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Hide & Masa


⌬ two boys living in LA ⌬ explore life with us

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“Hi, my name is Masa, and I love to smile!” — he’s for hire if anyone is having a bad day, or just want to cuddle. He’s the best 👌
My first love, my forever valentine, my soulmate. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and enjoy some time with your loved ones. #vday
I love to dress the boys up with a simple scarf and walk around the town. Anyone else like to bond like us? 🙋‍♀️ #mondate
Masa’s face when his crush walks by. 💕 Just kidding, it’s food. His love for food is beyond words can describe.
Hide (left) is my pride & Masa (right) is my joy. Hide always look super cool & protective, and Masa’s always smiling, and would be super happy to see me even if I stepped out for 5 minutes. Love them both 💕
Treats for breakfast — Masa is living the life. I recently tried @smallbatchpets freeze dried treats and the boys love it! Has anyone tried it before? #breakfastofchamps
Taste the rainbow, be happy like Masa! 🌈 #happyfriday
Regular coffee date with this little man, anyone else want to join us? We both are #coffeeaddicts | #coffeedate #lalife
Masa knows the pain of Monday #mondaymood
A portrait of my alarm clock, everyday, 7am. Don’t need to charge or change battery, always on time and gets louder if I snooze and don’t open the door for him. Introducing Masa the Shibe alarm clock ⏰ #earlybird
Hide is a solid thirty five pound shibe that is still bulking up for the summer... any other Shiba weights as much or more? 👀 #imnotfatimfluffy
It’s peanut butter jelly time 🥜👅 — who else loves peanut butter like Masa? #nationalpeanutbutterday
New Years Resolution: make more friends (for both of us 🙃) — it’s working so far! Masa’s side bae (left) and his new friend @gusgusinthecity #tongueouttuesday #squadgoals
Monday meetings be like standing up and speaking your mind — Masa is a very, very vocal kid. #happymonday
Afternoon coffee date with the little one, he actually ‘accidentally’ had two sips of the coffee — made his tongue breakdance in his mouth.  #coffeedate
Hide is trying to phone home | Training him to be off-leash for pictures, one small box at a time.. 😅 #pasadenabound
The best days are when we‘re matching 💞 #twinsies
Masa thinks he can handle @thehalalguyssocal hot sauce.. 🔥🔥🔥 #foodie #lalife
Hide’s trying to model.. this photography thing is pretty hard, especially with pets. We are grateful for all of the tips, especially from his big sister @dareochu and her handsome dad @mrchu25 💞 || Also, this is the best harness ever. We have tried so many other ones, and still go back to this choke-free, escape-free from @goobypet 💯🙌
I’m an angel that’ll always be looking after you 🤣. So blessed with this kid over here, he’s always smiling for the camera! #dogmomlife #lamurals
💭 thinking about what to eat.. every hour of the day. — Masa isn’t our favorite out of the two, he’s just really good with staying and cooperating well with photo shoots. Any tips on how we can train Hide? He is easily distracted and not treat motivated at all. #hungryshibe