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Find your home in Jesus, sweet one. He is your home. Your safe place. Your refuge.  Ever been in a wonderful moment and felt disappointment in the middle of it? Funny that hey? I think it’s a human thing. I remember when I would go to concerts, shows, festivals and conferences - there would be something in me that would feel really sad. Like I didn’t belong there. Like I didn’t belong anywhere. And nothing good would happen for me. I didn’t feel worthy of being there. And being with the awesome people around me. Even though I was there inside I still felt like I was standing at the window watching everyone dance inside at the party. But through journey, process and prayer Jesus took that pain away and brought me in. We all belong. We are all one. You are worthy of being here. You are worthy of your dreams, darling. Find your home in Jesus. His love doesn’t disappoint. - Psalm 23 🌹 ‘God is my Shepherd! I don’t need a thing.  You have bedded me down into lush meadows, You find me quiet pools to drink from.  True to your word, You let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction. Even when I was through the valley of death,  I’m not afraid when you walk by my side. Your trusty shepherds crook makes me feel secure’ My loves. God is the ONLY one that brings inner security. Rely on Him. Let Him fill the void in your heart. He is the only one that can. And that’s how he designed it. 🌸🌈
Today’s Self love challenge, my loves. 🌸 Give your worries to God through prayer my honeys. Did you know the bible actually tells us to give ALL of our concerns to God so he can make them His problem instead of yours? He’s a good Father! Don’t forgot you’re not alone. Love yourself by praying out all of your worries. Sometimes when the words don’t come I like to write my prayers to God in my journals. Whatever works for you πŸ’‹ #godcaresaboutyou #lovingyourself #lovinggod #lovingothers #youareblessed #noworries #selflovechallenge 🌹
New blog post. Pretty face pretty heart. Link in bio πŸŒΈπŸ’‹ #prettygirls #blogpost #wildhearts #wholehearts #lovedhearts #comparison #selflove #fashion #psalm139baby πŸ’•βœ¨βœ¨
My journey with learning to be myself has been long and messy. It’s been full of beautiful and dark processes. Never think being authentic is something that comes without any work. The work is choosing to just be yourself in different situations. Even if you feel uncomfortable, judged, intimidated or any other feel that we come across. Fear tries to give us advice and I think what I’ve realised is that those feelings never leave. It will always take courage and vulnerability to be authentic in a situation. I think we begin to care less and less as we practise but it just will always be this thing of being brave. Because we are in a world that wants us to conform. So when we say no it’s like a rebellion. And it turns people’s heads - because you shine bright and you share your colour in the world - and guess what? That pisses people off BIG TIME. Because they want freedom like that. I know because I’ve felt like that.  So remember it’s a messy journey. And being authentic in a nutshell means choosing to be true to who you are 10000000x a day. Honey, it ain’t that simple! ☝🏽 BUT on the other hand it is. Embrace the messy babe. We ain’t perfect and no one has this down to a T. πŸ’‹ . . . . . . . . #mywholeheartedjourney #wildhearts #authenticity #authentic #beingyourself #beyourself #loveyourself #beingmyself #journey #adventure #vsco #messy #love #christianblogger #wildfire #lifeismessy #lifeisbeautiful #prettysky
Did you know that God loves adventure? He put that in you. You were made in the image of God. Where did you think you got your wild nature from You’re wild and adventurous for a reason. God is not boring. He is life. And he guides you down the right path when you trust in Him.  Life can feel mundane at times. But sometimes it’s all about perspective. Sometimes we need to notice the wonder in our daily life. Appreciating the moments. Sometimes we need to find adventure in the normal. Trust me, the invitation for adventure is there everyday. God made the world a very fun place. I like to see the world like a fun fair. Yep there’s long cues in there and sometimes the rides breakdown and it starts to rain but the adventure and the joy is there.  Don’t let the negative things in life rob that child life perspective. God wants you to have fun. Because fun was His idea first! 🌈🎑 . . . . . #wildhearts #godiswild #wildones #funfairs #adventure #abundantlife #madeingodsimage #crazyones #fun #godisfun #loveyourself #sayyes #liveyourlife #abundance #john1010 🎑
Depression.  Anxiety.  Fear.  Hurting.  We a blog about it. πŸ’› Check it out because you are SO loved. And seen. And we want to encourage you. πŸŒˆπŸ’« (link in bio.)
Spice up your time when you’re getting ready, washing clothes + tidying up by putting on your favourite dance tunes.  #dancedancebaby #makeitfun #selflovechallenges
Why not check out some of our latest blogs this afternoon whilst you have a lovely cup of tea? Have you read our blog about bath time? Or this months 10 ways to love yourself? Relax enjoy the read my darling and tag a friend who might like it πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸ’‹ #latestblogs #pamper #afternoontea #wildhearts #lovelife #andbreathe #takeabreak 🌈
Hey my loves. 🌹 Check out this months 10 ways to love yourself written by blogger @lucy__mabel πŸ’‹ Link in bio.  How do you love yourself?  #10waystoloveyourself
Self love challenge for today! Surrender to the moment. Whether you worry or not the future won't change and right now it doesn't exist - embrace the present. That is how you live life to the full πŸ’‹πŸ’« #selflovechallenge #loveyourself #bepresent #thefutureisnow #wildhearts #wholehearts
I've had a few chats with people recently about never finding the time to create. One of the conversations ended on them saying they've forgotten who they are and what they are all about because life is too busy. This made me sad! I know life is busy but if you want your soul + spirit to be alive you gotta tend the garden babe. And pencilling in time on the calendar to create is essential. You find new parts of yourself when you are create. You are destined to create. It brings life and colour to your world. Make time to draw, to paint, to blog, take pictures, to bake, to design, to create your room space, journal, to make crafts, anything you want. Make time for it. To all the beautiful busy mama's out there maybe you could make time on the weekends to do this with the kids.  Don't let life happen to you. That would be really sad. Thrive my loves! 🌾 #createmylove #express #soulfood #maketime
Babe. Some days we just feel ALL the feels. Journaling helps so much on days like these. Try and journal your messy thoughts. It's actually really wonderful to also track process.  #keepjournaling #wildthoughts #allthefeels #selflovechallenge #wildatheart #wildandfree #loveyourself #mylove
Okay I have a confession to make. I honestly deal with the voice of shame on a daily basis. That temptation to shrink, keep your mouth shut and be as small as I can possibly be. When I put myself out there, share my opinion, I have to deal with that 'who do you think you are' voice every single time. I'm learning to tell that voice to go to hell and completely ignore its counsel.  The problem is is that we can sometimes think this 'who do you think you are feeling' is valid and true.  BUT ITS NOT.  It's important that we talk about this. The more we talk about this the more shame will NOT have a hold. Creating and sharing is VULNERABLE and we have to choose to speak up and shine bright despite the fear of it. We must NOT listen to shame. We must stamp that thing on the head.  Babe. PLEASE post that blog. Sing that song. Dance that dance. Post that insta story. Have that debate. Stick up for that person. Say what you think. Start that YouTube channel. Share the gospel with that person. Sign up for that class. Take the RISK. Pursue that friendship. Ask that person out. Enter that comp.  Fear cannot guide our lives any longer. We must LIVE as ourselves. Or we will suffocate and lose ourselves.  People will hate you yes. People will be jealous yes. People will criticise yes. But that's only because they admire you for you being true to yourself and they want that freedom for themselves as well. 🌼 #shame #loveyourself #wildones #wildhearts #selflove #shamesvoice #liveloud #livelife
Today I found out that an old friend of mine had committed suicide. Now these moments always cause you to stop and think about what really matters, don't they? So much tragedy and brokenness all around us. Life is a gift to us, it's supposed to be filled with wonder, love and joy. How is it that it can be such a burden at times? It's a mystery. I don't really know what to say but it just makes you think how short our earthly life is. Cherish those around you. Check in on people to see how they are doing. Connect to humanity. Make up with friends and family that you walked away from. We all need each other, hey. Sometimes it's the smiliest lovely ones who are struggling the most inside. Let's keep it real peeps. If you're struggling today, reach out babe. There is so much love for you if you will let people in to love you. Bless you all. RIP James x
If you are struggling with something that no one knows about, find someone you trust and tell them how you feel. Secrets are a burden and freedom comes when we bring people into our process. πŸ’— #selflovechallenge #sharetheload #otherpeoplewillhavethesamestruggle #noshame
On my journey of posturing my heart with thankfulness, I've been really surprised with how it's changed my subconscious. I can find myself focusing on the negative so easily and it actually got to a point where I really felt like I needed to intentionally take action because it was effecting my mood too much. Since I've been thinking about 5 things everyday I'm thankful for I've noticed a shift. I started posting on the wildhearts story as well so I could share with you guys also because it's made all the difference. If you spend 5 mins thinking about the day and just give thanks for a couple of things it literally effects the next day for you. Now when I'm going about my day my brain is naturally feeling joy towards little things in life, which I didn't really  have before. So it's true. Giving thanks really is connected with joy. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ #heavyrevy #mywholeheartjourney #thankfulheart #joyfulliving #wildhearts #liveinlove
Make eye contact with people when you ask them how they are. If you feel awkward just embrace the feeling, get out of your head and look outwardly. You are an influencer! No matter who you are 🌞  People feel so valued and empowered when you stop and care about how they are actually doing. Eye contact brings connection, safety, value and people feel SEEN and known. πŸ’• #sharethelove #loveculture #eyecontact #embraceawkwardness #stopfortheone
YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS🌿 Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy for sure. I hate those days where your thoughts squash you and it effects your mood. I used to deal with those days all the time but I don't as much anymore which is really cool to think about. I think sometimes our brain just goes off and if we are not thinking on purpose we can sometimes have those defeated days without even trying. Don't let your thoughts happen to you. Think on purpose. Think lovely things. Think kind things. Daily decisions in the moment over a few months will actually CHANGE paradigms in your mind. How powerful is that? We are powerful people! Let use our power only for love toward ourselves and others. Pick love in your thought life. I know it's hard. I know it doesn't budge the feeling straight away. It will. πŸŒŸβœ¨πŸŒ™ #poweroflove #thinkonpurpose #allthingslovely #changeyourmind
My loves. Rae here 🌞 last week I made a video about my love me journal. Links in my personal insta bio if you care to watch 🌹❀️ @palmtreerae πŸ“š #lovemejournal #ilovejournaling #wildhearts #selflovejourney
Hello loves! I wanted to take a quick second to tell you: "you're doing it right." I wonder what "it" is anyway? Honestly, I think we get so caught up in comparing ourselves to other people's lives. And we think we have to hit some mark. Know exactly what we are doing and where we are going. And we miss so many moments because we are looking for the next "thing" that will make us happy. Or "thing" that'll make people hear or see us. Those aren't bad things. And you should be seen. You should be heard. But create moments that are so good you miss them as you live them. Create moments with GOD. you're not just leaving "your mark on the earth" you're leaving His too! A part of Him. Open up your heart to His. Pursue truth. Pursue love. Pursue uncomfortableness. Be who God made you to be. There are so many different thoughts and opinions about life. Let me say one thing: life is not a reward to be earned, or a bill to be spent, or, dare I say, a goal to be met. Life is a gift. It is 4,000 journals filled with you pouring out your heart to God. Taking in your Savior and His mysteries. Life is not just what you make it. It's how you make it. -BellaπŸ’™
I'm learning at the moment that you can't experience consistent joy unless you are filled to the brim with gratitude. To be thankful, is to be happy. And holy frick it's actually a hard habit to get into. Something I'm practising at the moment to cultivate thankfulness is to posture my heart to rejoice when my mind wonders to lack. It's easy to focus on the things we don't have but we must remember there are literally millions of people who are praying for things we have, especially living in the west -- we are BLESSED am I right? Come with me on this thankfulness journey, when you feel your mind slip to negative -- intentionally rejoice over the blessings you already have. And the best thing is that it actually changes your internal atmosphere and you FEEL joy.  A practical way of cultivating thankfulness is writing things you're thankful for before bed time. Or you could go on gratitude walks. Get creative πŸŒ… - Rae xox - #positivityisachoice #wildhearts #loveyourself #gratitudejournal #mywholeheartedjourney πŸ’‹