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The Woolly Spoon


Husband and wife. Carving, knitting, sewing, hiking 🌿

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Earthy tones with earthy tunes πŸŒΏπŸ‚ It is rare and so wonderful when anxiety behaves itself and allows you to practice self compassion, listen to Tara Brach podcasts, play the new folk guitar and knit slow stitches. Absolutely loving making this merino hot water bottle cover for @tree_fox_ ✨
One of our goals is to move steadily towards a ‘handmade home’, where every item has a provenance, a story behinds its creation and its journey to our home, and a reason for being there. We started small; replacing mass-produced cooking spoons with simple stirrers and servers carved by axe and knife; buying a couple of handmade ceramic mugs to replace cheap, ubiquitous, matching sets; phasing out store-bought socks, scarves, and beanies in favour of a hand-knitted winter wardrobe.  The latest front in our campaign is coffee. We’ve started using a hand-grinder and French press, together with a quirky little scoop made from a weird-shaped huon pine offset, a native cherry stirring spoon carved on a workshop with @thespoonsmith, and an incredible kuksa carved by @alex_yerks. Together this little set has transformed coffee drinking into a slow-living, stress-busting daily ritual. Wood is magic!
Celebrating turning 25 with a collection of epic goodies ✨  My very own 'the mountains are calling and I must go' pocket knife, enough @quinceandco yarn to make a #wickerwork jumper, a brilliant book that I can use for school as well as for fun, a folk guitar that wouldn't fit in the image!
First swatch for Tasmanian jumper/cardigan design πŸ€“  Old Shale lace stitch knit in @whitegumwool 4ply.
After carving something like forty spoons now, I think this is our favourite. Originally intended to replace a cheap plastic rice scoop, it has become our go-to cooking spoon for just about everything. Plus the grain makes it one of the prettiest in our collection!
Pretty afternoon winter light highlighting new purchases and our timber spoon collection. We decided that we need to support other spoon carvers, so I purchased this spalted Birch spoon as a surprise/congratulations for Rohan. His first major conference talk!
Ways to challenge social anxiety:  1. Turn up to @close_knit spinning class 2. Actually turn up  3. Learn to spin, eventually relax, and have the best day ever!  Thank you Ani for being such an incredible teacher, such a wonderful talented knitter and spinner, and an all round amazing human!
Tasmanian day trips. It's been almost a week since we arrived back on the mainland. Two days back to work and I'm keen to escape back to this little island. I'd even sit through the anxiety inducing flight again.
Tasmanian goodies πŸ€—  2kg of Blackwood for Kuksa carving, and some Tasmanian alpaca fleece for spinning ✨
Yesterday we hired a car and drove to the top of Kunanyi. Little pockets of snow lined the side of the road, we were treated with this view at the top, and then a pastel pink sunset to finish the day. Hobart, you are a rather beautiful city ❄️
There is something mysterious and haunting about the Australian bush ✨
Holiday afternoons ✨  After an interesting walk through Hobart hilly outskirts (phone died - no audiobook, no map, got very lost, and it randomly rained), it was lovely to come back to the cottage, make some tea, dry off, make roasted peanut butter on buckwheat crispbread and spend the late afternoon knitting my own socks. Sometimes you do need to do things for yourself (take yourself for a walk, knit something for yourself, treat yourself).
Hobart bound tomorrow - turns out we like travelling to places with epic mountains ✨ Purchased some @whitegumwool delicious yarn to create a Tasmania cardigan, now to find the perfect pattern ❄️
The biggest ball of yarn I've ever wound! Sitting in Rohan's hands for size comparison. Also, the jumper is the width of my body. It's a massive ball πŸ€“
Hanging with friends 🌿🐾
Happy winter solstice ✨πŸ”₯
Sunday morning = WIP morning. Baby alpaca scarf, hat and mitten combo for the husband. He's even getting in on WIP morning with his quaich!
Sometimes you just need an extra little love. Today that was in the form of hand knit socks all day at work, plus organic tea in my new @katiacarletti mug πŸ‘Œ
The beginnings of special gifts for later this year. A hand carved Quaich (a two handled traditional Scottish Gaelic cup of friendship) for my grandparents as they celebrate 60 years of marriage and the perfect Lopi colours chosen for a special Icelandic jumper for my sister as she turns 21! 🌟
My knitting/spinning/sewing space doesn't always look like this, but the winter morning sun comes in lower and softer than all year, it is peaceful and calm.
Baby penguin jumpers ✨ . . . . . This adorable jumper is knit with a combination of Australian merino, naturally dyed, and Icelandic Lopi. The perfect source of warmth for any 2-3yr old! A super stretchy neck to fit over baby heads, and an adorable motif of penguins running the whole way around. Each stitch so full of love and warmth, perfect for this wintery weather ❄️