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Chivalrous gentleman.

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I can go on and on about this man... Ruggedly handsome, brilliant collaborator, highly intellectually stimulating etc etc.  Other guy is @stephenmerchant. Director, writer, very smart, fans luv him.. blah blah.. whatevs.  #onset #fightingwithmyfamily 🎬
Very cool to watch our amazing/bad ass @florencepugh embody the role of real life WWE Superstar Paige.  We shot some great scenes together today that reflected my real life pivotal conversations I had with Paige. Very interesting to relive and shoot those moments.  I appreciate our entire crew and actors working tirelessly on a Sunday. THANK YOU!  The 6'7 stud standing with us, is our director/writer @stephenmerchant. Brilliant filmmaker and loved worldwide. I still think he's an asshole.  We're bringing our production to rock the Staples Center tomorrow night for RAW.  #onset #clockinthoselongsundayhours #fightingwithmyfamily
Always too much fun answering your questions over on our YouTube channel. World Famous/Imfamous Rock Q&A. *Link in my bio
Saturday night sweat equity #macgyvershit #orjustshit #westcoastironparadise #back2work #byanymeansnecessary ✊🏾
Spent my Friday night at our Warner Bros offices in a 6hr script session with these rampaging rockstars.  Our RAMPAGE (next movie I'll make) writers, producers, director  and star (occasionally me). Even though this took us deep into Friday night and we all have families and stuff to do - this kind of meeting is so critical to our movie's success. Everyone's instincts were firing on the highest of levels. My fav moment from this merciless 6hr meeting was when I shared with this group that there's an equity and trust I've built with my audience that they trust me to take them on an epic ride, and always do our best to send them home happy. A very cool moment to see everyone's eyes light and heads start to nod.  To win on any level you gotta have teamwork and collaboration and cant thank everyone enough in this room for their energy and focus. You truly helped us move the needle.  And Wendy Jane you're Superwoman for your creative brilliance and putting up with all these asshole's dumb guy jokes. Not me of course, I'm a gentleman. 😈 Next stop for me in my research - the Primate division at the Atlanta Zoo (my character's a Primatologist & head of an anti poaching unit in Rwanda). Really informative and educational character to play and project  to work on.  More to come. Start shooting this APRIL.  #rampage
Really pleased with the response to our @sevenbucksds #sevenbucksmoment series we started. Doesn't matter what color you are, gender, religion or occupation... we ALL have had our #sevenbucksmoment. Mine was having $7bucks in my pocket when I was 23yrs old. Depressed and frustrated that I didn't have a pot to piss in. Only thing I had was my faith and my own two hands to put in the work. We all go thru it. We just hope to come out better on the other side.  Thank you to my brotha and filthy animal @jayglazer for sharing your story with us. Good to see so many people pulling inspiration from your past challenges. * LINK IN MY BIO to watch Jay's full story. It's fantastic!  Tell us your #sevenbucksmoments story in the comments.
Great positive energy with these two lovely and good quality humans @tishacampbellmartin & duane_martin when they stopped by our #ballers set.  We got the coolest set in Hollywood. Every actor, singer, athlete and friends of friends all want to stop by, watch the action and chop it up. Truthfully, they all come by set to secretly see if I smell as good as I look. I do.  #onset #ballers #losangeles #tandd  #qualityhumans
Had a day off from filming #ballers and spent 8hrs+ in our Warner Bros offices having script meetings. 2hrs was spent with our #fightingwithmyfamily director/writer @stephenmerchant (the mean and masculine looking bearded legend behind me). This is the movie our @sevenbucksprod developed and produced based off a documentary I saw years ago based on real life WWE Superstar, @realpaigewwe and her family. We kicked off filming this week and it's coming along great. Actors settling into their roles nicely.  I shoot all my scenes this Sunday and I look forward to being a complete asshole to Stephen as he tries to direct me.  Everyone's working extremely hard on this passion project. We're makin' a good one. More to come.. #fightingwithmyfamily #whyamitheonlyoneeating #again
Happy Birthday to good bud and "The Prez", Papa Jim Manion. Continued blessings my friend.  Drinks and Oukast music on me!  #hbd #papamanion #ohana
FINALLY... @theatrinidadtmt our #divaschampion.  Our @sevenbucksprod is proud to welcome Thea to our #fightingwithmyfamily cast!  Casting the right woman to play our champion was critical. I wanted to keep the integrity of our movie's authenticity. We had to find a woman who not only has a real star quality, but she also had to have a real reverence and love for our unique wrestling business. Thea has been working extremely hard for years on the independent wrestling circuit and for those who understand what that means - you know how much one has to love our crazy business to work independently for years.  She has a star quality, great presence, humility and is always all about being, "the hardest worker in the room". She's working her butt off to put on an outstanding performance in our movie.  Congrats, Thea and welcome to the cast. Let's put in that work and move the crowd.  #fightingwithmyfamily #theatrinidad #divaschampion #sevenbucksprods #misherfilms #film4 #wwefilms
My toughest face for the #truckertoughchallenge. There's a special little 3yr old boy out there who's fighting for his life. His name is @trucker_boy_dukes.  Trucker was diagnosed Neuroblastoma in 2014 and he's been fighting hard ever since. He & his family live in Hawaii and this challenge is to raise awareness for them and to help out lil' Trucker any way we can. * clink the LINK IN MY BIO to see Trucker and his family. Donate a buck or two if you can and if not help, let's just keep raising awareness and sending Trucker's mom, dad and their entire family our strong mana - spirit/power.  I nominate my solid guys @jayglazer, @terrycrews & @melchancey187 to put on their toughest face and pay it forward.  Trucker, you stay strong big man. You're too young right now to understand just how much you're inspiring all those around you with your strength. Including me. Plus, your daddy is a firefighter so you got toughness in the blood.πŸ€™πŸΎ *LINK IN MY BIO  #truckertoughchallenge
Cool buzz on our new @CNN show. Our @sevenbucksprod is proud to bring you our @cnnorigseries #soundtracks.  From the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, to the 9/11 attacks to our LBGT community's Stonewall Riots...we chronicle the music that transformed and transcended the monumental events of our nation's history.  You'll never listen to these iconic songs the same way again when you see how profoundly they inspired the people and great change in our country.  Excited for you to watch.  #soundtracks #sevenbucksprods @showofforcefilm  THIS APRIL on #cnn.
Great things come in 3's.  Our @sevenbucksprod wants to welcome our #3divas to #fightingwithmyfamily.  @kimbpics (left), @Aqueela (right), and one of the hardest workers I know, @ellie_gonsalves (middle). These fierce women have been focused, studying and working extremely hard in and out of the ring to deliver a solid performance in their roles.  Production starts today.  Time for these ladies to step up. Let's shoot.  #fightingwithmyfamily #divas #gonsalves #matula #zoll #sevenbucksprod
Daily anchor βš“οΈ. We're always looking for "balance" in life. For me, balance means getting my ass up at 4am daily. While the world sleeps, I can work in silence pushing business along, then hit the gym, then head to set and shoot all day/night. Doesn't matter what time I go to bed, what matters is that I wake up at 4am and get that jump start on life. I've been doing this for years and its worked for me, so I as well keep on keepin' on.  It doesn't have to be 4am, but find your anchor and always outwork all your competition. It's slightly crazy, but it's the slightly crazy ones that dent the universe. βœŠπŸΎβš“οΈπŸŒŽ (ok, admittedly I hit the snooze button aka bitch button 2xs;)
Just received an awesome Valentine's Day surprise. On set shooting #ballers and I get an email about a very special little boy named, Fisher aka The Pebble. He nicknamed himself, The Pebble because he knows he has to be strong as he fights Leukemia.  I went back to my trailer to sign a pic for him and make this vid.  Fisher, you stay strong big man. Stay cool, keep smiling and inspiring all those around you.. including me.  Stay strong Fisher and you officially have the coolest nickname in the world. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ #thepebble #fisher πŸ’«
Our @sevenbucksprod is excited to welcome Vince Vaughn to our #fightingwithmyfamily cast.  He loved the script and sank his teeth into it embodying this character. He's playing a man who I know all too well and those of you who follow wrestling history know well too.  The 80's wrestling star who squandered his money and opportunities because he didn't have the capacity to handle his fame. One bad decision after another, but these days he owns his past actions and does everything he can to give back to the wrestling business he loves.  Vince has been a buddy of mine for years and I'm fired up to see what he brings to this role.  I grew up in and love this wild, crazy and unpredictable world of pro wrestling. Our little passion project is coming together nicely.  More casting news to come. Production starts tomorrow. Let's shoot!  #fightingwithmyfamily #vincevaughn #sevenbucksprods #misherfilms #film4 #wwefilms #squaredcircledna
Happy Valentines Day, from #russellmylovemuscle also known as #brownheaven. If you need any extra cheese today, you can borrow it from this post, because I'm laying it on as thick as my pec meat. Good Lord, make it stop. πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ§€ #baywatch MAY 26th.
Crazy that this passion project I'm producing started years ago when I was in London filming and couldn't sleep (clearly I didn't have my tequila) so at 3am I turn the TV on in my hotel suite and watch a documentary on a UK channel about a local wrestling family. The doc was intriguing, unpredictable and heartfelt. I had a hunch the narrative would make an interesting movie.  And here we are starting production this week and fortunate enough to sign this kind of deal - I couldn't be happier for everyone who's worked so hard bringing this passion project to life.  Special shout out to our new partners Gary Barber and Jonathan Glickman of MGM who came in strong and believed so passionately in this unique project. Thank you boys! Let's shoot.  #fightingwithmyfamily #sevenbucksprods #misherfilms #film4 #wwefilms #mgm
Bringin' it home. This one's very special.. Thank you NAACP and fans for this incredible honor. Thank you to all my peers in the room last night from all walks of life who I have so much luv and respect for.  I was honored to dedicate this award to the two men who taught me one of life's greatest lessons that I carry with me every day. My dad, Rocky "Soulman" Johnson and my grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia. Two very proud men of color, who came up from having nothing but, broke color barriers and a blazed a path for me and so many others. The lesson they taught me, was when times get tough, hold onto faith and always be willing to put in the very hard work with my own two hands. This one's for them and all those before us who's shoulders we proudly and gratefully stand on. #naacpawards #entertaineroftheyear
Dressed like a G and daddy's gotta go to work, but someone ain't lettin' go. Me, not her. πŸ˜‰. Excited for tonight's show!  #naacpawards
Soldiers of 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces (Airborne). I got the loot. I know what this means to you. I'm honored to drop sweat in it. Good to shake your hands and hug your necks on the island. THANK YOU for all you do for our country and our families. Keep kicking ass and get home safe. Boundless respect and gratitude. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’€ #1stbattalion #1stspecialforces #airborne #okinawa (John, tell your lil' boy Uncle Rock said stay cool)