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#kendricklamar brought out #chancetherapper for his show in #chicago tonight πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Walking into #friday like... πŸ€‘
TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet  ___________________________________________ Kristy Manzanares and her husband Kenneth set out on a week-long cruise with #princesscruises on Sunday, but the ship was diverted to Juneau, Alaska after crew members learned that Kristy had been murdered by her husband. According to PEOPLE, a witness told the ship's security that saw Kristy on the floor, covered in blood, when he walked into their cabin. Reports describe her as having a "severe head wound." ___________________________________________ Next, the witness says that he saw Kenneth with blood-stained hands and clothing. When he asked what happened, Kenneth replied, “She would not stop laughing at me.” Eventually,-- (Read more at TheShadeRoom.Com!)
Does #foxybrown still got it, Roommates?!
#saintwest is such a little cutie pie ☺️ via: @kimksnapchats
#roommates, we're convinced these mothers and daughters are twins!
This girl went crazy and trashed her ex-boyfriend's car. However, by the time she was done, she finds out that it wasn't even his car! Talk about awkward...
#omarion shares a #tbt of himself and #nayarivera πŸ˜„
TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet  ___________________________________________ A McDonald's employee out of Louisiana is claiming that he was fired after he posted photos of an unsanitary ice cream machine. Two of the photos were of 18-year-old Nick holding two of the machine's trays that were filled to the brim with mold.  ___________________________________________ Nick was instructed to refill the ice cream machine, but spilled some of the mixture while doing so, so he took the machine apart to clean it. He tells Buzzfeed that he was "completely shocked" by what he saw next. Even though Nick says that he figured the machines were cleaned regularly, he says that he nor any of his employees were told to clean it. Upon sharing the pictures to social media, Nick even had to clarify that the images were not of a grease trap.  ___________________________________________ Via Buzzfeed:  ___________________________________________ "After repeated attempts to reach the LaPlace McDonald's, owner and operator- (Read more at TheShadeRoom.Com!)
#roommates, can you tell which tv family belongs to these living rooms? πŸ€” #tsrbraingamez
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President Trump awarded Special Agents David Bailey, Crystal Griner, and Officers Nicole Battaglia, Kevin Jobe, and Alexander Jensen with the #medalofvalor for their service in the shooting during a baseball game that left Rep. Steve Scalise and four others injured last month. The Medal of Valor is the highest national award that can be bestowed upon a public safety officer. πŸ“Έ: @gettyimages
Congratulations to #quad  #marriedtomedicine, #syleenajohnson, #rashanali, #kianadancie and #quentinlatham aka: #funkydineva, on their new show #sistercircle! #blackgirlmagic #blackboyjoy
#simonebiles alter ego messed around and came out when she got her wisdom teeth extracted today πŸ˜‚
TSR STAFF: Chantel P.! @_popchanny on IG! _____________________________________ #rickross caught a fans by surprise when he told The Breakfast Club that he was hell bent on not signing female artists because he often predicted that he'd "end up f****** [one] and f****** the business all up." _____________________________________ His apology came not too long after the comment blew up. He says the remark was "a mistake I regret. I hope to use my mistake, my platform and community to create positive -- read more at TheShadeRoom.com!
#wayment, what did he just say?! 😩
TSR STAFF: Maurita S.! @maurita.salkey  _____________________________ #roommates, new information about the fatal car accident that Venus Williams was in has surfaced. _____________________________ According to TMZ, police informed Venus that she was at fault in the car accident, but reassures her that she wouldn't be getting a ticket because she was caught in the middle. Police told her, "I think you got stuck in the middle of the intersection. It's one of those situations where you had the right way, but you lost the right of way." He advised Venus to let the insurance companies handle it. A statement like this seems a bit off being that its usually protocol for cops to give someone a ticket if they are at a fault.  ______________________________ Though the officer on duty did not directly mention her celebrity status, statements like this definitely raise questions as to why she would be able to leave the scene of the accident without a ticket if he thought she was at fault—read more at theshaderoom.com
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TSR STAFF: Avah T.! @avah_taylor  _________________________________________________  A group of 56 sorority sisters have gone viral thanks to their beach photo shoot celebrating black beauty called #melaninillustrated. ________________________________________________  According to Yahoo Style, the shoot went down during their recent #girlstrip to Costa Rica, where they celebrated the Beta Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta. The women, ages 29 to 35, had joined the sorority's chapter in 2007 at Florida A&M University.  _______________________________________________ "Black women are often overlooked in beauty,” said Latoya Owens, who organized the trip. “This was our way to shine a light on all types of black beauty." Read more at TheShadeRoom.com!
TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet  ___________________________________________ Following his departure from the #49ers, quarterback #colinkaepernick still has not joined a team. However, some good news is that he may be in talks to join the #ravens since their quarterback #joeflacco is out for at least a week due to a back injury.  ___________________________________________ Kaepernick would kinda feel at home since he played in San Francisco under Jim Harbaugh, John's brother. Greg Roman, who was Kaepernick's offensive coordinator with the 49ers, is currently an assistant with the Ravens. ___________________________________________ Should Flacco be it for an extended period of time, Harbaugh says, "We're definitely going to-- (Read more at TheShadeRoom.Com!) πŸ“Έ: @gettyimages
Oop! #safaree is in his feelings today. He must have seen that #meekmill interview when he said #nickiminaj was "the one" (See previous post) πŸ‘€πŸ‘€