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The Woolly Spoon


Husband and wife. Carving, knitting, hiking, Illawarra based🌿

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I’m teaching the Vikings at school at the moment, so Rohan made me a kuksa, translated one of my favourite quotes into Old Norse, and kolrosed it around the outside in Younger Futhark runes. . . . #themountainsarecallingandimustgo  #kuksa  #vikings
Woolly goodness ✨🐶 Without realising the meaning behind this particular pattern, my sister picked this pattern in these colours for me to make for her 21st birthday. Afmæli translates to birthday 🎁
The best lunch we’ve eaten all year.  It wasn’t the pumpkin soup that made it either.
I’ve been playing around with some naturally dyed merino (dyed by the amazing @timberandtwine.co) over the past week. I know winter is over four months away, but I’m so keen for the weather to get cold and my toes to be hugged by merino goodness!
Beginning of my first @quinceandco project: Wickerwork by Michelle Wang
While I’ve been busy spending the summer finishing off epic knits, Rohan has been even busier carving, waxing and oiling the coolest collection of spoons and pocket spoons ever!
Sarah’s 21st jumper 😊
A special shawl for a special friend. Managed to knit this one in just under two weeks for a secret Santa gift for a close friend of mine. Homestead Shawl by @bmandarines yarn is Cascade Eco.
It may only be the second month of summer, but that is no excuse not to try on your freshly blocked baby alpaca Moonlight Garden Shawl ✨🌖
Sometimes you really need to give your brain a reset by taking it on a 8km walk through the bush. Deafening cicadas, quiet yet forceful waves, a whole beach to myself, cool and friendly trees. Summer back on the Central Coast.
Freshly knit shawls, flowers as gifts from my year 12s. 💫
Colourwork and candles ✨
Favourite new things all together. Some Christmas gifts, others gifts purely from the heart 😍
Day 3 of the Wovember challenge: sweater.  This was the first colourwork I ever completed, my first Icelandic jumper. My husband doesn't like jewellery, so I made it for our wedding as his wedding 'ring'. All knit in the round to mimic the eternal love that a wedding ring symbolises.  Photo taken in our favourite mountains (hopefully we will get to call them home soon!) #wearwoolforwovember #wearwooleveryday @wovemberwool
Day 2 of the Wovember challenge: wellness = woolness.  Knitting keeps me grounded, it helps with anxiety, it allows my brain to focus on the journey of the wool taking it from single strands and forming a magical product. Little hand carved acorn spoons help too 🐿  #wearwoolforwovember #wearwooleveryday @wovemberwool
Day 1 of the Wovember Instagram challenge: why I love wool.  I love wool because it makes my heart happy ✨  #wearwoolforwovember #wearwooleveryday @wovemberwool
Today is Mental Health Awareness day. As most of you know, I have struggled with chronic anxiety and depression for a long time. One thing that I get told most often is that ‘you don’t look depressed or anxious’ or ‘you are always smiling, I never would have guessed you’re struggling’. I fall into the category of ‘perfectly hidden’ or ‘highly-functioning’ or ‘smiling’ depression & anxiety, rather dangerous and often overlooked. This means that by looking at me I look like I’m coping. I smile to hide my pain and attempt to ignore it, to help convince both myself and others that I’m fine. You see, these disorders convince me that I’m a burden on society, my friends and family and how dare I talk about it because I’m just complaining. This is guilt talking. The deep constant sadness, the numbness, the emptiness, are harder to deal with than the constant acidic and toxic anxiety – at least with anxiety I can feel. When depression takes over I get scared, really scared. Depression has robbed me of authentic happiness, of joy in things I used to love, of energy. I literally need to rest after having a shower, after going for a walk, after teaching classes at school. Anxiety has robbed me of just as many things, if not more. I'm a different person each day inside and outside the house. It takes me ages to convince myself that nothing bad will happen when I leave the front door, even to go to work or the veggie shop. I get overwhelmed by noise and light, by people. Some days I'm even overwhelmed by a small load of washing, or a tiny house-related task. I’m a gentle human who needs quiet and calmness. I work weekly with my psychologist to help me with dealing with these things better. She has taught me yoga poses that I can allow my tummy to be soft, instead of its usual tightness, it’s so nice. She is trying to convince me that I am worth loving, that self-compassion is necessary. I’ve come so far, but still have so far to go.
'You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body  love what it loves'  My amazingest alpaca shawl inspired by @close_knit knit with the buttery soft @adagiomills yarn ✨  I love love love this!
Rohan and I are hanging out today at the Illawarra Festival of Wood! Come make little Bush Critters and spoons!!
'You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known - and even that is an understatement'
Homemade spinach soup topped with all the black pepper and Parmasen for my favourite. Handmade perfection ✨