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3 days till launch day!!! Today I'm finishing up the graphics 🤞 then I'm going to try and bust out a couple wholesale orders before the collection goes live! Things always pick up mid October and stay pretty consistent until January. I'm proactively scheduling in some self care. If you've been following me for awhile you know I hit rock bottom back in January. I'm carving out some morning time and working in some daily restorative yoga. I got a later start this morning as a result but feeling amazing! 💚 Take care of yourself so you can be who you need to be for everyone else. 😊
Countdown beginning now! 5 days left until the Winter Collection goes live!! 🎉🎉 VIPs: A super secret sneak peek just landed in your email box. I'm in the final stages of the launch prep and its super exciting to see this coming together. 10.18 ✖️ mark your calendars! Also if you aren't a VIP- jump on board. There is always extra incentive for purchasing on launch day. Exclusive VIP incentive stuff. 😉 #vol25nordiccollection
Remember how I was going to paint the fireplace mantle black? It still hasn't happened yet... But I'm getting the urge again. Don't you think it would look 100 times better black?! Maybe after I launch the winter collection. Just 6 days away!! VIPs are getting a sneak peek tomorrow. I'm super excited to send that email. I'm hopefully finishing up the graphics over the next few days. 🎉🎉 soo close. #vol25athome
Subtle Fall touches are my favorite. Bre @roomsforrent is a pro at this. 👍 How was your Tuesday? I've been working on listings and graphics for the Nordic Collection. Launch day is less than a week away! 🎉🎉 #vol25featherandfawn
Here's another example of a study that can transition into different seasons! The Feather studies are perfect for Fall. Thank you @heatherbuckwalter for sharing your Feather Patterns study. 💚  #vol25featherpatternsvol4
Just 10 hours left to take advantage of the store wide sale. 💚 @cedar_creek_cottage thank you for this beautiful photo of your cascading roses print. 😊
The Fall collection may be gone to make room for the upcoming winter collection... But there is still plenty of art within the Heirloom collection that would coordinate beautifully with your  Fall themed decor. If you missed my morning post... The whole store is on SALE! 🎉  #vol25roam 📷 @stockroomtn thanks Elizabeth! 💚
Isn't this space beautiful? Right now my living room has a giant white ezup canopy tent setup... And it is anything BUT clean. 🙈Basically the tent is acting as a giant light box for the Nordic Collection shoot and yesterday when I loaded the photos onto my computer I was SO excited. Editing was super minimal and my whites were white you guys! No odd tints from our stained wood ceiling. 🙌It has me even more anxious to get moved out to the studio... Where the entire inside of the building will be white. @stockroomtn thank you for tagging my antler study and for sharing your beautiful home. Your photos are always so inspiring! 💚 #vol25antlerstudyvol2
This week (and last week) I was supposed to photograph the new Nordic Collection... But I just can't seem to get it done... Or even started! 😂 I have some definite plans and since the studio still isn't finished my husband came up with a fun idea to give me that perfect lighting. I'm going to HAVE to share a pic when I start. Hopefully Monday! First I need to clip some pine/greenery from mom and dad's place. Also: the bee study is on sale! See my previous post for more details. 💚
Good afternoon! It was SO hard picking only 3 ppl to collab with on this launch. I actually picked 4 and that was stiiiilll really hard. DM Messages have been sent out to those. 💚 Anyhow now seemed like a good time to remind you about my official ambassador program! If you join... You can totally still help celebrate launch day + earn shop credit... While giving out a coveted coupon code. On launch day just grab any of my official Nordic collection  photos (from the website) or any that I post and just make sure you have your referral link included when you direct your friends or followers. Easy Peasy! Thanks so much everyone for your interest. I took the time to look at each feed and I can honestly say they were all beautiful! 💚 👌 📷 @crazywonderfulblog one of my favorite photos! 😉
10.18 👈 mark your calendars the Nordic Collection is set to go live on that very day! I'm looking for a few more stylists to help me celebrate the upcoming launch. I'll be sending out a piece from the Nordic Collection to 3 more ppl. See my last post to find out how you can apply. If you've already applied thanks so much for your enthusiasm and interest. Soo many talented ppl to choose from already. Not sure how I'll decide! 🙈
CLOSED! Good morning 💚 super exciting news... I'm extending my search for a few new ladies to help me launch the upcoming Scandinavian inspired Nordic Collection! The launch date is scheduled for October 18th. Those helping celebrate the launch will get a sneak peek at the collection... As well as a free piece (of your choosing) to style and photograph for the upcoming big day! I've collaborated with some wonderful ladies in the past and I'm excited to connect with a few more by offering an opportunity like this. Hopefully this is something I can continue to do with each new collection! .  To apply please: 1) follow @vol25 .  2) repost the above picture and tag @vol25 + #vol25brandrepsearch .  3) tag up to 3 of your best most recent photos with #vol25brandrepsearch on Instagram. This will showcase your design style! 💚 .  4) tag a fellow design friend (within this post intself) who also might be interested. .  Search is open from SEP 25th - SEP 27th 📷: Still love this photo from anissa / @housesevendesign 💚
Good news! You asked and I listened. 🤓The Dahlia Study was moved to the Heirloom Collection the day before the Fall Collection was pulled. So if you'd like a pretty scene like this one from @thewhitefarmhouseblog you totally can. 👌 Today the roof is being framed up on the studio. I'm a tad bit excited! 😉 #vol25dahliastudy
I don't think I've ever shared this view of our bedroom. It's what I classify "small space living." My "closet" used to be home to a built in twin bed. There are 4 total alcoves up there and we've turned two of them into his and her closets. It's less than ideal but we've got a great view of the river + mountains from our bed so that's a +! What our small 2 bedroom lacks in square footage it kinda makes up for in location. So glad we've decided to stay here. Getting the studio done and the business moved out there will definitely help! 👌😉
Just a few hours left to grab your piece from the Haven Collection! 😊 I'm over here in PST zone but there isn't much time left. ⏰🍁 p.s. the Dahlia Study did move to the Heirloom Collection. 💚
Fall pieces waiting to be packaged with care. 💚 I'm fairly certain that the Dahlia Study will move to the Heirloom Collection. It's been requested by a few and to be honest... I can't bring myself to pull it. 🙈 But all other pieces from the Haven Collection are leaving tomorrow night. ⏰ #vol25dahliastudy
Today's the day! So many of my favorite bloggers posted their home Fall tours. I always love all the beautiful Fall inspiration. It makes me so happy to see Bre @roomsforrent pull this wall hanging back out again. It's neutral enough that it coordinates with whatever color pumpkins you choose to use! 😉 Just 3 more days left for the Fall Collection. 🍁🎉 #vol25autumnismyfavorite
Scarlet Dahlia detail shot from the Haven Collection. This collection is leaving Thursday! 👋 I've been considering moving the Dahlia to the Heirloom Collection... If there's enough interest? Otherwise it's going to be gone for good on Thursday along with the rest of the Haven Collection. I can see this design working year round... What do you guys think?
Is it weird that I anticipate seeing how Laney decorates this little corner of her home with each season? I mean... It's just always so good! @pine.and.birch you've got skiiiills. 👌 psst you guys there's only 5 more days to secure your #vol25autumnismyfavorite wall hanging... Or any of the other pieces from the Fall collection.
Sending out the last of the Fall collection. 🍁Last day to purchase is next Thursday. 🤤🙈 Don't miss out on your favorite Fall piece... I can't guarantee that any of the Fall pieces will return next Fall. Staying ahead of the seasons can be hard! BUT I'm pretty excited about the Nordic Winter Collection... Dropping next month. So many fun things ahead! 💚 also thanks for all the love on my studio post! Feels a bit like Christmas! 😁#vol25havencollection2017
Sharing some of the progress on #thesosstudioproject that my husband has been building for me. So far I've only been sharing within my stories. Altho the progress is exciting (for me 😂) I'm not sure the construction phrase photos are anything you guys would wanna see. I figured I will give you a peek at what the outside will look like then sprinkle in some progress photos! 😉 I might need helping picking a black. Preferably a Behr paint color? Also galvanized lights for contrast... But I'm not set on that particular light... What do you think!? The inside is going to be all white with a black finish for the lights. One giant light box. Product shoots will never be the same! 😂🎉💚