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Tom Hanks


I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

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Escaped animals on the loose in the City!! Hanx.
Sir?  Move. Your. Car!  Hanx
Finger sandwiches?  Hanx.
Audiobook in Oct. What a cast!! What a blast! Hanx!
Don't just email. Type!  Hanx.
Your iPad becomes a Hanx Writer. USA-made by @67designs. Hanx  http://hanxwriter.com/shop
Don’t just message:  TYPE.  On Hanxwriter - with a ton of new features.  Hanx www.appstore.com/HanxWriter
Hey, Baby @ritawilson, it's me. Happy Mothers Day! I love you everyday and so much. Hanx
An hour later. Who took my brush??? Hanx
This is why my hair looks such a mess!  Hanx
So do I. Hanx
Not lost, perhaps. Certainly mismatched. Hanx!
What Would The Snake say?  Maybe, "Throw deep, baby, in Oakland." Hanx.
That is correct. Woody Harrelson!  I want a ticket!  In St. Louis. Hanx (not Harrelson)
Ah, you Kooky Kids!  Hanx
Kick off your shoes and dance?  Done!  Hanx
I got a new truck!  I'm going camping!  Hanx.
Artist Bill Mauldin got it right. Hanx.
Insect? Bunny rabbit? Bird beak? Nope. Lost single glove, made of leather. Pricey loss. Hanx.
From a Kindergarten class. Hanx
Single at night. Ain't right. Hanx.