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Risen Classic Speed


Boise, Idaho

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Only in Idaho does it go from being damn near 70 one week to 6” of snow overnight the next. The best part is watching all of the California transplants that couldn’t wait to get here white-knuckle the steering wheel and drive 5 miles an hour in their Escalades. I literally heard someone this morning say “it wasn’t like this in Orange..” YA THINK??? Pacific Northwest sucka. #pacificnorthwest #thisisboise #boise #jeep
One of the best Hot VWs I’ve read in a long time! Always loved Schwimmer’s Pepto Squareback, it’s so rad that someone recreated it! It represents exactly what I love specifically about the 80s VW scene.. it’s tie to skateboarding! #vintagevw #squareback #vw #hotvws #callook #skateboarding #longlivethe80s
Beetle update (read: boring for most followers)! Pedals are back from powdercoat and ready for rebuild and assembly, as is ebrake/heater pulls and front wheel backing plates. Next week at this time I should have the front end buttoned up with wheels on. Then on to the transmission and rear suspension. Coming along! #vintagebeetle #vintagevw #beetle #callook #risenclassicspeed
While the beetle chassis is curing.. I’ve been staring at this one place in my Jeep that I may be able to build a hidden fiberglass sub box for this 10” Kicker CVT I’ve had laying around. I mean, do I really NEED this worthless “cargo” space? Naw. Seems easy enough, but sometimes it’s hard being me. I can never seem to leave anything alone.. #jeep #kicker #caraudio #customizeeverything
Ooooooooh snap. I’m about to finally put away the paint and step up to assembly of the front suspension and pan! #vintagevw #vw #vintagebeetle #callook #risenclassicspeed
Football doesn’t interest me, but painting suspension parts and finishing the bottom side of the pan does! 2” narrowed cb performance beam and dropped spindles to make the car sit like a boss. 2 coats silver Masterseries down, gloss black top coat next. #vintagevw #vintagebeetle #vw #callook #risenclassicspeed
Canadian Tuxedos are a real thing around here. @muffinmixsf rockin the face of terror, eh?
Black gloss. I can’t say enough good things about Masterseries paint. I’ll never use POR15 again after using this. It’s amazing stuff! #vintagevw #beetle #callook #risenclassicspeed
2 coats silver down, 1 coat black to go. Masterseries coating is some seriously rad paint! #vintagevw #vwbeetle #vw #calllook #risenclassicspeed
I went a different way on the front suspension.. looks like the beam was Brazilian so instead of modifying it I went with a 2” narrowed CB Performance ball joint beam along with their 3/4” HD narrowed sway bar and all new tie rods, dampener, bearings, caster shims, and grease seals to go with the CB dropped spindles and narrowed torsions bars l ordered a few weeks back. About to dump this at sandblasting and it will get the same Masterseries treatment when it gets back to me! Progress. #vintagevolkswagen #vintagevw #vw #beetle #callook #risenclassicspeed
The beetle pan is back from sandblasting and now it’s time to seam seal and paint with some Masterseries coating. I had the tunnel blasted too to save me a few steps. 😎 #vintagevw #vw #volkswagen #vintagebeetle #beetle #callook #risenclassicspeed
Took a break from the beetle to do a very very special 3 day weekend house project. Spring 2018 is going to be full of home remodel remodeling, so I decided to try to jumpstart my enthusiasm by finally making doors for the built in. #homeremodel #again #interiordesign #midcenturymodern #that70shouse
While waiting for my pan to get back from sandblasting, I’m starting work narrowing this OEM beam 2”. Unfortunately I have to cut out and re-weld the adjusters back in correctly when I take out some length, then I’ll blast and paint. Also adding some CB performance 2.5” dropped spindles to help my street thug vibe. Yeeeeah. #vintagevolkswagen #vw #volkswagen #vintagevw #beetle #callook #risenclassicspeed
Going thru some old photos of some gas tanks I’ve painted and I found this Sportster tank! Mint pearl on jet black. Super simple but a lot of fun to tape off. #paint #orangepeel #diy #custompaint #risenclassicspeed
1,000,000 plug welds later, the new Wolfsburg West pans are welded in! Ready for a trip to the sandblaster then seam seal and gloss black Mastercoat to make it pretty. ✊🏼#vintagevolkswagen #vintagevw #vw #vintagebeetle #callook #risenclassicspeed
Well life has certainly changed for me.. New Year’s Eve and I’m currently in the middle of an epic battle of Old Maid. Buts it’s rad :) happy new year! #twothousandseventeen
There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Literally and figuratively. #vintagevolkswagen #vintagebeetle #vw #callook #risenclassicspeed
Writing ol’ Saint Nick to let him know that these two have been rad and deserve all the things :) 🎅🏼🎅🏽🎅🏾🎅🏿#christmasinhollis #longliveinnocence
My moms surprised me with a new stocking for this year. She’s crafty. I love it! #vintagevw #vw #volkswagen #beetle #christmasinhollis
My Top ten favorite Christmas songs of all time.. Definitely not a definitive list, just what I dig :) 1. Fairytale of New York - The Pogues 2. Peace on Earth/Little Drummerboy - David Bowie and Bing Crosby 3. Let Me Sleep - Pearl Jam 4. Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys 5. Christmas In Hollis - Run-DMC 6. Merry Christmas - Ramones 7. Santa Claus is Coming To Town - the Jackson 5 8. Another Lonely Christmas - Prince 9. What Christmas Means To Me - Stevie Wonder 10. Wonderful Christmas Time - Paul McCartney  11. Oi To The World! - The Vandals  Whatchu got? 🎅🏽/🎅🏿