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Repost 💕 “Aussie Government gfor the win👏🏼 Today an action plan for women who suffer from the chronic, debilitating, incurable disease that is Endometriosis, has been announced by our Government. They’ve also apologised for not doing this sooner which is like a 🍒 on top of the sundae 🍨  This is a huge step forward and one that speaks to me personally. I haven’t shared much of this on social media, but it just feels right to share considering the news today and the impact this will hopefully have on women’s lives moving forward.  I don’t know why we as women are scared to share or talk about this, but as with everything, the more discussion that is had, the more awareness that there is, the more change and hopefully a cure, will occur.  I spent years thinking I just had “bad period pain” and told myself to stop being a pussy and get on with it. But as I got older, every month the pain seemed to get worse and it became such a focal point in my life that I had to literally schedule my work, social and family life around it.  I missed out on a lot, cancelled who knows how many meetings and social events because I physically couldn’t move. When it struck, it struck so bad, I couldn’t get out of the fetal position and I would just cry. And this happened every single month. 😣  I’ve had four surgeries in total, two cervical related, two to treat endo, with one also treating a ruptured Ovarian cyst. The worse news though was that this may have an impact on my fertility. So when I did find out I was pregnant, it was like magic and a feeling that somehow I defied the odds. I understand the true meaning of blessed now ✨  I hope this action plan and my little Insta post will shed more awareness, enlighten people, bring more understanding to an often misunderstood disease, provide support for women who feel alone and give some hope to those who carry the same fears I once had.  I applaud any woman who is an endometriosis sufferer. You
Be PROUD you guys are in the"know"!!! ‼️🙌🏻💙 If you understood what I knew -you'd never scroll past my posts again. Because you'd know too much. ☠️Ignorance is not bliss, it's irresponsible. It's disease. ☠️ Oxidative stress ➡️ leads to cancer, heart disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Alzheimer's and more 200 diseases more.  The #littleyellowpill reduces your Oxidative Stress by an average of 40% in just the first 30 days. And continues lowering it. Month after month. 📉📉📉 WHY??? Because It turns on your bodies own antioxidants that are literally, not figuratively 1 million times more powerful than ones you can eat. 🍇🍒🌿 Taking it for 30 days turns on the switch (Nrf2) and now you're getting the antioxidant protection equivalent to eating 15 pounds of blueberries EVERY SECOND, all day every day.  That would cost about $120 a second - at approximately $8/pound or $144,000 an hour in blueberries. ‼️$3,500,000 a day in blueberries. To get the same antioxidant protection as one Little Yellow pill a day, that costs $1.33. 💸💸💸 You make the call!  Science is science. 🔬The power of Nrf2 is gaining so much attention.  It's new science. ‼️And guess what the most powerful Nrf2 activator - by 7 PATENTS is?  Yep. The Little Yellow Pill.  It's already proven to extend life. That's just a bonus!! #yourbodyyourchoice
Hurry up and vote no on SB 3 to ensure that women and young girls are able to seek abortions healthily and legally! #votenoonsb3. #prochoice #yourbodyyourchoice  On February 17th, 2016 Kelsey Williams went in for her weekly checkup ultrasound to find out the gender of the baby she couldn't wait to have. However, instead of finding out wonderful news, she found out that the baby wasn't moving due to the baby's limbs being severely clubbed. The doctor explained that it was from a systematic issue that would affect the baby's basic functions of life; therefore he or she wouldn't be able to swallow, breathe or move. It was twenty weeks into a very wanted pregnancy. After coming to terms with the traumatic news that the doctor gave her, she had a choice to make - either give birth to the baby with the illness that had no cure and allow him or her to suffer for the rest of their life in pain and agony, or end the pregnancy. Kelsey chose to end the pregnancy and chose a "dilation and evacuation" at 21 weeks and six days. She admitted that it was an extremely hard decision, but chose to not have the baby live in pain and agony for the rest of their life. It was her choice to make.  SB3 is a dangerous bill moving through Pennsylvania's legislature and it would outlaw abortion after 20 weeks. This barbarous bill is designed to strip vulnerable women of the choices that they have the right to make for themselves and their baby during their most private and saddened moments. This bill is also targeting victims or rape and incest - people who deserve a choice after dealing with heavy trauma. This bill is moving fast and needs to be stopped. It didn't stop Kelsey Williams and it shouldn't stop you.  VOTE NO ON SB 3!
Is it that time of the month? Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Remember that you're loosing a lot of body liquid!  While you're at it, stop in to our website www.kasha.rw and order your favorite #menstruationproducts  today!🎁 #letstalkaboutit #period #periodproblems #mestruationcare #womenshealth #ecommerce #yourbodyyourchoice #convenient #affordable #confidential #kasharwanda #kashawellness #mykasha #shero #bestlife #livinghealthy
Good morning monday!💚💚 My new Fitness kolumn was in the newspaper this weekend! 🤙 Every month i explain full body exercises with or without equipment and write about nutrition. I want to motivate everybody to move and become more healthy step by step. 🤗🤗 Guten Morgen Fitfam. Naaaaaaa habt ihr mich in Thüringen am Wochenende entdeckt? Meine neue Fitness Kolumne "Fit mit Thezz" war wieder in der Zeitung und dieses Mal stelle ich dir Übungen vor, die du zwischendurch im Büro machen kannst, ohne das du dafür ein Gym oder Geräte brauchst. Einziges Gerät - dein Bürostuhl. Und dein eigenes Körpergewicht. Dann kannst du auch schon los legen! Diese Übung ist super für deinen Rücken: 💼Rückenstrecker am Bürostuhl. Setz dich in eine Kniebeuge vor den Bürostuhl. Halte den Rücken gerade und schieb das Gesäß nach hinten unten. Dein Gewicht ist auf den Fersen. Nimm nun die gestreckten Arme seitlich neben den Körper und zieh beide von dort aus über die Ohren, als Verlängerung der Wirbelsäule. Achte darauf, dass nur Ihre Arme in Bewegung sind! Der Oberkörper ist fest, genauso die Beine. Du stehst stabil und konzentrierst dich voll und ganz auf die Muskeln neben der Wirbelsäule. Halte den Blick tief, damit die Halswirbelsäule lang ist.  Gerade für Bürohengste mit Rückenschmerzen ist diese Übung besonders geeignet. Du kannst als Lockerung für zwischendurch oder als Stärkung nach der Arbeit immer ein paar Minuten durchziehen und dir etwas Gutes damit tun! Zusätzlich findest du als Ernährungstipp das Rezept für den Ingwershot. 🤙❤️🤗 Wo man den herbekommt, wenn man keinen Zeit zum selbst machen hat? Na in der @erfruit_smoothiebar! Ich hoffe ihr kommt gut in die neue Woche ihr Lieben. Ich starte ab heute auch wieder mit meinem eigenen Training durch und quäle natürlich auch meine Klienten im Personal Training. 😈 Photocredits by @fotomann73 #asicstrainingsquad #imoveme #fitmitthezz #newspapercolumn #thueringiarepresent
“You have a voice.  Use it.” .Nathalie Emmanuel
You have a voice.  Use it.” .Nathalie Emmanuel Nathalie Emmanuel (March 2 1989) you may know for her role as Missandei in Game of Thrones.  She is also a health champion, eating a whole food diet along with practicing yoga and recently did a pretty amazing rap for #thepussychallenge showing her support for gender equality.  Go check it out. . Nathalie is my 25th Portrait in my series of rad women.
I can't think of a better way to wake up on a crisp #sundaymorning..."restorative Pilates" helps to put your body in balance and prepares you for the new week.  Cheers to the #fitfam #goingstrong and realizing that #selfcarematters. #beyourbestself and #believeinyou . . . . . #yourbodyyourchoice #noexcusesjustresults  #fitnessinstructor #groupfitnessinstructor #bodyunderconstruction #trainsmarternotharder #fitnesslifestyle #gymrat #getfit #getstrong #getfocused #keepfit #zerodistractions #workoutlife #instafit #keepatit #gymaddict #inspireothersorbeinspired #fitspiration #groupfitness #ageaintnothinbutanumber  #lovewhatyoudo #spiritmindbody
“Big or small Short or tall We all have those days That overwhelm our souls  Push us, Test us, Try to wear us down until we fall But to stand upright, wage our fight Scream a battle cry of a lovers heart To persevere throughout the fear For Loving another soul purely is truly art To continue to swim through  choppy waves of self doubt  in order to reach a place of love within you  A confidence shinning brighter than The what ifs of a soulmate straying  For what is meant to be shall be What is supposed to be with you  Will be staying Stand tall and brave you enduring flower Blossoming and blooming ecstatically  When ever it may be your hour.” -Keaton Baxter Jones (KJ) • • • • • • • • • • • #writingsavesme #mywriting #growthroughwhatyougothrough #youaremorethanenough #selflove #unapologeticallyyou #youdeservethebest #embraceyourself #bodypositivity #allbodiesaregoodbodies #endslutshaming #endbodyshaming #endrapeculture #yourbodyyourchoice #equality #youdoyou #findyourfire #model #findyoursmile #justkeepswimming #plantpowered #ocean #innerpeace #passthepositivity #selflovejourney #innergrowth #innerstrength #neversettle #findyourpassion #mindovermatter
🌟 The Future is Now! #repost @frenchycannoli ・・・ Quote from The Tipping Point Part 3 @weedworldmag Issue #130  The competitivenesse of the future Cannabis world market is hard to imagine if you have never visited countries who have been producing quantity of Cannabis flowers or concentrate for centuries, countries where the genetics we are breeding with originated and where farming Cannabis has been a traditional way of life for hundreds of generations.  I have lived in enough producing countries to appreciate the difference between crafting quality and making quantity better than most, it takes a lot of knowledge and dedication to make quality while quantity is mostly dependent on the amount of land and water, the number of seeds planted and on experience.  It is that simple in producing countries where the genetic is totally adapted to the land and climate but not quite the same for large scale farms in the U.S. which are relying heavily on chemicals and pesticides to grow their crops according to the latest studies, a serious concern to patients and consumers in the U.S.. As much as California small farmers would be ill advised to try to compete with mega farms on the production level, these U.S. mega farms should be weary of the potential of the world producing countries. As small farmers, we have no choice but to focus on quality to be competitive, in my eyes the large scale American producers are in the same position at a world level and face an important choice that will shape the future of the Cannabis industry.  The value of Cannabis like all other agricultural products is dependent on quality and production, generations of illegal small farmers have created the quality market we have in the U.S. today, a quality and a genetic diversity that is known the world over, it is essential to protect what is California Cannabis heritage and follow the blueprint on "how to create a multi-billions dollar industry based on quality" the French wine industry
Offer child support if you want us to have the baby so damn much #mybodymychoice #yourbodyyourchoice #yourbodyyourrules #abortion #birthcontrol #rights #feminist #feminism via: @intersectionalzebra