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our thighs are thick but that's ok snapchat/twitter - imnotscottysire biz - scottsire@viralnation.com

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for a moment i wondered why she seemed so excited, a moment after i realized it was because she farted on my hand, ahh, what a moment.
i’m hungry
is your name lucy? because mahalo
you’ve heard of dudes with clothes on, but have you heard of dudes without pants on?
new merch link in bio
posting something scary cuz it’s october 1st πŸ˜œπŸŽƒ lol happy halloween 😽
still trying to teach him to be brand friendly
Kristen and I took some strangers for a ride using #wazecarpool and as usual I've got it on video! Link in bio @waze #ad
i don't know any cheetah girls lyrics
the scent i released from my pits used to kill the grass when i lifted my arms and rested my head on them, but thanks to @OldSpice Invisible Spray my lawn no longer has to worry about my stench. I just have to worry about my allergies to grass.  new vlog up! link in bio #sponsored #obviously
after a 72 hour battle with diarrhea i am ready to serve looks in my new crop top xD
kristen covered my tattoos with makeup and i just found out i have chest hair
i wave to the car next to me struggling to merge, signaling that it's okay for him to cut in front of me. i'm not usually this generous. On most occasions i'd think to myself, "this asshole can wait" but today something is different.  as he pokes his head out the window to thank me i am ready. my trigger finger is on the play button underneath my slightly chipped iphone screen. i've had this song paused at this exact spot for exactly 1 week, 5 days, and 14 hours just waiting for this moment.  i hear him yell out, "thank you" and i release my finger from the play button instantaneously. shit, my volume is down. the song doesn't play. i sit in a dumbfounded silence as the man drives off ahead of me. i've missed my opportunity to blast "You're Welcome" by Dwayne Johnson.
gettin down to business to defeat the huns with my dog! #guyswholift #fitstagram #gains #guyswithdogs #guyswithdyedhair #guyswithtattoos #puppy #itlookslikeipeed #tags4likes
i keep on posting about my dog i'm so sorry here's another one
i can't believe Drake and Josh reunited just to help me promote my merch. it's not about the money guys, it's all about bringing people together 😌 by the way merch is 20% off, buy it
why do i look like a movie villain who just got his hands on the movies unsuspecting hero about to lead him on the wrong path until he finally realizes that i'm evil and ultimately ends up defeating me after we engage in mortal combat
the world is her chew toy and i am her world
david told me he hated this photo so i had to post it
sundays are for the boys
HEY PALS IM IN A SHOW πŸ–₯  Elton and I spent a bunch of time filming this and it just released today. You can watch us hurt ourselves on fullscreen.com/foxtossing πŸ™‚I'd love to hear what you guys think of it, i'm really happy with how it turned out @fullscreen #foxtossing