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✌🏾| good vibe dealer + alchemist πŸƒ| plant + earth based feel goods πŸ™πŸΎ| made with intention

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'Tisane' ✨ Supports healthy circulation with immune-enhancing benefits.  It is comforting and helps to release stress. Supports protection against environmental and seasonal threats with properties to promote a healthy metabolism.  Apply as needed. Add a few drops to your bath or apply after a shower/bath and melt away your body's tension.
As you begin your week... Happy Monday loves πŸ’š
Get in formation. Have you tried @vee.co's lineup of serums and body+bath oils? ✨
We're spreading two messages here: 1. breathe in and breathe out when the going is easy + when it gets rough. 2. aromatherapy is bae.
Some Sundays are all about giant bowls of cereal in bed, @vee.co Seven Oil and cartoons.
Stop overthinking and analyzing everything. A beautiful heart is a terrible thing to waste.
You think you're ready for this type of πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯?! Been looking for our fast selling cleansers? The September @ujamaabox is now available. Treat yo' self.
You guysss! It's me, Vee.✨ I truly hope that your week is going well. I wanted to take a moment and say that I love each and every one of you because you push me and keep me on my toes. ••••••• Can I just say that the amount of love you pour into me through DMs and emails on a consistent basis is absolutely incredible. Incredible! In the midst of life we often forget why we do what we do and we may lose sight of ourselves and the journey. Thank you for reminding me of the why. ••••••• You guys know that I don't mind keeping it really real here when I need to. That's because this is a safe space for me and I hope it's one for you. The past few months have tested my faith and belief in all that I thought I believed in. ••••••• But you know what? I'm still blessed beyond measure, favor follows me and it hasn't scared me away from continuing to love just as hard even when it hurts or I'm scared senseless. ••••••• So as you keep moving through this week and whenever you just need a reminder -- you are amazing. You are loved. You are needed. I'll keep telling you that, and please keep telling me. In the end we're all coming out on top. πŸ’š
That's a lot of bottles! I wonder if anyone can guess what's going down. ✨
Did you know that we have 7 centers in our bodies in which energy flows through? Blocked energy can often lead to physical + mental illness. @vee.co's SEVEN oil addresses the bodies complex needs to help keep the mind and body well regulated and happily aligned.
Summer colds are the worst. Who wants to be down when you can be on your summer vibes? You don't want to be without these three. [Restore + Tender Touch + Element] = The Dream Team. ✨
Stay focused loves. Stay focused on your goals, your grind or your hustle. Stay focused on YOU. Stay focused on the ones you love. Anything else...? Well that's not the main thing. ✨
It's like butter baby. 🌺Hibiscus Rose lip butters are in stock.
Because parents need options and sometimes kids need a little something more natural. Toss 'Mellow' in your bag and go. ✨
@vee.co is honored to be featured by @ivoryandashlife among other black women makers, creatives, and dreamers. In the spirit of their newest collection which affirms #blackgirlmagic, they have announced their #whatsblackinmybag series. They are highlighting the amazing black women makers that they sincerely love + are sticking 'em in their black girl magic tote! Join us and an amazing group of black women creatives as @ivoryandashlife share what's black in their bags over the next week or so. It's simple: pre-order their bag. Get it in the mail and fill it with your favorite black-owned goods! Head on over to their page and share any of your favorite women-owned brands in their comment section. They'd love to get them on board. πŸ’š
Because I love you in real life too. Keep spreading the good vibes y'all. We all need it. πŸ’šβœ¨βœŒπŸΎ
I promise I'd love you forever and ever. AND ever. What a dreamy Hibiscus bath. πŸ“·: @ocean_dreamerr
Beard Wash + Face Conditioner For the bearded AND clean shaven man. πŸ‘±πŸΌπŸ‘±πŸ½πŸ‘±πŸΎπŸ‘±πŸΏVisit www.hellovee.com to shop. #whydotheyallhaveblondehair
Frankly, just because. πŸ’š
😢 Well that's a wrap for all three of our foaming cleansers. Our Rice Wash, Red Sandalwood and Charcoal + Aloe have all SOLD OUT!! You'll be the first to know when they're back in stock. Your support means the world [🌎] to @vee.co. πŸ’šβœ¨
I heard you!! Peek-a-Boo πŸ‘€! Catch these Hibiscus Rose lip butters while they're back in stock 🌺. I swear that I can't make any promises on how long they'll last.