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our thighs are thick but that's ok snapchat/twitter - imnotscottysire biz - scottsire@viralnation.com

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they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but people vary case by case and that is just not how i work. if i have you, i want all of you- all the time. i need your touch, your embrace, your conversation, your voluptuous lips on mine each night. through this time apart i've realized that we may not really be meant to be, and it's not me- it's you. you could've been here by my side when i needed you but you decided not to be. And so i've found someone new. i'm sorry todd, but i simply have to end things here. i'm sorry to do this over instagram but you are far from me and quite frankly i don't think you even deserve to speak to me at this point. i've found a new man, a man with a sleeve of tattoos like mine. we're through. or at least i think it's fair to say we're taking a break. this may just be a fling with kam but i need you to respect my space. i'll see you when you come home, i'll have your things packed by the door.  yours truly, S
i've had explosive diarrhea for two weeks
Kristen hasn't shaved since we got to Thailand *edit* I learned from some of your comments that these guys are nocturnal, defanged, poisonous (until their glands are removed), and eventually die of depression because they don't like being touched. So now that I know I made a mistake, I'd like to pass along the message that you shouldn't hold one of these little guys.  ps kristen really still hasn't shaved since we got to Thailand
guys you are totally ruining our cute couple pic
looking at the beautiful sunset on a beach in thailand
my dads took me to the happiest place on earth and look at me! i'm smiling! i love u dads 😌  new video link in my bio
u guys wanna go on an adventure?  alpaca my bags
save a horse, ride a... jay?
we hit 1 million subscribers!  THANK YOU GUYS ❤️ now i am quitting youtube and riding off into the sunset with Heath not really, but check out our sweet matching outfits 👬
heath needed a stool
i am extremely happy that david is okay, can you tell by my face? new video link in bio
i am extremely proud of zane. Can you tell by my face?
photo by @mattrking  human made by @ mom and dad new video by @ me link in my bio
lol look at that random guy staring at me in the background  by random guy i meant david, but a lot of people seem to be confused by the joke. So now i'm just telling you. look at his face, like zoom in on it seriously. look at that face. does he have a problem? why is he staring like that? is he jealous that i'm on todd's shoulders and he's not? like chill bro you could've had a turn if you wanted a ride too. look, i'd even put you on my shoulders if you wanted bro. all you have to do is ask.
hey pals, just want to let you guys know @AmericanExpress is giving out ferris wheel tickets to card members through the Coachella app. So if you're tired of being a land walker and want to take a ride to the sky check it out! love, Tony and Linda #amexambassador #amexaccess
day 2 of Coachella and we're pretty tired. but OVERALL it's been a great weekend! @AmericanExpress has been hooking it up, surprising card members like us with VIP #amexambassador #amexaccess
Just a ginger at Coachella hiding from the sun in the @AmericanExpress experience! Check it out and capture your own moment #amexambassador
spotted: queen K picking lint out of lonely boy's belly button while enjoying a party on her family yacht. sparks were flying for sure, but when she actually finds some lint in there - will she find it cute, or disgusting? - xoxo
i've always wanted to model for a high fashion brand! link for too much scotty merch in my bio
Happpy birfday to my babyboy!!! I love you so much!❤️
i was so excited to give todd a big hug when he got home but he won't let me, do you think he found a new best friend?? new video link in my bio