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Claire 🌻 Eva


YOGA❘PT❘MEDITATION ❊Spiritual Guidance Mentor ❀Lifestyle Programs ❁Workshops Email for details, website coming soon! claire-eva@outlook.com

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🌻When you get to take your furry four-legged BFF and hang around this beautiful bunch of people = best job ever. 🐶🙏 #grateful
Family 💛💛
My favourite kind of days!
🌻Lifting me higher.
🌻 Speak truth. Spark thoughts. Plant seeds. Spread Love.
My heart is bursting! 🤰 Can not wait to meet our baby April 2018 🌻
STOKED!!!! To be teaching classes at the amazing @nin.yoga that has recently opened in St Marys!! Ever so grateful that the amazing Annika has created such a beautiful yoga space in the area.  Affordable yoga classes in the west makes my heart burst with excitement; because I have witnessed what yoga has done for myself and so many other beautiful souls and can't wait to share it with many more.  Weekly Classes at Nin Yoga:  Starting Saturday 30th September: -9:45am All Levels Hatha Yoga (60mins) -11am Vinyasa Flow (60 mins)  Starting Friday 6th October: -6:30pm Yin Yoga (60 mins) -7:45pm Meditation (60 mins)  Starting Saturday 7th October: -12:30pm Prenatal Yoga (90 mins)🤰.
Know your worth 👑. People will always have perceptions or opinions of you, send love to them anyway. The more positive energy you focus on and give out, the more you will feel. For your own emotional freedom take nothing personally, everyone is just acting as a reflection of themselves. Embrace your individuality, and all that comes with it, your highs and lows, your darkness and light; you are worthy beyond words,  just as you are. You don't need to chase, by being yourself, authentically,  you will attract all that you need.. it may even be better than you dreamed ✨
🌻Naps- anytime, anywhere.
🌻It's unfortunate the amount of black and white opinions in a life that is so colourful 🌈. May all our choices and actions be from LOVE.
🌻Your emotions are there as your teacher, open yourself up to them, feel them, accept them and grow from them.  Your jealousy could be teaching you to practice self love. Your anger could be teaching you to practice understanding and patience. Your fears could be teaching you to let go of control and trust that there is a bigger plan. Our small issues that consume us are there to remind us that life is about so much more if we allow ourselves to move through these things and open ourselves up to the bigger picture.  Don't fight your emotions, or blame people for them, be with them and learn from them. Your emotions are an opportunity to take responsibility, to reconnect with your power.
🌻So much love for this bunch 💛
🌻Stoked to be teaching locally! Love teaching in the area that has always given so much support to myself and my family 💛
🌻More about the journey, less about the outcome.
🌻Cultivate Love #thankyoumothernature🙏
🌻Less doing, more being.
🌻 Cold but magical as always 🌊
Be kind to yourself, you don't need to understand everything or have answers. You don't have to pretend things are ok if they don't feel right; welcome all feelings. Often awareness and acceptance of how we are feeling is what we need to set new intentions and take a new direction to create new positive experiences for ourselves and overtime these new actions and experiences will lead to a new self.....not that there is anything wrong with who you are now, but sometimes we just have to strip down our layers and reconnect to who we really are, who we have always been, before we started holding on to our heartbreaks and the things this society has taught us to believe about ourselves.  Nurture yourself: sleep in, take a sick day, make yourself a cup of tea and sit down to enjoy every sip, smile at the little things, notice the nature around you, go for a walk, slow down and feel, take a few deep breaths....there is magic and miracles in everyday; you are one of them.
🌻Treat yourself as you would treat a Goddess; as that is what you are.