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Tortoise Garden


We are Sloggi, Om and Somnium 🐢🐢🐢 - we all live in the tortoise garden. Sometimes our dog friend, Jumble 🐒 @jumblegriffon hangs out here too.

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#sloggi and @jumblegriffon chatting this morning 🐢🐒 #brusselsgriffon
#somnium enjoying the sunshine 🐢
best friends 😂 @jumblegriffon 🐒🐢
#sloggi sunbathing position 🐢🌞
stay there #sloggi ; it is still raining
hang on #sloggi : @jumblegriffon is coming to your rescue 🐒🚀🐢
hide and seek #somnium
sloggi working in his garden #sloggi
does Om's dinner look delicious @jumblegriffon ?
helping or hindering.. #sloggi
Sloggi looking lively today 🌞🐢
delicious breakfast
perfect weekend in the sun for Om
Om tending to his garden 🐢
Sloggi livening up: looking for @jumblegriffon
Somnium out and about in the sunshine 🐢🌞
All awake and raring to go ! 🐢🐢🐢
just two more weeks @jumblegriffon 🐢🐢🐢💥💥💥