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And on @bbcnews ...:) #padmantalks #victoriaderbyshireshow  PS- See the interview- I am talking about many states across America where viagra is taxed
Au revoir ma cherie! To you and Jacque:) #parispranks
A day in Paris on my way home and where else would I end up except at the best bookshop in the world ! #shakespeareandcompany #bookworming
Let’s talk about it.Period #padmaninoxford #padmantalks
Honoured to be a speaker at Oxford Union- The first Indian movie showcased at Oxford!  #oxforduniversity  #padmaninoxford
When your upholstery matches your column ! My bit this week about need,greed and all kinds of beasts - link on Facebook #timesofindia
Thank you @hellomagindia and @ruchikamehta05 for a fun shoot ! #helloisitmeyouarelookingfor
I realise how wonderful the world is when I borrow a little wonder from a child’s eyes
Repost from @thewhitewindow  Art that breathes and needs watering once every ten days-The Succulent Head #thewhitewindow #greendecor #succulents #livingart
Like a friend said 'A day early just like your period sometimes :)' Here comes Padman on 25th January 2018! #padman
I make sure that my hairstylist adds #smartbond which protects hair while colouring and straightening which means I get to colour it my favourite auburn as often as I like:) #daretotransform #lorealprofindia
Happy New Year Folks! It's only when you jump into action that things change, even your shawl metamorphoses into a fluttering cape! #jumpstartthenewyear
You have already gone to Cannes with your first short film and here's to the start of another great adventure @karankapadia16 !
A perfect birthday with all the people I love the most in the world and food with layered flavour that explodes on the tongue like a Diwali firework display inside your mouth #chefswarehouse #birthdaygirl
Happy birthday Dad
I want to be like a child again-to climb trees and perch on branches, only because the tree exists and so do I... #treehuggers #familyfunday #capetown
Failing at something doesn't mean we are failures. It just means we now have the opportunity to try and succeed at myriad other things.It's time to flip the lens on failure and look at it as a learning experience. I pledge to do so. Join me, at https://www.surfexcel.in/haarkoharao-thankyou.html #haarkoharao
When Mr K convinces me to dance around trees again:) Merry Christmas folks! #jingleballe
‪Bid for this gorgeous outfit featured in PCJ ad @bidkartz and the money goes straight to supporting an animal shelter in my good old Panchgani ! ‬
Some things are timeless like Santa and Pundit ji - By popular demand -Manic Santa and one more reason for Punditji to dislike Christmas #jingleballe #throwback #hohoho
Discussing spreading awareness about Menstrual hygiene and after meeting @manekagandhibjp and @smritiiraniofficial -two empathetic,fierce and decisive ministers,I'm convinced that the world would be better if just women were running the show