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#JusticeforSandraBland #UsOrElse

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Kickin 👑💩#TBT
I forget what we were celebrating exactly but.... WE DID THAT SHIT THO!!!! #tbt #legendarypic
Puff was the 1st legend to tell me I was gon be a legend.... He was Right!!! #tbt
King & Yeezus #tbt #backwhenihadmygrill🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Been Dripping 💧#TBT  #stateproperty #dougefresh
Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter (really my youngest Mama)Violeta!!!! We been in the trenches eating beans,hot dogs,&noodles together,busting down welfare checks,food stamps & heating up wash up water in the microwave dreaming of a better life. I remember after that shootout🤷🏾‍♂️ me & Dro had in Wrens Crossing when they was gon put us out & snatch your section 8 voucher from you, You was 😤🤯😡🤬HOT wit me‼️‼️ I told you then....🖕🏽them folks & dey voucher,I was gon make sure we was straight (not having a clue how at the time)... But I meant that!!!! Thanx for always believing in me even when all the evidence showed otherwise 😉... enjoy your day. The best is yet to come. I Love You Mama. Happy Birthday 🎈🎁🎉🎊🎂
#syfydrip💧 “Let’s talk about time traveling,Rhyme javelin,something mind unraveling...GET DOWN!!!”- Andre 3k #returnoftheg #hiphophistory
Walk it,like I talk it!!!- @quavohuncho voice 👑💩🚫🧢
Da homie goin UP!!!🔥🔥🔥 @nipseyhussle #victorylap OUT NOW
Thanks to my Atlanta community for joining me for an unforgettable screening @marvelstudios @blackpanther with @walmart. Couldn’t think of a better way to mark such a special moment in history than w/the community I love.  Make sure ya’ll check out #blackpanther. Support #blackexcellence✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Something I’m ready to DIE about. Children are innocent. They deserve waaay better.
Me & my lillest valentine. 💘
Lil sis @tokyojetz just dropped 🔥 🔥🔥 #theone out NOW on #itunes & #spotify! #hustlegangovererrrthang 👶🏽🐐coming soon! 🚫🧢
Dey gon Hate On our moves but  Follow our Drip 💧 @tokyojetz #hustlegangbizness
See,this why I say.... #freemeek (Go Read The Article)
And now words from 2 more of our legendary leaders. Whoever said our leaders had to be perfect with no stains or mistakes on their legacies to be valuable? Unfortunately we live in Amerikkka...The worst parts of it at that!!! Drugs and guns are just as Amerikkkan as Stars and Stripes!!!Whatever we make outta this sh*t show is worth recognizing. All throughout our American History books there are white people who’ve done far more unmentionable things to far more people in the name of greed & progression... they called it “The American Way”.... They make US celebrate them & hail them as national heroes & founding forefathers(FOH!!!) So I’ll be damned if I’m gon let a conviction of environmental circumstances keep me from celebrating OUR HEROES!!! Never mind where he may be at this moment in time,listen to his message & tell me its not exactly what needs to be said???✊🏽#USorELSE #freehoover
And now a word from my Patna... King Zippo Da Goat 🐐... FREE BIG MEECH!!!! We still Miss U Bro!!!! One of the most strategic minds & the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered. True American Legend.✊🏽Remember when I told you I thought maybe you should slow down & cool off out here when we were both getting out da joint... u told me “Nah Tip,I knew what I signed up for... I dedicate my LIFE to da game!!!! If they on me,they on me...But I bet cash money that I BALL like a Dog til da day they come get me!!!!” Had to respect that. Then and NOW!!!! #salute
Weirdo Drip💧  Because Errrthang ain’t for Errrrbody🤷🏾‍♂️ #nyfw #newfavcoatalert🚨
When it all just comes together effortlessly. #nyfw
Don’t try this at home.
Lil Cuzzo goin UP in 5.... y’all weirdos better get ya sh*t together!!! @nipseyhussle  #victorylap