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JR Smith


Wife:💍 @jewey808 NJ Made! 5 🤟🏾🎩Hats up! I Don't Preach Just Say Real Shit Time To Time! http://bit.ly/TeamSwishSPDopp

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@sza #cleveland
On my @obj ish 🤟🏾
This has to stop like frfr I’m kicking my kids ass if i catch trying to bully somebody i swear.
@ufc look out for my bro @thericanrebel he on the way!!
Working with lil I.T. On his handles youngin bout that action!!
She a trip.
Everyone go help @braxlee00 an his class out they need 100,000 likes or retweet’s by December 20th lets get. (An don’t start sending me this cause this is the only 1)
When yo niece look like that but you daddy an his bro already know they on that #badboys ish 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “who the f*** is Reggie”
Oh you mad! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Like come on now really don’t put that tag on him y’all tripping!
My new fav shoes! #nikelab
Guess who is 11 months old today! @_mykotabear #kotasoda
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Put my lil brother to rest today an it was hard i can’t lie but what i learned most about today Fam ain’t Fam what you can do for Fam is Fam to most. But that’s not Fam. If you don’t believe in what the meaning of Family is than we don’t have nothing to talk about. I come for 9 aunts an uncles although 11 was born but a set of twins past at birth an out of that alone i have 28 first cousins. On top of the 36 Lil cousins that i have. All I’m saying is set an example for your kids an Family JEALOUSY is not an will never be the answer we can’t help US as a people grow if you can continue to be Jealous an Hate on you your own family. #thatisall peace an love to all of you i love you all. But most OF ALL THIS HAS TO STOP. See you all this summer #familyreunion COMING SOON! (Just the Smiths) don’t take no offense cause only ain’t Anna came to his funeral! So please have several seats!
Still don’t seem real! Our title was cousins but our love was Brothers. Man i remember everything we had unbelievable bond. From moving in with us to going to school the few days you did lol. But the way you worked to take care of you an the rest of the fam man it was so incredible it was one of the thing i admired about you the most. Always cracking jokes always smiling. Losing you feels like I’m losing so much of me. People didn’t always give you a fair shake but you kept on pushing. They say “you never know what you have until it’s gone” but always knew i had another brother. I’ll never forget what Grandma told us before she passed an i know damn well you didn’t although you not hear help me keep our promise. Love You Cuz/Bro. Tell Grandpop rack em up i got next on the table. An tell Grandma I’m trying to keep my promise. Sleep In Peace 🤟🏾
#thanksgiving was Amazing
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Go figure my #kotasoda would be acting up!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣