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#ControlTheCrazy #VinnyAndMaEatAmerica #TheShowWithVinny #JokingOff #JerseyShore #NameBrandNyc 👻vinguadagnino @namebrandnyc. vinnygbookings@gmail.com

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You guys ready for the bromance on #jsfamilyvacation? We’re so opposite lmao. Shirt by @namebrandnyc #jerseyshore #pitbullsofinstagram
Dead serious when you google “guinee tee” a pic of me comes up. A #bts shot from #jsfamilyvacation #jerseyshore
So things got a little interesting filming #jsfamilyvacation . They don’t call me the @ketoguido for nothing though. #jerseyshore #captainitalia
Thursday is officially #jerzday once again bitch! It’s going down on April 5th at 8pm on @mtv ! Here’s your first look at #jsfamilyvacation in Miami . Get ready for a wild ride . #jerseyshore
Mamma i made it to @hbo! Here’s a piece of my segment on @vicenews interviewing a #climatechange expert. #gymtanclimate #penguins #polarbears #vice #vicenews . See full interview here : https://youtu.be/rCj7lL5iOLQ
‪You don’t wanna miss this. Tune into #vicenewstonight at 730 PM on @hbo to watch me be a #climatechange correspondent . Yes you read that correctly ‬#vice #viceland
#miami bound . You guys might not see me posting that much for a little while. I’ll be busy 😏. Love you all , and a big kiss to my haters 😘 #jsfamilyvacation
It’s official... we know where the f***k we’re going. Back to MIAMI biiiiietches 😏 #jsfamilyvacation #comingsoon
I support more of the minimalist lifestyle nowadays but still had to pick up some essentials for my vacation coming up @footaction #jsfamilyvacation
My long lost boy Giovanni #googleartsandculture
Today I interviewed a #climatechange expert for @vicenews about #climatechange . Climate change is a complex topic and we should all educate ourselves on it to protect ourselves and future generations. I watch every episode of @vice and @vicenews so coming to this building and being a part of it is always surreal! I’ll let you guys know when it will air . Can’t wait for you to watch...ok I’ll go back to being a dumb fist pumping guido now .
The Nukes are heaaaaaa 😂 @djpaulyd
You know we are back to #makerealitytvgreatagain but where the fuck we going ?! I wanna go to the White House 😂 Post a location and use #jsfamilyvacation to get your voice heard !
SWIPE LEFT ⬅️ .Lmao! Why did the news producers have to do me dirty like that dawg?! They hate trump so much they need to pull the clip of me actin like an idiot to push the narrative that even “ stupid “people know more than trump . Why didn’t they show the clip of me studying for the LSAT or graduating with a political science degree bruh? Me and Pauly were just messing around in the house acting like Italian guido caricatures!! I’m JK, I think it’s all hilarious . If i was a producer I’d do the same shit. The little ted talk bow tie pic of me was a nice touch .I’m like a little pug that you make fun of but still find cute at the end of the day 🙃 #fpc for life
I’m havin mad twitter beef lately
Go follow the sneaker plug  @homegrownkickz and hit him up for that VIP sneaker delivery service. I know the #bluetint are the new new but I like #zebras better 🦓
I feel basic af for doing this, and this def doesn’t help our popularity contest that we have on IG and addiction to “likes” but Fuck it !I genuinely wanted to see my #2017bestnine . Of course 3 are jersey shore memes. Aren’t they funny when i post them.Thanks for following  and supporting me, I love you guys !
Swipe ⬅️..I took down my last post about this and am putting this one up because I made mad more headlines than I thought and I want to brag about it ... also I attached my tweets that started this whole thing and to give some context .... PS How can some idiot that was on a show about partying in a summer shore house know anything about anything? Idk how i have survived this long without the slightest amount of intelligence in this dumb head of mine .... Also I’m not even a trump hater I just disagreed with something he said.
When you give a pep talk to your best player before the big game