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Mathew Woodall


Rider of bicycles round a big wide world, sponsored rider for sixthelement wheels, vee tyres uk and 6seven clothing

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Another stolen group photo from Sunday’s rad ride with the lads @alexholowko @joe.dobson91 @gpnewhouse1 @akaluggage, it’s only Tuesday and I’m already needing to go back!!! @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me
Cheeky little vlog from the #freespirit that is @alexholowko featuring some wild riding that went down in the tweed valley on Sunday with @gpnewhouse1 @joe.dobson91 @akaluggage , make sure to go check out the full edit on his YouTube channel !!! #tweedvalley #golfie #sendingon #giveitsome @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me
Had to share @alexholowko s view from the day going really fast down SICK tracks !!! With @joe.dobson91 @akaluggage @gpnewhouse1 #sick #bermsandstuff #mega #fast @sixthelementwheels @6sevenracing @veetireco_uk @velo_me
#serioussunday artistic photo from @akaluggage, the day was far from serious tho an amazing ride in the tweed valley with @gpnewhouse1 @alexholowko and @joe.dobson91, many sick trails and some awesome banter between us #freespirits #bikegippos #adventurers @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me
Epic day up at thornylee with @gpnewhouse1, next level trails up in the valley @sixthelementwheels @6sevenracing @veetireco_uk @velo_me #thornylee #tweed
Wild morning up the moors with @danwoodyhole and @mattstuttard46, holding onto some wild muddy ruts, good times !!! @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me #local #sending #ruts #mud
Carving my way into Monday like ... @sixthelementwheels @6sevenracing @veetireco_uk @velo_me
@k_kenney17 with the instabanger from today’s #slipandslide with @mattymtb @hindle_dc5 @chadman2401 @eliwrightmtb @alexmcqueenie_mtb @harryking___  #progressionsession #skidsbro @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me
Absolutely rad day slapping turns at wharny with @mattymtb @alexmcqueenie_mtb @eliwrightmtb @k_kenney17 and the rest, massive session getting loose in the slop !! @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me
Cracking day out checking out the hebden trails with the guys, never really done much riding around there, but definitly need to ride there more !!! @sixthelementwheels @6sevenracing @veetireco_uk @velo_me
Massive thanks and shout out to the guys @veetireco_uk for supporting me for another season, so happy to be back on the dependable grip of the #flowsnap #endurocore tyres mounted up on the @sixthelementwheels carbon 34mm Race wheels ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘ŠโœŠ๏ธโœŠ๏ธโœŠ๏ธ #ridemorecarbon #veetyres #thanksforthesupport
Sending it into the weekend with this mellow little clip from our flow session on Wednesday night at the indoor with @holdgate81 @mattymtb @gpnewhouse1 #skatepart #flow @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me
Sick night again @rampworx with @gpnewhouse1 @mattymtb @holdgate81, loving getting back on the little bike !! @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me
Awesome little New Year’s Day social ride with @ricardo_smooth @missionmolls @mtbsquid89 @jonnyw84 @monkeyfacebiker @iancation @mtb_chipmunk and others I forgot to tag, no idea what was being discussed at this point but it will have been very #enduro ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
I couldn’t decide on a photo to sum up my season, until @6sevenracing sent me this the other day from some of his old photos, Ive had the most amazing year of highs, pushing myself and my riding to the next level, whilst meeting the most amazing people I’ve ever had the chance to call friends and my riding family, but with the crushing low of losing my bro @chainsawste earlier in the year you truely realise who really cares and I’d like to thank you all for your support and here’s to an amazing 2018 !  #newyear #senditforsteve
A rad final day exploring more wild natural trails, what an amazing end to the trip #malaga #natural #trails #spain @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me
After 70 odd miles and 15,000 ft of climbing unassisted this week the last day of trip had to involve a gondola, even if it is the smallest gondola ever #bigbikeproblems #bigwheelproblems #gondola #notsobikeparklaps @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk  @6sevenracing @velo_me
Rode up a massive hill today, then rode back down it, one of the loosest most fun enduro trails ever !! #looseasken #radasken @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me
Absolute belter of a day slapping a few runs out on the SRAM test track, such a rough and wild trail, good times @sixthelementwheels @veetireco_uk @6sevenracing @velo_me #sramtesttrack #malaga #testing #dustandroots
Went for a little early morning spin and found these gems, what you think @holdgate81 @mattymtb @mathewcrabb92 hardtail sessions on Spain ๐Ÿค˜
Premo photo of the slash blending in, in Spain, she’s getting fluent with the dry dusty trails @sixthelementwheels @6sevenracing @velo_me @tftuned #slash #29 #trek #enduro #ripper #ridemorecarbon