the simultaneous execution of relentless action and never-ending assessment and maintenance. The ideal is to maintain your vessel without having to stop completely; refuel in the sky. It takes a disproportional amount of energy to generate lift and get off the ground, so its more efficient in the end not to have to land again once you’re up." OLLO BLOG 8.19.2017 #maintenance #momentum #creation #gfd #ollo
Continue to love, even though you’re scared of having your heart broken. It tends to feel like it, but heartbreak is not the end of the world. In the end, we get up again and we survive - every single time. Continue to heal, even though you’re scared of falling to pieces every now and then. The act of healing is not a constant or a fixed period of time, it’s a process. You need time and space. A lot of times, distance is the key. Think about it - a different perspective could be all you need. Continue to be grateful, even though you’re scared things you need will stop coming your way. Embrace the little things, always. Find happiness in simplicity and joy within yourself. Do not forget to say thank you, whoever it is you say it to - friends, family, the universe. Continue to change, even though you’re scared of losing parts of yourself. Humanity doesn’t stand still. We can’t let ourselves get stuck at one stage in life - we have to let ourselves evolve to become the best version we can be. Don’t fear growth. We’re always learning, always adjusting - it makes us who we are. - continue / n.j. photo: Paolo Raeli
La vita sognata  Chi mi parla non sa che io ho vissuto un’altra vita – come chi dica una fiaba o una parabola santa. Perchè tu eri la purità mia, tu cui un’onda bianca di tristezza cadeva sul volto se ti chiamavo con labbra impure, tu cui lacrime dolci correvano nel profondo degli occhi se guardavano in alto – e così ti parevo più bella. O velo tu – della mia giovinezza, mia veste chiara, verità svanita – o nodo lucente – di tutta una vita che fu sognata – forse – oh, per averti sognata, mia vita cara, benedico i giorni che restano – il ramo morto di tutti i giorni che restano, che servono per piangere te.  #antonia #pozzi #poetry #poems #poetryisnotdead #poetrygram #poetrycommunity #writers #writing #writerssociety #writtenwords #creativewriting #writersofig #writersblock #reading #writersnetwork #writerslife #writerscorner #poemsoninstagram #poetsofig #poemsonig #instapoem #instapoet #instapoesia #poesoa #poetsoninstagram #independence #culture #freedom #awakenyourconsciousness