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Happy Birthday Sister! So grateful to have you in our lives. @jordanabrewster  Excited for the return of Mia! All love.  #familyoffscreen
#repost @nathalieemmanuel ・・・ Here's to our beautiful producer, my fellow curl crown wearing, @vincentsamantha. Such a special soul and brilliant mind. What you are doing within this industry as a woman and a multicultral woman is so important and inspiring. Thank for your constant support and for just being a badass lady boss in these streets πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸ½πŸ‘ΈπŸ½ #thefateofthefurious #fate #f8 #inspiringwomen #badassladyboss #makingmoves #curlcrownclub
A cast member sent this to me... going to theaters to surprise people mid week.  Wow. That is pride.  #leadwithlove
Happy Toretto Tuesday...
Today... All love.
Nebula and Groot... Why does this song come to mind? "Oh flower of Scotland. When will we see..." @karengillanofficial  All love.
Want to take a moment to acknowledge those who have been our back bone for seventeen years. Those who helped build our foundation. Those who petitioned with me to bring Letty back... the Dotty fans... so proud of all involved. But most proud of you, the fans for maintaining your continual faith.  All love...
Happy Creative Sunday...
So blessed to have been able to produce this saga that so many people around the world have grown to love... Thank you for making the film number one for the second week in a row.
The fan art you have created over the years is really special. Thank you for your support and always believing in us. You inspire me... All love.
People are talking about the record breaking numbers, but what I appreciate even more is how much everyone has enjoyed this latest chapter. Something so rewarding... to finally be here after the many years of hard work to get here. There are so many people to thank, so much has gone into it. Just a moment of pride on behalf of the whole Fast Family. Thank you all.
So great to catch up with old friends at the GotG2 premiere last night. Like this great actor and person, my friend Jon Voight.
All love...
Happy Toretto Tuesday...
Lucky kid from New York... and I feel like I am just getting started. You are the best fans in the universe!  All love.
Loving the Fan art.... Thank you world for believing we could do it, seventeen years I have loved with this mythology and to now be the biggest global opening in history... I just can't thank you all enough. Will forever be proud of this mythology and all the work the cast and crew have put into it. Universal has been the best partners one could hope for. Josh, Moses and the entire marketing team, thank you for getting this film around the world. We are all feeing the love and it only inspires us to reach higher.  Dom Toretto
Happy Creative Sunday!!
Grateful, humbled and blessed.  #fastfriday
Finally the world can see what we have worked two years on... so proud to be a part of this saga. Blessed.
Hope you all enjoy F8 this weekend... after all it is you who encouraged us to make the best film we could.  Humbled, grateful and blessed.
#repost @tyrese ・・・ I'm sure if you asked everyone in this picture if they would EVER think the fast and the furious would ever go from 1 to 8 - I'm SURE we all would know the answer...... Roman came in on part 2 but there would BE no Roman, Tej, Hobbs, Shaw, cypher, Mr Nobody, Little Nobody etc..... if it wasn't for the original FAST CREW...... we're all so grateful and humbled by your love and support cheers to the years and years of doing our BEST to keep you entertained........ Vrooooooommmm!!!!!!!