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Well this little buddy is on my laptop and that means I can't write. Sorry world #wrotersofig #writersofinstagram #writer #writing
Happy Diwali ...💝 Regards @trending.stories ------------------- Writer's post no. 157 Scribbled by :- @vanshikabairagi16 Posted by :- @trending.stories ------------------- Like , Comment and Share your views
#myfridaytruth "Afflcitians & Adversities"  If there is one thing that I can definitely say and attest to, is that life is definitely not boring; especially when you are walking with God. I confess; sometimes it feels like I have a bullseye on my back. Like, there is a big sign saying "Over here! Over here! Come and get me, over here!" I realized, there indeed is a sign that is attention-grabbing—the light of God in my life.  God never promised an easy walk in faith, but He did promise and say that He is always here for us when we need Him. That, He does answer us; He has heard our prayers and has moved on our behalf. Though many times it looked and felt like the enemy was winning, had the upper hand, succeeding in his nefarious plot against my life, God reminded me of who I am and whose I am. He reminded me that every affliction was not only making me stronger and aware, it was also building in me antibodies! Yes, antibodies that have inoculated me against enemy tactics and weapons. It was like getting a Flu shot. First, you may get sick, feel weak, like it is not working. But then, when the flu comes around again, you are not as susceptible to it and each attack you gain more antibodies until it no longer affects you.  That's how it is with every adversity, also. The adversities in my life have strengthened me, and have taught me valuable lessons. They have become my teacher and have prepared me for so many instances in my life.  I would not have been able to see things this way if I had not first taken the time to listen to God and have a made up mind not to give up. My truth is simple today: When I began listening and stopped fighting against the lessons that God was using to bring understanding and strength into my life. I began to experience more victory. God was creating in me a solid structure of faith, hope, and belief, so that He could entrust me with all that He has ordained for my life. It has not been an easy journey. Sometimes I do want to give in
Looky what just appeared in my mailbox on this sopping, blustery October Eve!!! I am over the moon excited! 💚#magical #practicalmagic #bookstoread #bookstagram #wrotersofinstagram #wrotersofig #writerscommuntiy #alicehoffmanbooks #bookshelf #booksaremagic #octoberreads #readinglist
#balance for day 1 of the #soul_selfie Challenge. .  A daily dance I do, I make it look easy. Keeping the weight of my endeavors even.  Between Me the Mom. The Super Uber nicest mean Mommy ever. Overcompensating for what I never had. .  And me the writer, creative, Human, and child inside. Caretaking me, acknowledging my needs, keeping me prioritized above or maybe just even with all others I suppose. With my people, my kids, my clan, my family. Avoid the drown. .  To do the work it takes to make all those endeavors happen and feel accomplished and not overwhelmed. That is my goal, challenge, joy. The balance of my life is to allow for me to be me evenly prioritized with what I do. Do Be Do Be Do Be Do.  On the blog, a post called I Return to the Value of Me. Link in my profile to my blog at Shalavee.com .  #challenge #soul_selfie #liveauthentically #livelifeonpurpose #selfdevelopment #wrotersofig #balance #interiors #creativemamas #taleswithfriends
I very seldom agree with philosophers, because philosophy makes my brain hurt, but no truer words have ever been spoken than the ones above. Writers are the pinnacles of civilization. We give people hope, we nurture imaginations, we record and change history. Without us, we would all be doomed.  Also a reminder to enter my writing contest, details a few posts back. Winner will be announced later today😊✏️ #write #writer #writing #writingaccount #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #wrotersofig #wrotersofinsta #quote #storytellers #plato
my hand in his
Greetings new followers. It’s so lovely to have you here.  Illustration @mapleandbelmont . . . . . . #byoungz #writersofinstagram #poem #poetry #potd #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #instapoem #spilledink #wordporn #illustration #calligraphy #handlettering #wrotersofig #qotd
~Uncaging the wild woman means rallying against oppression and honouring the beauteously untamable and miraculously unruined spirit within us all. We are all of this Earth, and it is Wild....Just when you think you have her figured out, she will show you a deeper wild.~ #danielledulsky #womanmostwild  This trying week has awakened in me a deep-rooted need to blow on the ashes of misjudgement and expose the truth. I do not come in with guns blazing, for my words hold the true flame of destruction. I will not be silenced. Stay tuned in the months to come for a series of blogs that will not only expose the hypocrisy and backwardness of some of our most prominent institutions, but will undoubtedly shake some to the core. When those in position of power harbour ego rather than truth & understanding, it becomes time to advocate for the voiceless.  #truth #blog #writersofinstagram #voice #timeforchange #frequencies #womanempowerment #mothersoftheworld #advocatesforyouth #egovsspirit #zeroapologies #wrotersofig #writerscommunity #followmyblog #parentingblog