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Into the Woods wall hanging as seen in the beautiful home of Justine @home_and_abroad. She has such a gorgeous feed! 👌 I may have lost a fairly big chunk of time scrolling... OK... Stalking... when I first discovered her. 💚😉 #vol25intothewoods p.s. Our guaranteed holiday arrival shipping deadline is coming up this Friday! 🎁🌲
When Misty shared this photo I instantly thought... What a great place to wrap presents! I don't know why my mind instantly went there... I guess because it just seemed cozy and cheery? Where do you wrap presents? Are you an "on the floor person" or do you need a table? Do you wrap them all at once or as you get them? I'm always curious... Since so many people have their traditions. I use our kitchen table and wrap them as they come in... Generally when the girls are at school. 😊🌲 But this year I'm super late... But I just bought some wrapping paper today so tomorrow will be a wrapping marathon getting all caught up! 😂 #vol25snowfall #vol25nordiccollection 📷 @misdiy thank you Misty!
Freebie alert! 🙌 Remember these sweet printable gift tags I designed last year? Well they are still ready and waiting to make all of your holiday gift giving extra special. I posted the link in my stories! I'm curious though... So please tell me... Would you be interested in actually purchasing these already printed and cut on a premium quality paper? If so... I might consider offering that in the shop next year. #vol25freeholiday #printablegifttags
I've had a serious serious itch to go thrifting. I feel this pull... Like there's some forgotten treasure that's sitting there begging for me to come find it. I don't go second hand shopping very much... So this just might be something I really should consider doing soon. I'm on the lookout for a few big vases, some chunky wood candelabras and an affordable, nicely weathered, mid century leather sofa that my husband will actually like. Are my expectations too high? 😜 If YOU were however - expecting another opportunity to score some vol25 art on sale... I totally took care of that for you. Canvas prints are marked down through today.✌️ #vol25poppystudyvol1 📷: @stockroomtn Elizabeth- thank you!! 💚
For the next 2 days I reduced the pricing on canvas art prints by 15%. I am trying my best to find ways to stretch your Christmas budget just a little bit further. 💚 A flash sale on the art print section of the shop seemed like a good way to do that. VIPs don't checkout without checking your email first. 🎁 I hope you're Tuesday is going swell! We are on day 3 of sunshine! Loving it so so much! 🌞 Also loving: this photo from @farmhouseforfive_  and her #vol25roam print! ✌️💚
Its one of those days... I could use ALL the coffee and then maybe still an extra cup. 😉 Doesnt @downshilohroad have the sweetest vintage thermos collection? The Stockholm Market wall hanging looks right at home in the company of so many beautiful coffee containing vessels. 😂 #vol25nordiccollection #vol25stockholmmarket
The Snowfall wall hanging is still retaining its status as everyone's favorite Nordic collection piece. ❄️ In other news... I'm a little envious of this vintage candle holder collection. That is what you call them right? 😂 Or do you call them candelabras? I suppose I could ask Google but I would rather ask you. 💚 I have been on the lookout for a set that I can display on my fireplace mantle. 📷 @littlehomereloved #vol25nordiccollection #vol25snowfall
I did it! I just printed shipping labels for the last batch of orders from the big sale weekend. I'm feeling super grateful for all of you. 💚 I've been reflecting on the year and I'm super excited for all the new changes coming next year. I'll be moving out to my studio... And my shop will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Isn't that craaazy? 10 years that I've had the pleasure of shipping art to your homes. I'm steeping some tea for a Chai latte and I could seriously take a nap right here on @restored_haven_design 's couch. Doesn't it look comfy? I'm sure Shelley wouldn't mind. 😉😉 #vol25nordiccollection #vol25intothewoods
One of my favorite things about The Stockholm Coffee + Tree market wall hanging... is how versatile it is. It just seems to really settle in well with whatever decorating style you prefer. Even if your decorating style leans more to just celebrating the Winter season. Don't you think? Would you consider yourself a minimalist Christmas decorator? I am, but it is more out of laziness. hah! #vol25stockholmmarket #vol25nordiccollection
Whew! The sales in my shop may be over but there are still a few $10 off codes floating around. @bristlesandbliss just posted one this morning along with this jaw droppingly gorgeous photo of her new "Into the Woods" wall hanging paired with a slate designer nail. Just click the link in her profile 👉 @bristlesandbliss to grab the code! 👊 Thanks Aubrey for sharing! 🌲🌲 #vol25intothewoods #vol25designernails
Have you done any shopping? I seriously haven't even started. I feel like I've missed out on so many good deals. 🙈 I have a pretty thorough list ready tho... And by the end of the week hopefully I can have a pretty good dent made in that list! 🤞I get serious anxiety if I procrastinate the shopping! How about you? Do you thrive on the adrenaline of last minute shopping? 😂 .  Last reminder that the shop reverts back to regular pricing at midnight PST. 💚 #vol25nordiccollection #vol25emberizidaestudy #vol25stockholmmarket
So glad it's now socially acceptable to post heavily influenced Christmas art. 😂 If you missed it- I'm having a BIG small business / Cyber Monday sale in the shop. It is by far my biggest and best sale of the year. Only the best for you guys! Speaking of the best... if you jump on board as a VIP you can claim a stackable 20% off code and apply that to the storewide reduced prices. Link in my profile. 💚
Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for that friend that has almost everything? These #vol25designernails compliment any wall hanging. They're uses really are infinite. I'm packaging up a bunch of these designer nails with your Black Friday orders! Grab them while the entire store is on sale. 💛 Stone finish designer nails shown here with our #vol25cascadingroses mini wall hanging. #shopsmall #shophandmade #blackfriday
Due to the recent press the Mistletoe Study was brought back to the shop. 🎉 It wont be there for long tho! Take advantage of the killer savings going on in the shop and snag it while you can. 😉 P. S. It's shown here with Gold trim that isn't currently available. 📷 @roomsforrent #vol25mistletoestudy
Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale went live last night. The entire store is discounted by 15%! VIP members have an extra coupon sitting in their inbox. 👊 If you haven't jumped on board as a VIP you still can. You'll receive an extra 20% off coupon that you can apply to the sale prices. 🎉 Thank you to everyone who chose to support my shop again this year. So thankful!  #shopsmall #shophandmade #blackfriday
Happy Thanksgiving! 💚 We are hosting Thanksgiving at our home this year, and it is going to be our biggest one yet!! I haven't talked too much about it on instagram, but we have had a bunch of family move here in the past year. It has been so nice. It made it easier adjusting to my sister moving out of state. Anyhow, I'll be pushing the BIG Black Friday sale live around 8 PM PST tonight. So make sure you jump on over to the shop and reserve your stackable 25% off code...if you haven't already. There is just about 9 hours left before the sale email goes out with the codes. 😄 🎉🌲 I recommend doing it before the after Thanksgiving food coma sets in. ;) Photo: @thesecretzebra #vol25featherpatternsvol4
Have you reserved your Black Friday stackable 25% off coupon code? The Link is in my profile. You just have until 7:00 pm pst tomorrow night to do so. 💚 If you join later than that I can't guarantee you'll receive the code. There's even an extra early bird bonus for the first 20 VIP orders of $50 or more. You just have to be on the VIP list you guys... or you will have no way of claiming the Super Secret special bonus. 🙈❤️ #vol25nordiccollection #vol25antlerstudycaribou #vol25cyclamenstudy
I still love this kitchen so much. 😍😍 @building.spring.creek did such a wonderful job pulling it all together. How was your Monday? I stained a bunch of trim pieces and assembled quite a few wall hangings. Trying my best to get a good stocked up supply ready to ship. 🤞 Preparing to host Thanksgiving and also preparing for the biggest sale of the year. You guys- I have "to do" lists for my to do lists. 😂 it was so hard mentally to get my yoga in this morning... But I did it. It's totally necessary in this busy season of life and yet this morning I just wanted to hit the ground running on those to do lists. I think tomorrow I'll put yoga on my list 😉 #vol25poppystudyvol1
Dark shiplap has really been pulling on my heart strings. 😍 Isn't this dark color gorgeous?! I just love Anissa's style so much. 💚💚 Like. All. Of it. She's good. 👌 📷 : @housesevendesign #vol25antlerstudyvol1
I'm in full on Black Friday prep mode. All hands on deck 🙌 Trying to get a good amount of your favorites stocked up for quick shipping! I'm sending VIPs my sale preview tomorrow... So you can plan ahead of time for quick checkout! I try my best to make my Black Friday sale extra good for my lovely VIPs. I'm offering exclusive early bird incentives etc. I never do a lower price any other time of the year. If you haven't jumped on board as a VIP yet... Now would be THE very best time to do so! 💚 🌲🌲 🎉🎉 #vol25dahliastudy #vol25fernstudyvol1
If you are in the Mesa AZ area you should stop by the @thehillshed! Hillary has a few of my wall hangings available in her store (like this limited edition Conifer Study that isn't currently available in my shop) She has impeccable style and she puts together the cuuuutest gift baskets! Just double check to make sure the shop is actually open before you head on over. 💚