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TV guy/best selling author.On MTV's #JokingOff And CookingChannel's #VinnyAndMa Eat America .For business :vinnygbookings@gmail.com ONLY FACEBOOK:

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This party looks fun and this song is so cute
Rioters at Berkeley are violently preventing conservative speakers from speaking so that they don't spread "hate speech." Are you afraid that you are going to listen to them speak and start believing in their opinions? If the answer is no than why don't you let people form their own opinions of what hate speech is using their own sense of personal freedom and responsibility. I'd rather hear what someone is thinking and saying than only hear the opinion of one side. I don't know everyone's struggle but if an opposing opinion was exposed,challenged, discussed, and debated then I and others could be educated by it and choose to support or not support you. But now that there is no discussion people won't learn shit. And it is wrong to suggest that conservative speakers like Ann Coulter are nazis. Nazis killed people. Find me a clip where one of these speakers call for the death or destruction of innocent people and I would agree that it's wrong. But even still, if I heard a member of isis speak I wouldn't be worried about adopting their beliefs. I'm confident in my self and other intelligent humans that we would all think what they say is wrong.I would want someone from my side to challenge them, and shut them down, with a strong argument and facts. Now that she isn't speaking I can't hear the opposing party stating their case as to why and if she is wrong. Don't be sheep.  Hurting people and destroying property with a mask on to prevent a conservative from speaking doesn't make you a hero it makes you a pussy. And this is not me coming from the conservative or liberal party. It's coming from the common sense human with a fucking brain non sheep party. Anyway #thoughtsfromastupidrealitystar
Been famous since 88. #thosebangstho #bluevelvetknickers
I'm extra
Ha! I love this. If you hang out with me you know that I never STFU about how sugar, grains (that turn to sugar), and fat free products loaded with sugar are literally killing us. Shit is more addictive than hard drugs and companies do it on purpose to keep us hooked and tell us that fat will clog our arteries so you keep buying poisonous sugar. (Sigh)The unicorn frap is just the obvious thing that has sugar but it's everywhere In your "healthy" cereal, yogurt, protein bars,whole wheat bread  etc..This is why I advocate products like @butcher_box . Eat grass fed meat, good animal fat, veggies, and natural food to get thin and healthy. Go to butcherbox.com/Vinnyg for $15 off your box and free package of UNCURED bacon. Try it for one month and I doubt you'll go back to eating this shit! . PS I love Starbucks but I get unsweetened coffee and I love their bacon egg bites with no bread . Another PS: yes I did just promote a product but it is one that will save your life so idgaf ... last PS: I do eat a cheat meal once a week where I get to ingest poison into my body because it's delicious but I'm not eating it like 90% of my life
Hanging with a couple Canadians...hip hop legend Melly Mel..and actor Chuck Zito...a very random crew
This fight is crazy #bertoporter
Friday vibes ✂️ @untouchablecutz
At the @logotv #fireisland premier with the #squad . Side note Mark Consuelos is the nicest guy ever
I don't smoke but still have the munchies on 4/20 so @postmates delivered my Chipotle. So all you stoners download @postmates and use code VINNY for $50 in free credits ! #youarewelcome #guacisextraisthatok #postmates
This one is funnier
Congrats to my boy @cthagod on his new book #blackprivilege ! Go pick up a copy !
Tis the season
They call me ranch cause I be dressing
I'm so happy to be an official affiliate of @butcher_box . There isn't a subscription service out there that I feel more proud to promote like I do this one. If you eat meat like I do but are against factory farming and eating food stuffed with antibiotics/hormones than this is for you. This service allows you to eat grass fed, free range, organic meat at an affordable price while living in a big city . If you want to lose weight , feel healthy,  and eat the way our ancestors ate for thousands of years eat  @butcher_box meat, wild fish, vegetables, nuts, berries and all other natural products and if you eliminate and stop filling your cabinets with poisonous sugar filled products that  corporations tell you are healthy you'll probably end up saving money. Sorry I know I'm annoying but I really believe in this . But if you want to try this ,click the link in my bio or go to www.butcherbox.com/Vinnyg to save $15 off of your first order and get a free package of organic bacon. Yes BACON is healthy for you and SUGAR filled products will kill you . Ok I'm done, for now .. I'm sure you guys will have a fun debate in my comments over this subject but there is plenty of research,books,documentaries that you can check out to back up what I'm saying . Im done now for real LINK IN BIO
I guess a lot of people relate and thought I should share this. Except the genius who messaged me saying to let my dog off the leash when another dog comes attacking her and start "talking nicely"' to it . I mean I will I have to but I'd rather not let her off the leash in the middle of the street so she can be hit by a car or run away. And in a split second my dog is getting attacked so there is no talking involved .Lets all use our brains and  Keep your dogs on a leash even if they are on your front lawn. it's illegal not to .
Food was on point tonight @thewayfarernyc
I'm.so.fckn.sick.and.tired.of.the.photoshop !!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 #humble #onrepeat @kendricklamar
Can't stop won't stop licking #yesikissmydog #adoptdontshop #pitbullsofinstagram
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