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our thighs are thick but that's ok snapchat/twitter - imnotscottysire biz - scottsire@viralnation.com

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david told me he hated this photo so i had to post it
sundays are for the boys
HEY PALS IM IN A SHOW šŸ–„  Elton and I spent a bunch of time filming this and it just released today. You can watch us hurt ourselves on fullscreen.com/foxtossing šŸ™‚I'd love to hear what you guys think of it, i'm really happy with how it turned out @fullscreen #foxtossing
captains log - August 13th, 2017 What it's like watching puppy  it's like picking up the dog and putting it on a pee pad when you see her squatting and then cleaning up the bit of pee while she finishes on the pee pad and then as you're cleaning the pee she walks off her pee pad and shits 3 times and then you start cleaning up the shit and she comes over and steps in it and then starts biting your ankles and hands and 30 minutes go by and you're knee deep in shit and missing 3 fingers and your friends are all out having a good time drinking without you so you start drinking alone and simultaneously crying until you're drunk enough to just be ok with the dog shitting on everything until morning so you finally get some sleep at 4 am until the dog wakes up at 6 jumping on your face with it's shit paws and chewing on your hair but you have to stay strong so that no one can see how much it's killing you that you made the decision to get an 8 week old puppy instead of at least a few month old dog with basic training so you wipe the dried tears from your itchy, crusty, (and to your new knowledge) allergic eyes and do it all over again trying to refrain from ripping todds vocal cords out when he says i told you not to get a dog because if you just wait you can train the dog to do it for you in a couple months when it's jaws are stronger
new vlog dog link in bio
ı ɟĒĒ×Ÿ ŹĒÄ±É¹pĖ™
me and my backpack and my backpack's backpack
how do you think she feels? just released some great new shirts to HANG around in fanjoy.co/toomuchscotty
my friend zane & heath
Just a couple of dudes in a couples of suits enjoying #amexaccess at Panorama Fest this weekend #amexambassador
our thighs are thick but that's ok
Saved a bunch of money on pizza because American Express is surprising some Card Members with VIP tickets, food vouchers and other sweet perks. So I was able to buy matching suits for Todd and I. #amexambassador #amexaccess
Welcome to my crib! It's a great place, located right outside the main stage at Panorama Fest, air conditioned, and full of great dancing opportunities.  Disclaimer: Not actually my crib #amexaccess #amexambassador
a picture of a guy with a pink beard that looks like a psychopath standing next to an actual psychopath
we look like serial killers šŸ˜Œ
i love my son but i'm still trynna figure out how he turned out 100% asian when my girlfriend is only 50%
her name is tesla brooks
whose mans is this
me and young brik standing outside old brik's old bricks
living with my bitches #live