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Just another Software Engineer living the dream in Southern California

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Time off at the Starbucks for good behavior
Our new office space looks like Minecraft 😝😍
Thanks @jojohoho for sharing your new car with me πŸ˜ƒ#happywifehappylife @porsche #718 #718boxster #boxster #boxsters #graphiteblue
Most expensive graffiti ever
Happy birthday @jojohoho - there is nothing you can ask that is not freely given ♥️
When in Salt Lake, it has to be the Polygamy Porter πŸ˜‹
The Curry Udon looks a bit warm. It’s 100 degrees outside. Not sure what I was thinking #bukubuku
They’re bigger than you expect
When Michaels duplicates your head without warning
This is giving me the rumblies #nom
Hangin with my A-Team, thinking out loud about trying to get the perfect photograph from the castle on the hill #edsheeran #gingersinger
Finally, the tactical condiments case of my dreams 😍🌢@cholulahotsauce #pelicancase #pelicancase1150
Who’s ready for the weekend? #got #gameofthrones #danbo #amazon
Back of the BR03-92 Diver. Hadn’t realized it was beveled. Love the combination of the shiny bevel with the satin center panel ... just stunning 😍 #br0392diver  @bellrosswatches @bellross_usa
Unbelievable. I was taking a watch to my guy to get it looked at. I had a BR03-92 Diver on order there for months. Apparently it arrived at the shop 5 mins before I got there. One of only 4 in the entire country right now @bellrosswatches @bellross_usa #br0392diver
Balcony view
Our Groot obsession is only balanced out by our wine obsession 🌱🍷 πŸ€” and by “our” I mean @jojohoho πŸ˜‚
That’s a lot of packaging for that little thing on the right there πŸ™„
You had me at "two kinds of horseradish" #dryrub #primerib #horseradish4days
Hmmmm... Swimmers πŸ€€πŸ€”
Ended up looking at cars again today. Love how this paint-to-sample 911 Carrera looks different shades in different light 😍#itsno918