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Reader.Dreamer.Writer|🇮🇳 Snapchat,Twitter,Tumblr, GR: thebooksatchel Enquiries ✉️ - thebooksatchel@gmail.com The Essex Serpent by Perry👇

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What happens when two fellow coffee+book+Insta enthusiasts get together? You chat away over breakfast and also get into weird poses for shots because....ANYTHING FOR THE GRAM! Until next time, Abeer @lookingforabura . - - PS: These were the BEST pancakes I have eaten to date. True story: I thought I’d take a bite and then click a side view of the pancake stack and I forgot about taking the shot and kept eating and eating. That’s proof enough. Ricotta pancakes with blueberry cream- you are my new favourite😍 - - Have a lovely Sunday. Did you eat something nice? . . #breakfastclub #theprettycities #mytablesituation
Happy birthday Jane Austen! Mental note to myself that I need to read all her works one day. Lady Susan is still on TBR. - - See that open book over there? That’s my address book which made (and will make) appearances in several pics and disappeared right in time before the holiday season. I am sure it disappeared 👻. I have hunted for it EVERYWHERE! - - Tell me your stories of misplacing props. The more hilarious, the better. . . #bookscoffeelifestyle #booknerdsunite
Chocolates, books and coffee to wish you an amazing weekend. What are your plans this weekend? What are you reading right now? I might finish Strange the Dreamer today and so far it is fantastic! — If you are looking for last minute gift ideas there is @danielwellington to the rescue. You will get 10% off your order with the purchase of a bundle (watch + cuff/strap). AND you can get an additional 15% off using my code ‘THEBOOKSATCHEL’. 💕 - - #danielwellington #ad #dwforeveryone
Did you read today? I didn’t. But I spent an hour going through the new catalogues by publishers for the 2018 releases. So that’s a productive evening😝. - - Any book that you are looking forward to next year? I am super excited about Children of Blood and Bone , The Chalk Man and Toymakers in the early months of 2018. . . #booksbooksbooks #bookstore
I wanted to read Rebecca two years ago. Didn’t happen. For 2017, I had a list of new (to me) authors to try out. Some of them included Petinah Gappah, Anthony Marra, Ruth Ozeki and Jonathan Safran Foer. And  none of them happened. In fact I wanted Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close to be my first book of 2017. It wouldn’t be my last book of this year either. - - What about you? Any authors you kept on your list but couldn’t squeeze into your reading year? TELL me. (Or make up some names and make me feel better😝) - - And hey! 2018 is going to be THE YEAR. Right??? . . . PS: 80th anniversary edition cover of Rebecca on my Stories. It is gorgeous! PPS: My 24-hour giveaway with @harpercollinsin is up on Twitter. Go participate and win a copy of Gulzar’s ‘Two’ . . #rebecca #readinglist
Are you a fan of His Dark Materials? I really enjoyed the series. My favourite is Northern Lights, followed by The Subtle Knife. The imagination and storytelling is stunning. The last book of the trilogy, The Amber Spyglass disappointed me and it was my least favourite. I felt so many parts (and characters) in the book were unnecessary and the story wasn’t as great as the first two. AND we never really get a proper explanation about Dust even in the third book, which is why I was super excited about this year’s release, The Book of Dust. - - The Book of Dust holds your attention and is written in a way that makes you keep your fingers crossed for the young boy, Malcolm who is on a mission. I had a problem with him trusting a certain person early on in the book. This plot point kept nagging me since I didn’t know why he wasn’t as careful with her (she is nice though) as with the others. And this friendship drives the story forward too. Other than that, I loved the read. Perfect world of daemons to indulge in, great characters and good storytelling. I would have loved to know more about ‘Dust’ (no answers in this one either inspite or the title). But hey! the next two books might answer that. #thebooksatchelreviews 3.5/5 ⭐️ - - Your thoughts on Pullman? . . #hisdarkmaterials #thebookofdust #philippullman
Last week I confessed about being in a creative rut. I was overwhelmed by the response through comments and DMs. Lots of advice, tips, and good vibes -Thank you so much, guys. There were many who said they felt the same as I did. - - So I thought I’d share a few of my tips too. Creative blocks happen to everyone and it has certainly happened to me SO MANY times. I had a huge block last year (Oct I think). And what did I do about it? Nothing, actually. I just kept posting my pics (the ones I wasn’t completely satisfied about), talking about books and just the usual. But as I was doing that I got inspired about trying out new things, new angles and I slowly got out of the black hole. - - So if you are in one too, don’t worry. It happens to all of us. Different people approach the problem in different ways. Taking a break would work for some; trying out a new hobby would work for some; keeping on at it even though you aren’t satisfied would work for some. - - Creative blocks are blessings in disguise. They don’t mean you aren’t creating good content. They mean your mind (which definitely knows you better) is pushing you to look around and see the bigger picture instead of being focused in the same creative routines you have been doing. It is your body’s way of reigniting that spark that got you started in the first place. Your mind is making you ‘smell the flowers on the way.’ - - So trust me when I say YOU would figure out a way out of it. There are no wrong roads. All are right ones that will take you to places you have never imagined you had the power to be in. More power to all of us. 💪🏼 - - Leave a word of positivity for the person who comments after you 💕🙂 . . #motivationalwords #seekexplores #creativehappylife
“The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things- which you had thought special and particular to you. Now here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out and taken yours.” Alan Bennett, The History Boys - - I believe all of us have experienced this at some point or the other. What is Stranger is the fact that as I was writing this post, I had a strange deja vu vibe as well. Do you experience deja vu frequently? . . #classics #readersunite
***INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY *** Hands up all Jane Austen fans! I mean ALL the fans. So happy to be partnering with Oxford World’s classics for this giveaway. THREE winners can win a Jane Austen mug each (one of which is pictured here). Perfect to drink your hot chocolate this holiday season ☕️ 🎄 AND it looks gorgeous! - - Rules: 🍪 Like and tag two friends in comments below for one entry. You can do this upto three times. 🍪 Mention your favourite Austen novel. - - For extra entries : 1. Repost this pic on your account with hashtag #satchelowcchristmas17 for one extra entry. You can do this upto two times. Do not tag us. You can mention us in caption. 2. Follow+Like+RT this pic on Twitter for one extra entry. - The prizes will be dispatched by Oxford University Press office. Parental permission needed below 16 years of age. Public accounts only. The giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. The prize may or may not be the exact one in the picture. The giveaway ends on 14th Dec, 2017. . . #christmascheer #holidaytime #oxfordworldsclassics
Coffee ☕️ and more coffee for today! Have a great start to the week ☕️☕️ - - I get many requests for children’s books recommendations. Here is a great choice among the new releases. Thanks to @penguinindia who sent it my way because I loved the read and devoured it in one sitting! - - The Boys who fought by Devdutt Pattanaik tells the story of the Pandavas and Kauravas. It is told in simple language (even better if you read it to your child) and is nicely illustrated. Swipe for more pics. - - I loved how concise the story is. Pattanaik asks questions such as ‘Is it dharma’ at the end of decisions taken in the story; which I thought wasn’t needed for young kids who need a good story and nothing more. On second thoughts, I think these questions will help children to understand and involve themselves in the story as they re read it when they are older. - - Happy Monday! . . . #childrensbooks #indianmythology #hindumythology #mahabharata #devduttpattanaik
“Life within doors has few pleasanter prospects than a neatly arranged and well provisioned breakfast table.” Nathaniel Hawthorne - - What’s your favourite meal of the day? Breakfast for me. Or maybe I am a bit partial towards brunch. - - #classics #breakfastlover #weekendthoughts
Did you get through any of your anticipated reads this year? I was very eager to read Book of Dust because I loved Pullman’s His Dark Materials. - - My friend and I read Northern Lights together few years ago. I’d work for half an hour in my room while she read it and then I would read it for half an hour while she worked😂😝. It was so engrossing that we didn’t want to set it aside. But both of us had some project deadlines to meet, so we couldn’t read the whole day either. Oh yes, we both LOVED the book. - - What plans for the weeekend?  #friyay #fridayreads #thebookofdust
‘’How much better is silence; the coffee cup, the table. How much better to sit by myself like the solitary sea-bird that opens its wings on the stake. Let me sit here for ever with bare things, this coffee cup, this knife, this fork, things in themselves, myself being myself.’’ — The Waves, Virginia Woolf - - Hope you are able to catch hold of a few moments of solitude on this busy day.💕 - - I struggled to read and understand Wolf’s The Waves and enjoyed the process. I had to read several characters over and over again. A profound book that tickles your intellect. . . #thewaves #virginiawoolf #booksandblooms
The Great Gatsby in one of the prettiest editions I own. I wish I owned the rest of the Fitzgerald novels in these editions. I spotted them at the bookstore the other day but I chained up my temptations and didn’t buy any. Plus, look how nicely my watch and cuff match the edition. - - And guess what? @danielwellington is having some amazing offers that you can use for your holiday gift buying spree. You will get 10% off your order with the purchase of a bundle (watch + cuff/strap). AND you can get an additional 15% off using my code ‘THEBOOKSATCHEL’. Go crazy, my lovelies💕 - - Tell me something that made you happy today. I am having my fourth mug of ☕️. It is a good day. - - #dwforeveryone #ad #booksbooksbooks #danielwellington #classics
I am talking about a book that you can gift (or buy for yourself) this Christmas over at @faberbooks . I am 100% sure you will fall in love with this choice. Promise. - - Loving the ‘12 Days Of Bookstagram’ posts on Faber. Are you enjoying the recommendations? Needless to say, this gorgeous copy of P.D. James is on my #readinglist for December. - - Tell me a book you are 100% sure anyone  would love. Anyone, with all those varied tastes we have. I am verrry curious.💕 - - #sleepnomore #pdjames #christmasseason2017
❌GIVEAWAY closed ❌ Congratulations to the winners @the_bookshelflife , @singhsanjeeta  and @fabulus1710. DM me your contact details within 24 hours failing which new winners would be picked. - - Kickstarting the giveaways for the holiday season with one of my favourite books of 2017. Remnants of a Separation by Aanchal Malhotra will make you cry and laugh; a perfect treasure for your shelf and an even better one to gift. There are THREE SIGNED copies up for grabs. - - Rules (India-only) 1. Must be following @thebooksatchel and @aanch_m  2. Like and tag two friends in comments below for one entry. You can do this upto three times. - For extra entries : 1. Repost this pic on your account with hashtag #satchelremnantsga for one extra entry. You can do this upto two times (on different days). Do not tag us. You can mention us in caption. 2. Follow+Like+RT this pic on Twitter for one extra entry. 3. Follow+Like+Comment on FB post for one entry. - - Public accounts only. The prizes will be dispatched by @bahrisons_booksellers . Parental permission needed below 16 years of age. The giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. This giveaway ends on 8th Dec,2017; 11:59pm. - Good luck everyone! . . #giveaway #bookworm
What is up everybody? It is December. Woohoo. My November had no big plans as you can see from the calender😝, but I am loving December with all its big plans. Travels, get togethers, Christmas! It is gonna be one awesome month. - - Stay tuned for some amazing giveaways. You know I love spoiling you guys. Mwah! 😘 - - Is your December jam packed? . . #booksbooksbooks #booksandblooms
Books, books everywhere. And so many books to buy! I will never tire of book store pictures. - - This pic is clicked by my husband who recently visited LA and of course this amazing place, @thelastbookstorela . He loved the place. He even came upon a hardcover of A Conjuring Of Light by Schwab in the used section for $1!! And he thought I didn’t need it because I had it on my Kindle. Whaaaaat? I could’ve completed my set! Still not forgiven him fully for the ‘mishap’ (That’s a crime, not mishap. *rolls 👀 eyes*). - - Any bargain finds you didn’t pounce on and then regretted later? . . #bookstores #booksbooksbooks
You know what? Towards the end of every year I get into a creative rut. I don’t feel satisfied with the pics I take; I feel like I am not experimenting with anything new; overall there is a sense of discontentment in my mind. I remember last year I was almost going to give up IG. I slowly feel myself being pulled into the slump now. (Not giving up IG. Still in love with it. But being a bit bored). How do you guys get out of such slumps? What inspires you? - - These are two of my favorite classics. Loved them as a child. I’d love to re read them one day. - - Have a lovely day 💕 . . #classics #penguinstagram #minimalist
Here is a great recommendation from the 2017 releases. Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward from @scribnerbooks is an exploration of human relationships presented in a visceral, heart breaking form. This book won the National Book Awards this year. - - I would recommend the book to those who are interested in exploring writing styles rather than those who look for a tight plot. Though Ward touches many themes of poverty, racism, parenthood and addiction in the book, it is the surreal vibe and the interesting POVs (including POVs of ghosts) that captured my attention. A large part of the plot takes place over a road trip. Ward paints an accurate picture of relationships by her scrutiny of details when the characters are thrown together in unexpected circumstances. #thebooksatchelreviews 4/5🌟 . . . #singunburiedsing #jesmynward #books2017
November is almost closing in and I am like a flapping hen running around to get things done before the month ends. I cannot wait for December! - - And THIS BOOK! Oh my God! It is simply excellent. I have been going through a streak of mediocre reads. That’s the problem when you read multiple books at a time. The mediocre ones get left behind and then there will be a streak of such books when you strive to finish your half read ones. - - I loved The Wonder. I am convinced Donoghue is a writer with much talent. This is another favorite of this year. More on the book later. - - Is your November super busy or laid back? . . #thewonder #emmadonoghue #coffeefliicks